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Wow! I am in shock at what I am seeing on Google Plus and across the web. For over a year now I have been toying with the idea of how to utilize Google Plus comments when they are available across the web. It looks like it is almost time to take action. Today Yonotan Zunger announced Google+ comments for Blogger. For anyone that may not know, Blogger is owned by Google so it makes sense that it would go out to this product before WordPress, Drupal or any other type of blogging software. I firmly believe we are going to start seeing WordPress plugins very soon. I also believe Google Plus comments will change social media forever and there are a few reasons.

Google Plus Comments Will Help Google Better Understand You

Over the last five years we have seen Twitter comments and Facebook comments installed on most major websites. Unfortunately, these two social media entities are not our search engine of choice. They are social networks that help us correspond with others but we do not use them to find a place to eat or a hotel in which to stay. Most people use Google for that. Google Plus is the social layer that the search giant is implementing and today they took another big step in making our lives easier.

Google Plus comments across the web will allow us to sign in with our Google Plus accounts to comment on a website. This will help Google tailor search to better fit your needs. If you travel to Kauai, Hawaii on a yearly basis there is a good chance you read a blog or website that produces content related to the area. If you comment on several different snorkeling articles Google will better understand that you might go snorkeling when you get to Hawaii next year.

Let me make something very clear. You can make all of this information 100% private and disable personalized search if this is not for you. There are some people that feel insecure about Google digesting their information and making suggestions. If you want privacy it is built in to Google Plus. You can easily turn off Search Plus Your World when using the Google search engine. You can also post comments privately so only a certain group of individuals can see those comments on a specific website.

Relationships Will Continue to Strengthen

In a time when I doubt the depth of Internet relationships this could change things up. I am not a huge advocate of building relationships solely online but I will admit that some of my best friends were met through Google Plus or Twitter. By meeting someone on a website that is related to a specific subject you have something unique in common.

I am a huge lacrosse fan. I have learned more about the sport of lacrosse in the last three months than I have in the last 10 years. If I am constantly commenting and replying to comments on specific lacrosse websites I am building a unique relationship with these individuals. If they live in my area I might meet them at the ACC tournament or the NCAA tournament in the next few weeks.

Social media is about being social. Building relationships with infleuntial people that have a similar interest is exactly what social media is about. It is not about setting up an automated link sharing system. It is not about getting as many followers as possible. It is centered on building strong relationships over time. With Google Plus comments across the web we can take those relationships to a brand new level.

Your Google Plus Following Matters Even More

I just made a comment on a thread that went something like this, “Forget shared circles and forget the new Suggested User list. The new Google+ comments is going to explode a following.” If you can combine your area of expertise with multiple websites across the web you are going to see your following naturally grow without even realizing it. This is enormous for anyone that wants to build an online presence. It is no longer the case that you can only produce content for an individual website or blog.

If you are commenting on other websites that are of similar interest you are going to find people that not only follow you but share your content across their social networks. Before you know it you will have 10,000 Google Plus followers that cannot get enough of your content. This is so very exciting. With that said, get out there and start testing out the comments and building new relationships across the web.

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