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Patience with a sense of urgency. This is what I tell everyone who is starting a blogging or making money online endeavor. Anyone who thinks there is a get rich quick scheme online is sadly mistaken. It takes time, effort and tons of great content. If you are not willing to do this you will not create a steady stream of revenue online. Recently, I wrote a post titled, “No, You Absolutely Cannot Blog for a Living.” In this particular piece of content I explained that it takes hundreds of hours just to learn the basics of running a website. You cannot learn it overnight which is exactly why patience is a virtue for anyone making money online.

Making Money Online is Not for Everyone

At least a few times a month I get a phone call or an email from a close friend asking if they can make money online. After having a heart to heart with them most accept that making money online is not for them. If you have other responsibilities such as a family or financial commitments you may not be suited to make money online. I tell everyone that it takes six months of making $0 before you will fully understand how the Internet works and how money is made.

I often hear, “But I have a Facebook page.” Another common statement is, “I am really tech savvy.” Having a Facebook page or being tech savvy does not mean you will have what it takes to make money online. In fact, I know some brilliant individuals who have 50,000 Facebook fans and they are much smarter than me when it comes to coding. They cannot make enough money online to support themselves and their family. Unless you have six months to sink about 60 hours a week into learning and grinding data, making money online is probably not for you.

What About All Those Programs?

I am often asked about those $97 get rich online programs or the “business card” websites that scroll down for about 10 miles telling you how successful that person has been. Let me ask you this, if they are so successful why are they telling anyone else? Why wouldn’t they just continue to polish their skills and happily build their own business empire online. Anyone that tells you that they will teach you to make money online for $97 or even $1000 is probably not making much money themselves.

There are probably some gurus and experts out there that have hit on a few of the ways to make money online but they aren’t going to tell you all of their secrets. If they did, you would be taking money out of their pocket. If you truly want to find out if that individual made money online ask them how long it took them to start generating any sort of revenue. If they say anything less than six to nine months run away. I would argue that you cannot generate significant revenue in this time frame; you can pay the bills and get by.

Patience is Key; Urgency is Necessary

This is very difficult for most people to understand. It is even harder to explain. When creating an online presence you must create content. That can be videos, pictures or written articles, ebooks or PDF files. No matter what you decide to do you are going to have to get people to discover and share this content. The only way I have found to get people to discovery my content is to create a ton of it. Remember, quantity is not necessarily better than quality. Do not blast out 500 YouTube videos that are 25 seconds each. This is probably not going to help you build an audience. That said, if you only do one YouTube video a week you are going to find it hard pressed to build a following.

There are some people who have been able to do it. There are also some people that win the lottery and get an inheritance of $5 million from a rich uncle. Just because Jenna Marbles can get 6 million views on one video per week does not mean that is going to happen for you. If you have noticed Huffington Post or Mashable over the last several years you recognize that they have increased the amount of content they produce. Rather than one article a week or one article a day they are producing one article every 10 minutes.

This type of content creation allows more people to find them through social media, search and word of mouth. I can assure you that many pieces of content you create are not going to get viewed on a daily basis. Over 60% of the articles I have written for this site get less than 10 pageviews a day. Unfortunately, you will never know what gets read if you never write it. You will never know what gets watched if you never upload the video. This is having a little bit of urgency.

Behind that urgency you must recognize that you need patience. It takes Google days and sometimes weeks to crawl and index content. You may have written an article two weeks ago that is still not showing up in search. There is absolutely nothing you can do about this. Stop worrying about it and write some more amazing content. Creating a sense of urgency but have patience.

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