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Google indexes millions of Google Plus posts but not all of them. There are a number of active Google Plus users that find that it takes weeks, sometimes even months to see their posts crawled and indexed in Google search. From personal experience, it took about three months for my Google Plus posts to be crawled, indexed and ranked within organic search. Even after three months Google was not indexing all of my Google Plus posts. There is a very good reason for this.

Google Fights Spam Every Second of Every Day

Being on the front page of Google search is very powerful. So much so that entire business models have been developed to increase the likelihood that a website will rank on the front page for specific keywords. Most of you know these companies as SEO companies. There are some fortunate individuals that have websites that rank #1 for a specific keyword and they make over $1000 a day. These are few and far between so don’t quite your day job in an attempt to rank #1 for “New York Defense Attorney”.

The fact that the real estate on the front page of Google is so valuable means that many will try to manipulate the system. Not only will they try but they will pay someone else to do it for them. We have all seen those website that will post 25 articles a day with the same keyword. They will spam your blog posts with comments related to the same keyword. If this is not enough they will create a Twitter account with that keyword, a Facebook Fan page with that keyword and a Google Plus business page with that keyword. Ahhh, about that Google Plus business page.

If any spammer makes a Google Plus business page they are basically telling Google, “Hey, look at me! I am the one trying to manipulate your algorithm!” This makes it very easy for the Google Spam team as they can track all the bogus accounts and blogs that have been posted from this individual. I would hope no one reading this article is stupid enough to do that.

Google Does Not Index All Google Plus Posts

While most spammers are not the brightest individuals they are also not stupid. Many will come up with systems or programs that allow them to not look “as spammy”. Some will create multiple Google Plus profiles on multiple IP address. If they would only use this type of energy to create amazing content they could sail of into the sunset with $100 bills falling out of their pockets. I digress. These manipulation systems can get quite sophisticated. The following results are from those that have built authority and do not spam.

Google recognizes that spam can be detrimental to the health of search results. They are very weary of allowing just anyone to rank in search. There is a reason it takes a few weeks for Google to crawl, index and rank a new website. Many new websites do not see search results for several months and possibly even years as they have to prove to Google that they are a viable option for searchers. The same is true with a Google Plus profile or business page.

If you went on Google Plus today and started posting about home loans in Atlanta you are not going to have much authority on the social platform. Over the next six to nine months if you consistently post about updated trends and the 10 year treasury rate yield you would naturally become an authority. Then, and only then, would Google consider indexing your Google Plus posts.

There is much more to it than just age. You will also need to prove you are an authority through engagement and follower count. I am not a firm believer that follower count is the be all, end all, but there is a reason Google shows it in the search beside anyone with Google Authorship. If you have built a following of 500 people who are interested in the Atlanta housing market Google is likely to index and rank you within search.

Build Authority Through Expertise

If you have an area of expertise use Google Plus to build that authority. Even if you are not getting any +1s or comments you are still telling Google what you know. Every single time you mention the words “Atlanta” and “home loans” you are giving Google the opportunity to give you another stamp of approval. I know most people talk about the fact that everyone is on Facebook. I will say this a million times, “I don’t care if there are only 10 people on Google Plus, it gives you the opportunity to tell Google what you know!”

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