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Late last night I read an article on Google Plus Daily explaining a plugin that was available to install Google+ comments on WordPress. This is not an official Google+ plugin as it is a hack of the Blogger Google+ comments. I know the guys that run Google Plus Daily and I trust them. So much so that I guest write for their website. If they have a write up on a product it is something I am going to look into. I was very excited about this opportunity as I have said for quite some time that Google+ comments are going to change websites. I highlighted some of the reasons for this in my article this morning. After testing this plugin for several hours it is quite obvious there are some issues that must be resolved.

Notifications and Potential Spam

At this point readers have an opportunity to create a unique comment thread through Google+ comments and the author is not notified of this new comment. As you can imagine, this could be a haven for spammers wanting to post links. If you have a website with over 1000 articles or separate websites this could be a major issue. The only way you will know if there is a unique comment thread is to look at that particular article. I can assure you that no one has time to monitor every single article.

I have been seeing some notifications through my Google+ profile but it is not consistent. This is a little worrisome for high profile websites. There is some debate whether Authorship will help reduce spam but the testing is still being done. If spam comments are a concern for your website you may want to wait this out until the issue is resolved. Understand that only Google+ profiles can comment so this may reduce some spam, but we all know they will go to great lengths and measures.

Google+ Comments are Not in the Source Code

One of the largest benefits from an SEO standpoint is having more content on your page. Each new comment is more content that will lengthen that page or article. Well, not with Google+ comments. With the WordPress plugin the Google+ comments act as a completely separate page and none of the comments are getting indexed by Google to possibly show up in search. This is something that is quite disturbing. All website owners would hope the comments on our page are getting crawled and indexed.

This must be fixed before the big players will jump on with Google+ comments. Some of the biggest websites get hundreds and even thousands of comments on a particular article. There is no way they are going to allow this content to get away from them. I mentioned Huffington Post in my article this morning. Huffington Posts gets an enormous amount of comments and all of them go towards the content that is produced on their website.

Google+ Comments is Limited to Google+ Users

Although I would love for every single reader of Wojdylo Finance to sign up for Google+ I simply know this is not going to happen. There are some readers that are completely content being on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Adding another social network to their plate is just too much at this point. These individuals will not be able to express their opinion with Google+ comments. Until they sign up for Google+ they will be banished. This is not a true sense of community.

In the next half decade I would imagine that this will not be an issue as most Internet users will have some type of Google profile. Right now, Google+ is still at the beginning of it’s life cycle. Opening Google+ comments up to Twitter and Facebook users will help build a true sense of community. I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many but it is the reality of the situation.


Unless you want to test, test and then test some more I would not suggest committing Google+ comments for WordPress quite yet. I would encourage you to test the waters and see how it works. I am going to leave Google+ comments up for a testing period just to see what happens. I would like to see, first hand, if the spam is an issue. I would like to see how my engagement increases or decreases. More than anything, I want to see how this product works so when it rolls out to the masses I will be well ahead of the game. I think most of you know that is how I roll with the majority of these social products. If you want to help me test please comment below and let me know.

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