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Over the last few weeks I have taken the head first dive into Twitter. I have had a personal Twitter account since late August 2012. I will admit that I only used it for personal (non professional) reasons until recently. After working the Twitter angle for almost a full month I can say, without hesitation, that I feel you should Google Plus more than you Tweet. Let me state up front that I am not an expert or guru but I do have personal experience on both social networks. Here is why you should “plus” more than you “tweet.”

Exposure for the Not So Rich and Famous

When I first jumped on Twitter I honestly thought I could build my following quickly. I clearly remember having a discussion with a friend while at a golf tournament in Greensboro in August of last year. I had just over 4000 followers on Google Plus at the time and I assumed I could convert those followers to Twitter. I was quickly proven wrong. I tried to “force” my Google Plus following to use Twitter and that was simply a bad idea. I could not understand why Plussers did not want to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. Over the course of the next several months I decided to use it Twitter for personal reasons and to get more involved in the community of Chapel Hill.

Over this course of time I saw that celebrities and those with the Twitter check mark had a distinct advantage to the not so rich and famous. Any time a well known athlete, media mogul or movie star Tweeted something it was retweeted over 50 times almost instantly. There was no way the little guy could compete with this. During the college basketball season I increased my activity on Twitter during live events. I started to see my following increase. I can gladly say that I am now over 300 followers on Twitter. Woo Hoo! That is all fun and games but I now have over 10,000 followers on Google Plus.

Why is it that I can gain almost 50 new followers a day on Google Plus yet I can only gain one or two on Twitter? I know that I am an early adopter to Google Plus and I am likely considered a bigger fish in a small pond. Even though this is true, I should not be getting 50 times the followers on a daily basis. In fact, over the course of the last month I have been more active on Twitter when compared to Google+. This is a personal opinion but I feel as if Google Plus allows the not so rich and famous to reach a broader audience and here is why…

Search, Search and More Search

Google is a company built around a search engine. Every product they create is to enhance the search experience. When a new user goes on Google Plus for the first time the search bar is front and center at the top. I would like to think Google has the search thing down pat. Twitter also has a search bar but the results are swayed. From personal experience, I have seen that celebrities and popular Twitter profiles receive preferential treatment in the search results of Twitter. Even when searching during a live event I see Tweets from celebrities or athletes that were Tweeted hours before the event started. I know there is an option to click the “all” search but how many novice Twitter users are actually doing this?

Let us take search within the social network completely out of the picture. Google Plus indexes every single post and eventually these posts get indexed in Google organic search. This does not happen overnight. Users have to build authority and some type of following before they see organic search results. That said, it is possible in a few short months. I have no idea how many followers I have accumulated through organic search but the number is definitely higher than my total number of Twitter followers.

Just last week I did a test case to see how many people accessed a single Google Plus post related to the NCAA College Basketball National Championship Game. I found that 344 people clicked on a link within the post. That means that well over 400 people found this particular Google Plus post through organic search. Once again, I have no idea how many of these people followed me but it allowed my profile to be seen. I cannot do this with Twitter.

More Exposure Equals More Followers

As of April 11th, 2013 I have 10,269 Google Plus followers and that number seems to be growing exponentially. I realize that plussing is more valuable than Tweeting for my personal brand. In January I wrote an article about using Google Plus even more in 2013. After my Twitter analysis I have decided to write more content for Wojdylo Finance that is going to get shared to Google Plus. I asked my following if they would like more content and I received very positive feedback about the idea of producing more quality articles.

I will continue to utilize Twitter. I have created the #googlepluschat Twitter chat for every Tuesday at 2:00 pm est. I even created a Google Plus Community to help those who are wanting to learn more about Google Plus. If I can just get help a few Twitter users better understand Google Plus each week I would consider this a huge success. All that said, I feel as if you should definitely Plus more than you Tweet.

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