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At this point my constant readers know that creativity is necessary when it comes to any type of marketing. This is especially true with Internet Marketing. Most of the ideas content creators….well, create, have been tried and tried again. Only the most creative will do something that is truly unique and viral. One way that I like to get the creative juices flowing is to put myself in an unusual environment. When my eyes see a different surrounding it’s as if the brain starts to jump all over the map.

Creativity Takes Effort

I am not a scientist. In fact, I made a C+ in Chemistry 101 at NC State. Yes, I will emphasize the plus because that helped to keep my GPA over 3.0. That is another story for another time. Not being a scientist makes it difficult to understand how this “thing” inside my skull works. The only research I have is experience. I do not have a ton of it but I have enough to get by. In the last five years of creating internet content I can say that my best ideas have come while out of my comfort zone.

One of the most enjoyable parts of travel is getting to see the difficult culture(s) in towns and cities. I am currently in Tampa, Florida for the first time in my life. The professional hockey team here is the Tampa Bay Lightning. After being in this location for only 48 hours I completely understand why they were coined the lightning. There have been about four storms in two days. The lightning is simply amazing. I would have never had this knowledge had I not decided to travel for the July 4th holiday.

I also enjoy seeing the layout of cities and towns. Dale Mabry Highway is the main thoroughfare through south Tampa. I am a sucker for history so I did the research on Dale Mabry. He was from Tallahassee but has military connections to Tampa hence the reason for the highway being named after him. Once again, this is something I would have never known had I not visited my brother in Tampa.

Different Perspectives Create Amazing Ideas

Over the next few days I will be spending time with my older brother and older sister. We will also have the joy of keeping up with the hyper active little one that was created by said sister. All of these individuals are very bright and great at their jobs. Even the young ‘in. He is amazing at being a five year old. Quite the professional. We all work in very different industries. This allows us to bounce ideas off each other that will be unique to our line of work. This is invaluable!

Where else can I get a high ranking government official, a doctor of pharmacy and an internet marketer in one room to just talk? We all grew up in the same household so we have some similarities but we have had much different adult lives. This is something I notice every time I get together with my family. I tend to just soak it all in but this time I might jot down some notes on my Google Keep app on the Nexus 4.

We will be traveling to Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island with the little rascal. I am certain my eyes will be taking in some very unusual sights during this fiasco. As a creative mind, this is gold Jerry. I cannot even begin to tell you how many article or video ideas I will create from a two hour experience eating lunch at Busch Gardens. Stay tuned to The Wojdylo Show to hear all about this.

If you are stuck or having trouble coming up with ideas for your business or website, take a trip! Travel is always good for the mind and soul. You will see things from a different perspective which will give you plenty of content. This can be used when you return home or during some down time when it is raining during the vacation (like now!).

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