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It is almost hard to believe that May 2013 is here which means Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Many retailers and car dealerships are going to have huge sales and deals as we get closer to the final weekend in May which happens to be the kick off of the summer. Some shoppers will enjoy huge savings the entire month. When looking for Honda rebates and lease incentives in May 2013 there are some great deals on the Civic, Crosstour, Odyssey and Accord. Remember to do plenty of research across the board before making a buy or lease decision.

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Honda Rebates and Lease Incentives in May 2013

Before making any final decision to buy a Honda 2012 or 2013 model I would strongly suggest individuals look at competitors like Toyota, Ford or Chevy. All of these auto makers will be offering mark downs during the month of May 2013. If you are willing to wait until the final weekend of the month you will be able to take advantage of Memorial Day Car and Trucks sales. There will be some car dealerships throughout the country that will have month long Memorial Day sales in May 2013.

Current Honda Lease Deals for May 2013

2013 Honda Accord – $219 (monthly payment) – 36 (lease term) – $2,180 (money down) – 12000 (miles)

2013 Honda Civic – $189 – 36 – $1,810 – 12000

2013 Honda Crosstour – $259 – 36 – $2,240 – 12000

2013 Honda CR-V – $229 – 36 – $2,370 – 12000

2013 Honda Fit – $169 – 36 – $2,030 – 12000

2013 Honda Odyssey – $259 – 36 – $2,740 – 12000

2013 Honda Pilot – $350 – 36 – $0 – 12000

Best Cash Deals for May 2013

2012 Honda Civic – $2,000

2012 Honda Crosstour – $3,000

2012 Honda Odyssey – $1,250

2013 Honda Pilot – $800

When deciding on any of the vehicle always do plenty of research. By looking at Consumer Reports, Kelley Blue Book and NADA you will have a better understanding when it comes to the right make and model vehicle for you. Whether you are buying a car, truck, van or SUV it is always smart to look at several different options. Toyota, Ford and Chevy are all offering amazing opportunities in the month of May 2013 so do not pass those opportunities up.

Buying or Leasing a Honda Car in May 2013

There are many people that would benefit from a lease when it comes to a vehicle purchase. If you do not drive a lot of miles and you know you are going to trade your car in after three years anyway a lease might be right. That said, if you put well over 12,000 miles on your vehicle every single year you may end up spending a lot more money by going through the lease process.

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There are a number of great buy vs lease calculators available online. If you are doing research make certain that you use a calculator from a website of authority. Anyone can make one of these calculators and it may not give you 100% accurate numbers when it comes to the total payment or the monthly car payment. The best thing you can do is sit down with someone who was a math major in college and they will explain the APR, the interest rate and the money the car is going to cost you in the long run.

Negotiating Lower Prices on New and Used Honda Cars

Something that I would suggest everyone do is try to negotiate lower prices when it comes to both new and used cars. If you drive onto a dealership have a price in mind. You already know the Honda rebates and lease incentives for May 2013 which are listed above. Come up with a price even lower than this and try to negotiate. If you are willing to walk away there is a good chance that most car salesman will do everything in their power to get you to buy or lease.

Walking away is one of the best tactics in any type of negotiation. If you prove to the seller that you don’t absolutely need that brand new Honda Accord or Honda Civic they know they will have to work with you on a lower price. If you can get a price below invoice you will be doing very good. Do the extra research, find out the invoice price for a specific Honda model and shoot for something below that.

If all else fails look on Craigslist for used cars that are similar. Tell the dealership you can get a 2011 or 2010 model for $5000 cheaper. They will either respect this and let you go or they will do their best to get you an even better deal before you leave the car dealership.

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