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This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I am a firm believer that about 98% of people in the United States have the opportunity to create their own success. There are definitely the select few that have unfortunate situations or circumstances that do not allow them to make decisions on their own. I sympathize with them as I volunteer with them three days a week. That said, most able bodied Americans can do what it takes to create something special. There is only one person that determines your (Internet) success and that is you!

Success is Cultivated by Making Good Decisions

Every day I wake up I have the opportunity to do what I want. If I want my website and my Internet Marketing business to be successful I have a few choices. I can go play golf and have lunch with some buddies and push everything aside. This is something I have done in the past and something I will do in the future. When I do this, I know there will be consequences when it comes to my business. Just the other day I took my “long walk” around 4:00 pm and I checked some of my revenue streams. I was having a terrible day in terms of advertising revenue. I took a minute to reflect on my day. I had put in about two hours worth of work. My revenue stream was reflecting that as I had made less than those two hours I had put in.

Does this mean you need to put in 10 hour days every single day? Well, that is greatly determined by what you would consider success. If your idea of success is to write a 500 page novel a month there is a good chance you are going to have to put in 10 hour days. If your definition of success is to get a WordPress blog up and running you might only have to work a few hours a day. Ultimately, it is up to you!

Look In The Mirror – That Will Fix Your Problems

At the end of the day there is no one to blame but yourself for your successes and failures. In a past life I was a retail manager and I had many employees that would blame everything and everyone but themselves for their poor work performance or tardiness. This is a story that I will never forget.

I had one particular employee who was notorious for coming in about five minutes late and immediately taking a smoke break. I kid you not. She would clock in, then walk outside and take her smoke break. She was so adamant about this that she would clock in, wave to me and say, “Hey, I am taking my 15.” As you can imagine, I was not too fond of this behavior. There was one particular day that this individual came in 15 minutes late and she said, “Hey, can you clock me in?” She was strategically trying to get me to manually clock her in so it didn’t look like she was late. It was time to fix some of her problems right then and there.

I walked out of the office and said, “Follow me to the break room please.” Our break room had a mirror that covered the entire wall behind the refrigerator and sink. She said, “Can you please just clock me in and let me go do my job.” What she really meant is she was going to go take a smoke break. I said, “Please come over to the sink.” She walked over to the sink where I was standing. I asked her why she was late today. She explained that her brother needed a ride to school. I asked her why she was late yesterday and she said that she had to get gas on the way to work and she had to wait in line.

I shook my head. I said, “Do you think that maybe getting ready a little bit earlier would alleviate these problems?” She immediately got and attitude and said, “Mr Wojdylo! It is not my fault.” I looked her dead in the eyes. I said, “Look in the mirror at what is staring back at you. Do you see that female? THAT is the only person that is going to fix your problems.”

Your Life is Your Choice

Unless you accept that you manifest your own destiny things are never going to change. If you want to be successful in anything you do, Internet related or not, you are going to have to make choices. If you are willing to make the correct decisions and sacrifice to get to your goals that is when you will be successful. I will leave you with this video. I would encourage you to take 14 minutes to watch every second. I promise it will be worth your time.

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