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A few weeks ago I wrote an article explaining the important of social media traffic. After doing some more extensive research and analyzing website data it seems quite obvious that social media traffic is essential for Google organic search results. Let me be perfectly clear. The Google algorithm was birthed on the premise that links to a specific website matter. This will always be true. Well, as long as Google is the search engine of choice. What has changed over the last half decade is how websites get natural link backs without buying them or over optimizing. Enter social media.

Social Media Traffic Creates Natural Link Backs

In the past website owners would market their work on message boards and forums. In all reality, this was social media 1.0. The objective was to build relationships with people that have similar interests. In the long run website owners would create relationships that helped to build a new audience. If I find your content interesting I will be more than happy to tell my readers about it and so forth. We can all remember Follow Friday on Twitter and the “Best Articles of the Week” on Friday. Some websites still do an amazing job with this. It is not nearly as popular as it once was because of social media.

Social media users can find almost anything they are looking for in a matter of seconds. I don’t think there is a single successful website out there that doesn’t have some type of social presence. Any website that wants to gain new readers would be silly to not have a social profile. As more users flock to Twitter (no pun intended), Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks it is easier for them to consume content straight from a stream or timeline. I will be completely honest, I do not go to CNN or ESPN. I use social media to find the most shared content.

Ahh, shared content. Did you catch that? How do I find information? I look on social media for the most shared content. This means that I am more likely to read an article that one of my close friends has shared rather than an article that might be on the front page of Huffington Post. The fact that I am reading the article means that there is a strong chance that I will link back to it when writing my own content. Yes. This is SEO 101. That particular website just received a link back from someone who is highly active in social media and has a website that is updated multiple times a day. Anyone care to argue that this will help that particular website rank higher in the Google organic search results?

Social Media is the New SEO, Kinda

A long time ago, well, maybe just last year, I prophesied Social Media was going to be the new SEO. Well, that is not exactly true. As I stated earlier, link backs will always matter when it comes to search engine optimization. Google is not going to deviate from their bread and butter. What they are going to do is make certain that websites cannot manipulate the system. The best way to avoid any spamming or manipulation is to “force” websites to do SEO the right way.

Well, what is the right way? I am glad you asked. The right way is getting link backs naturally; not begging for them. The quickest way to never get a linkback from me is to ask for a link without building any type of relationship. If my friend Mark Traphagen wrote an amazing piece on Author Rank and he asked me to read it there is a very good chance I am going to link to that piece of content. If Eli Fennell writes an opinion piece on the newest Android smartphone there is a high likelihood that I will link to that article. I know and respect these individuals and they have built authority. I see their hard work and expertise every single day.

If you meet me on a Tuesday on Google+ and ask for a link back for a specific keyword by Friday of that week I can assure you it is not going to happen. The days of asking for link backs are gone. In fact, I never ask for a link back to this particular website. If an individual finds it useful I would hope they share it with their audience. You can ask each and every one of my 10,500 followers and they will tell you that I have never once asked for a link back to Wojdylo Finance. That is simply not the way Social Media works. My results are a reflection of that as yesterday I received the most organic search visits ever for this site. I am doing something right.

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