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We have all been there. We create a Google Plus community that is fun and interesting but after the first few invites transform into community members the growth stops. We know a handful of people that will join a community just because they are close friends, but how does the community continue to grow outside of a direct network? There are a few factors that come into play and I am going to do my best to help you grow your Google Plus community to an amazing online forum that generates great content every single day.

Promote Google Plus Communities During Special Events

Over the course of the last four years I have grasped a firm knowledge that many things internet related are based on time. There will be hundreds of thousands of searches for laptops over the next month because the kids are going back to school. In the month of October everyone and their sister will be searching for unique halloween costume ideas for themselves or their children. As we get closer to the Christmas holiday searchers will look for store hours during the Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years. There are events that create high levels of traffic every day of the year. Find events that are related to your community.

If you run an Android community it would behoove you to share it whenever a new Android update is available. It seems like every week a new Android smartphone is released. Share the community to your following and mention some of the new smartphones on the market. When Samsung or AT&T announce earnings share the community and ask a following if they would be interested in talking about which carrier will come out on top or which manufacturer makes the best smartphone. There are tons of opportunities to share a community when it comes to time sensitive events.

Build Communities Around Your Community

Thank about communities related to communities. If you have a TV or Movies community you may want to stay up to date on the latest gadgets. I created the Chromecast community a few minutes after the product was released and the community gained over 500 members in a 48 hour timeframe. This was a very hot product at launch and everyone wanted to know where they could get it. There was also plenty of discussion related to setting it up and how to get the three free months of Netflix. I would have never guessed that the community would grow so fast.

Ultimately, I do not have a huge interest in the Chromecast but I have an interest in anything Google is doing with a TV. I also own a Movies community and a TV community. When a major movie comes out or a brand new TV show premieres there is a good chance I will share one of those communities to my large Chromecast community. If you own multiple communities it never hurts to cross promote. In fact, I would urge you to do so if it makes sense. I will not promote my Amanda Bynes community in the Chromecast community as that doesn’t make sense. That said, when college football season starts I may cross promote as some Chromecast users may wonder if they get ESPN or CBS Sports with the Chromecast.

Promote, Promote and Promote Some More

In marketing, psychology is almost everything. If you only share your community one time you are missing out on a huge audience. Most people are not sitting on Google Plus all day. They only see bits and pieces of the content that is shared. I would never suggest sharing the same community five times a day but it does not hurt to come up with a strategy. Think about the new followers you add. They have never seen this community. Maybe you share the community every 500 followers you add. Maybe it is only every 100 added followers. You must decide based on your community and your following.

If you do not promote your community it is not going to grow. Over the course of the first 24 hours of my Chromecast community I shared it four times. Every time a major publication wrote an article I shared the community. Now that the community is running itself and growing so quickly I will only share it once every few days. If there is another major announcement you can guarantee I am going to plug it again. If you are strategic with the way you promote you can add a couple new community members with every public share. Get to it!

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