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In the state of North Carolina residents will find that there are many options available when it comes to credit unions, local community banks, regional banks and national banks. With Bank of America and Wells Fargo having a huge presence in Charlotte there are opportunities to borrow money. Some will seek out Fayetteville NC banks with bad credit personal loans. Finding access to $500, $1500 or $5000 have gotten a little bit easier as the overall economy has improved since the credit crisis.

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Fayetteville NC Banks with Bad Credit Personal Loans

With Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base being located in Fayetteville, North Carolina it comes as little surprise that there are many banks and financial institutions in the area. These military members need somewhere to house their money. Some of these same individuals will also look to borrow money to pay for a car, truck, motorcycle, van or SUV. Before making any type of major purchase it never hurts to consider financing options.

As stated earlier, there are a ton of well known banks that have a presence in the state of North Carolina. Whether you are looking for options from Regions Bank, SunTrust, BB&T or First Citizens Bank there are branch locations. It is sometimes best to physically go to a branch location to discuss the options that are currently available. If you have improve a credit score to a level above 660 over the past few months or years there is a good chance you could gain access to some very large loan amounts. Here are some options in Fayetteville, NC:

  • Capital Bank
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union
  • State Employees Credit Union
  • Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union

Note that these are not the only banks in the area. It also might not hurt to check out Raleigh NC bad credit loans. Raleigh, North Carolina was the home to RBC Bank before it was bought out by PNC. With a ton of local ties to the banking industry Fayetteville, NC residents are not going to find it difficult to gain access to different banks. The difficulty may be qualifying for a personal loan or a bad credit installment loan.

Low Credit Score Car Installment Loans in Fayetteville

For some reason bad credit score car installment loans are very popular in military towns. It is amazing to see just how many lenders are willing to offer low credit score borrowers money. Remember that some lenders have tightened their practices after the credit crisis but there are still many that will be more than happy to help you come up with $10,000 or $15,000 to make that new car or truck purchase. If you plan on buying a brand new Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado you are going to need to get a very large loan. Some of these newer trucks can cost $40,000.

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Before making this financial commitment it might be best to step back and look at the big picture. If you buy a car or truck that is this expensive you are going to be paying $500 a month over the course of the next five years. If you have no money to put down it is going to make it quite difficult to pay this amount of cash. Although the military offers some great incentives to those who enlist it is still not a wise choice to spend all that money before you even get it in your bank account.

This is something to think about as there are plenty of opportunities to buy used cars in Fayetteville, NC. There is a Craigslist subdomain that has hundreds of used cars listed every single day. By scouring the Craigslist Fayetteville, NC used cars section many potential car buyers will be able to find vehicles as low as $1000. This might be well worth the savings as the rest of that money can go into a checking account that is building interest.

Finding low interest rate loans have become a little bit easier with technology. When searching on Google or any search engine remember to do plenty of homework on a company. Just because that company ranks highly in Google search it does not mean it will be the best company for your needs. Keep this in mind moving forward. Read the fine print and understand what alternatives are available when it comes to online loans or loans at a bank branch location.

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