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Google Plus communities can be a tough animal to handle. Some communities have over 100,000 members and there are hundreds of posts submitted by the hour. Spam controls have gotten much better but it is still a full time job to keep a large community running smoothly. If you have several large Google Plus communities you can forget having a life. There are ways to combat the work load and make things easier on yourself and the community members. Here is what I have figured out over the last several months.

Communities Are a Group of People

I know this is not rocket science but sometimes we have to remember that we are dealing with people. When a Google Plus community gets too big to handle I would strongly suggest reaching out to the more active community members that you respect. If they are great plussers and they have shown that they want to help grow the community I would ask them if they would like to be promoted to moderator. One issue with Google Plus communities right now is that an owner can promote a community member to moderator without even asking. There will be some community members that have too much on their plate and they simply cannot fulfill the duties of a moderator.

That said, there will be several community members that will be more than happy to take over the reins to become a moderator in the community. I would never post a public declaration that you are searching for moderators. If you have been active within your community you already know who the best users are. Reach out to them, ask them if they are willing to help and reward them with a promotion to moderator. This has helped me tremendously with some of my larger communities. With some of my smaller communities I have no issues so I can moderate them myself.

Moderation is a touchy subject so you will want to go over this with your newly promoted Google Plus users. Some Google Plus communities allow self promotion of any kind. I am not fond of this as it seems to water down the content. I am an advocate of community members posting some of their best material. I do not think that someone that joins a community to spam it with links to their 20 different websites is helpful. As a moderator and owner of communities I do not think twice about banning someone that uses this method of posting to Google Plus.

There is Help Available

No matter what niche you are in there are plenty of Google Plus users that are willing to help. In fact, there are communities that have been built around helping other Google Plus users. If you are really struggling with a large community I would suggest going into some of these “help” communities and asking for some tips and tricks. You may find that a very experienced Google Plus user is more than willing to help when it comes to moderation of your community. Heck, there are even some Google employees that have helped me moderate communities for a short period of time.

Do not think you are in this alone. If you grow a large community someone within the community will be willing to step to the plate. Do not hesitate to ask some of the more active members if they can assist with some of the small things. Sometimes it is as easy as someone posting the rules of the community every Monday morning. Although this is not difficult it can become time consuming for someone that has a lot on their plate. How do you handle a large Google Plus community? Here is the link to the Google Plus Community Moderators community.

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