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It is nearly impossible for me to come up with words right now. JC Kendall was a man of great influence on my life. I just found out that he has passed. I think this is a shock to everyone that knew him. His fiancé Su Ann Lim was so meaningful to JC that he had changed his life for the better. He was eating more healthy, taking up yoga and just relaxing a bit. I saw these transformations through my daily and weekly moments with him. To honor JC I feel as if I should explain what he has done for me.

JC Kendall – A Man of Honesty

I will never forget having a Google+ hangout with Ronnie Bincer in May of 2012 to talk about how Google+ is changing the way we meet influencers. He mentioned that I should get in touch with JC Kendall as we would have a lot to talk about. For about a month I commented on his posts but never took the initative to have a hangout with him. On June 24th, 2012 JC shared my Google Plus Your Business eBook to his following. At the time, JC had 20 times the followers as I. After that mention I made it a point to do a hangout with JC.

Over the course of the next year we had many public and private hangouts. I was fortunate enough to be part of the TekPersona Power Panel. JC, Eli Fennell, Mark Traphagen and myself had many discussions on the Facebook business model. He was one of the brightest and most honest users on Google Plus. More than that, he was real. There was never a moment in which you had to worry about JC glossing over something in which he was passionate.

Anyone who took part in some of JC’s discussions knows that he was sometimes over the top. That is one of the reasons we got along so well. We both agreed, many times, that he was more than just a big brother to me. In a time when everyone has unique opinions about social media, Google, Facebook and everything technology related I can say that I never once had a disagreement with JC Kendall.

JC Kendall Changed My Career

In October and November of 2012 JC was one of the main reasons I decided to create Wojdylo Finance. He pointed out many mainstream news outlets that were copying my content from Google+. He was so adamant about me starting my own website that he gave me the WordPress theme for Wojdylo Finance. In many one on one discussions he helped me to realize the ways to monetize an online presence through branding. Sometimes it hurt to hear what he had to say but it made me a better blogger and content creator.

Just last month JC and I were talking about bringing back the TekPersona Power Panel to talk about some of the more important issues in social media. Even though there are tears running down my cheeks right now I have to smile thinking about all the times we blasted Facebook and they way they run their business model. I know many of you do not have a lot of time but please watch just a few minutes of this video hosted by JC.

As I said at the beginning of this article, words cannot even begin to describe how I feel right now. JC was a mentor and a great friend. When I look back on my career as a content creator, blogger and Internet Marketer JC will be one of those that comes to mind first. My heart goes out to Su Ann. Google+ will not be the same without JC. I will not be the same without JC and the world will not be the same without JC. If you do anything today please tell your loved ones how you feel and, like JC, be complete honest.

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