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10 KFC MoneySaving tips & tricks

I had just finished working outside and my wife had been at work all day so nobody had a chance to make dinner Saturday. Since it was nearby, we decided to have Kentucky Fried Chicken and give their boneless variety bucket a try.

All I can say is what a waste of money.

The boneless variety bucket comes with three of KFC’s popular entrees, popcorn chicken, chicken strips and honey barbecue wings. We ordered the meal, which comes with two sides. At $15.99, you would think you would get plenty to eat. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

The bucket only has four chicken strips. We have a family of three and that is the most popular item. Needless to say, those were gone within a matter of minutes. The popcorn chicken came in a large size. However, what KFC considers large, the rest of the known world would consider small. So, again, it didn’t last us that long.

The only thing they gave us any real quantity of would have been the barbecue wings (there were 8 in all). Ironically, those are the one thing we didn’t eat any of. My wife started to eat them but thought they tasted disgusting and, since those would normally be her favorite, I didn’t dare try them. They are still sitting in our fridge and will likely go in the garbage.

To be honest, none of the food tasted all that great. I know KFC has made some formula changes over the past few months because of people complaining about how healthy their products are and I think those changes seriously affected the flavor. The only reason I even went there was solely out of convenience and had hoped to get something worthwhile for my money. Unfortunately, that just didn’t happen.

What is really pathetic is the meal comes in their traditional KFC buckets. If the restaurant chain is going to use them, it just seems like it would make more sense to fill the bucket to the rim instead of putting in a small quantity of each item. You have no idea just how disappointed I was when I opened the lid and saw all the wasted space. If it weren’t for the disgusting honey barbecue wings, we would have had no leftovers. And, at that price, I would expect to have something leftover. In fact, we were still hungry after the rest of the food was gone.

I’m so disappointed by the inadequacy; I’m seriously considering never going to KFC again.

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