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How to Earn Money Without a Traditional Job: 150 Apps and Sites for Gig  Culture | TitleMaxCurrent economic conditions have made it difficult to secure summer jobs or any other form of employment. Not being able to secure employment can be very stressful on any person. For those who are willing to do a little extra work, there are a few things you can do that will generate income for you while looking for a summer job or more permanent employment.

Freelance opportunities

There are different ways to generate money online. Many skills like programming, web design and writing just to name a few, are sought by employers, especially during tough economic times. Many companies try to minimize costs during tough times, and would rather hire freelancers instead of those seeking permanent employment.

Another benefit of freelance employment opportunities is the fact many can be performed from the comfort of your home. Most traditional summer jobs require some travelling, and with rising gas prices the savings are well appreciated.

When I was looking for a summer job last year, I started doing research on the different employment opportunities that were available online. Being a writer, I naturally gravitated towards writing jobs. After playing around with freelance writing for a few months, realized I could actually make more money working as a freelancer compared to many summer jobs.

Selling online

Web sites like eBay have made it easy to sell almost anything online. Unable to secure a summer job, I started making extra money selling items online on eBay. Local classifieds, flea markets and pawn shops are good places to look for cheap items.

I once bought a laptop from a pawn shop for $150. The laptop was priced at a low price because the owner had the device protected with a password. Being familiar with the laptop model, I knew it was valued at a much higher price. I jumped at the opportunity and took the laptop to a friend who is excellent with computers.

Within a few hours, the laptop was ready to go. I ended up listing the laptop online a few days later and sold it in a week for $500. About the same amount of money that many typical summer jobs pay weekly. Other items might only make you a few bucks here and there; the point is you should always be on the lookout for money making opportunities, especially when you don’t have a summer job or some other form of employment.

While selling online will not earn you as much money as traditional employment would, you can still make a few hundred bucks selling items online. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, there are many ways you can make money, even if you’re not able to secure traditional summer employment.

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