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I knew Google was big, but this big? Deepfield recently published a study showing that Google receives 25% of North American consumer web traffic. This is all web traffic that goes through the Google servers. “An amazing 60 percent of all Internet end devices/users exchange traffic with Google servers during the course of an average day. This analysis includes computers and mobile device as well as hundreds of varieties game consoles, home media appliances, and other embedded devices.” To put that into perspective, it is more traffic than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix receive combined. The last time Deepfield completed this type of research in 2010 Google was only receiving 6% of web traffic. In the last three years Google continues to keep the end user in mind which has helped them grow to the most powerful Internet company in history.

How Did Google Get So Big?

We must remember that Google purchased YouTube in 2006 when the video sharing website was still getting off the ground. Google knew they would not make money on YouTube for, at least, half a decade. The same was true of the Android purchase. I think most of us can remember when Android phones were very clunky and had major software issues. Now the Android operating system is a work of art. This long term outlook has helped Google to create some of the most amazing products you can hold in your hand or use on a computer. In a time when most companies want profits now Google has taken the approach that nothing comes easy and patience is a requirement. Take Google Plus as an example.

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For the last two years we have read hundreds of articles claiming that Google Plus is a ghost town. The new trend is that claimed journalists are urging Google to shut down Google Plus. These are probably the same journalists that thought the YouTube and Android purchases were a waste of money. After talking with several Google employees it is quite obvious that they are going to remain patient with the Google social layer. Each month millions of new members sign up and some of the more experienced Google Plus users are stating that engagement and interaction continues to rise from new faces. I can attest to this as well.

Remaining patient and having deep pockets is very important. Google has over $50 billion in cash and this is after a $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility purchase and a $1.25 billion Waze purchase. Every quarter Google prints money. With over 66% market share in search it is hard to imagine this is going to change any time in the near future. Bing and Yahoo! have greatly struggled to gain traction in search market share which allows Google to gobble up more data. This data helps them polish off their products to better suit the users.

How Google Makes Money

Google makes the majority of their money through search advertising. No matter what anyone tells you Google is in the search business. Every product created is to enhance search. Maps makes mobile search better. Google Plus makes personalized search better. Android makes smartphone search better. GMail makes email search better. I could go on for hours. I think you get the point. As long as Google continues to have over 60% market share in search there are going to be billions of dollars made every quarter. Oh yeah, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world as well.

The reason Google has grown to 25% of all web traffic is because they offer amazing products that just work. Apple tried to create Maps. We saw how that went. Facebook tried to create a search engine. We are seeing that disaster right now. Many major Internet companies have challenged Google but they are several years behind. Being this far behind when it comes to technology is like being decades behind when it comes to any other industry. The amount of server space and cash that Google has makes them a force that is going to be hard to stop.

When thinking of all the Google products I use it is hard to imagine life without them. Think about searching on the Internet without Google. Think about getting from point A to point B without Google Maps. Think about creating presentations, study guides and shareable documents with Google Drive. Think about searching for a video without YouTube. Once again, I could go on and on. Ultimately, the reason that Google is bigger than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix combined is because they ultimately care about people. It is the Google way.

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