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Many people ask me, can I blog for a living? Almost every single time my answer is, “absolutely not!” The only way you can blog for a living is if you can eat, breathe and sleep blogging, Google, social media and the Internet in general. Unless you can devote well over 60 hours a week to building a blog or website I would say that you better stick to your day job. There is nothing wrong with creating a little bit of side income through blogging but do not expect it to be your full source of income. But Jesse, how do you do it?

Blogging for a Living Takes Time

Lets get something straight very early in this content. I have been actively researching and digesting all the updates to the Google algorithm for over five years. If you don’t understand the terms crawled, indexed, cached, QDF, linked, queries or sitemaps you have a lot to learn. If you aren’t well versed in analytics, adsense (other advertising options), affiliate marketing, or webmaster tools you have even more to learn. This takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, it takes several months just to start the process of understanding how to create amazing contant and track it.

I would imagine it takes well over 400 hours just to grasp some of the basic concepts of blogging and that doesn’t even begin to include how social media has changed SEO forever. If you want to spend a couple of hours a day on a blog you simply cannot resort on blogging as your sole form of revenue. In fact, some of the more influential bloggers I know are happy to make $10 or $20 a day. These are individuals who get 1000s of daily visitors and they have been doing it for years.

Can a Blog Make Money on Day 1?

No. Absolutely not. Unless you already have an Internet presence elsewhere there is no way you can make money on Day 1. You might set up Google Adsense and get lucky with a few clicks that make a few bucks but there is no way you can create sustainable income from day 1. That said, if you know many in the business and you have built strong relationships you stand a much better chance to make money early in your blogging career.

I will be the first to admit, I will not link to your content unless it is simply amazing. Until you have build some authority and you have knowledge of a specific subject you are not going to create quality content. The ultimate goal with blogging is to build authority and much of that comes through link building. You cannot start a sports blog on Saturday and expect to see Sports Illustrated and ESPN link to you by Monday. In fact, you cannot even expect that in the first year!

How Long Does it Take to Make Money on a Blog?

If you are willing to live, breath, eat and sleep on the Internet you will likely be able to start making some money by the second month of a blog. By some money we are talking about $50 to $100. This is greatly dependent on your form of revenue. Blogs make money in different ways whether it be through affiliate marketing, advertising, email lists or membership sites. No matter how you generate income on your website you cannot expect to be making thousands by month #2.

If you want to create sustainable income through your blog I would suggest preparing for a six month journey; at least! This is why I titled this article, “No, You Absolutely Cannot Blog for a Living!” Most people do not have six months to create a stream of revenue. There are many extenuating circumstances that make this impossible. If you have any responsibilities at home such as children or a significant other they deserve your time. If you have bills to pay that deserves your money. I could go on and on.


Unless you have six months to devote 60 hours a week to blogging and social media I would not plan on creating a website that is going to make a substantial amount of money. If you have this time, feel free to contact me and we will talk about a content creation strategy. If you are unwilling to write multiple articles a day or create multiple YouTube videos you are going to have a very difficult time building authority. Keep this in mind before starting your online adventure.

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