Tips for Making Money on Fiverr.Com

6 easy Fiverr gig ideas to earn money - Save the Student

There is a site out there on the internet that offers almost anyone an opportunity to make five dollars. It’s called and some people are actually making a full-time income from it.

Just about anyone with any kind of skill or talent regardless of the degree can make money on the site. Moneymaking opportunities range from the absurd and crazy to quality business resource tools that could otherwise cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to purchase.

Recently someone was offering to call someone you know and scream and yell at them saying just about anything you want them to for five dollars. Another person was willing to take a picture holding a sign with text of your choice in hopes of making your significant other jealous.

But there are professional opportunities as well. If you have the talent to write and if you can buy Fiverr reviews, you could post comments or reviews on someone’s blog or website. If you are bilingual, you could write or speak a testimonial for five dollars.

If you have graphic arts skills you could create e-book covers for five dollars.
You can even write to a child posing as the Easter Bunny with a friendly letter and happy wishes for five dollars.

The key here is that there is no limitations to the things that you can offer.
Doing a quick search of the website and scanning several pages will often give you plenty of ideas on what you can offer for five dollars.

To become successful using it’s important to follow a few tips.
Once you set up your offer, take an active part in driving traffic to it.

For example if you own a professional service such as graphic arts and you’re using to attract new customers with a low price point or five dollar trial, you could post a special link on your blog or website to your page.

This is very important because the more views your page gets the higher it will rank on the fiverr site.

If you’re currently using video to market your products or services you could do the same to get exposure about your offer and include a link to your offer page.

The usual methods used in driving traffic on the internet also apply here.
Forum marketing, article marketing and e-mail marketing can all do the trick to drive additional traffic for you.
Don’t forget to include the link to your page in your signature.…

Word of Mouth and Relationship Marketing is Part of SEO

Anyone that reads Wojdylo Finance more than twice a week is going to get sick and tired of me talking about relationships being the most important part of social media. Well, I am at it again. It seems every single day someone is speculating about a new Google algorithm update that is going to affect “x” number of websites. If you used word of mouth and relationship marketing you have absolutely nothing to worry about as Google will reward you for getting natural social shares and link backs. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO in 2013 and beyond.

Word of Mouth and Relationship Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful business tools in the world. We will use a webmaster as an example. If you provide amazing content that helps individuals solve problems they will thank you tenfold. They may not give you any business directly but they will likely share an article or piece of content via social media. Whether that is LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter doesn’t matter. It is more eyeballs that will see you displaying an area of expertise.

If you continue to provide that individual with amazing resources or services they may pick up the phone and call a friend. In this conversation there is a good chance they will mention how “x” website has been so helpful. The friend checks out the website and is immediately impressed. That person decides to tell their group of small business owners at the weekly town meeting. It goes on from there. You get the picture.

If you are unwilling to start that first relationship this type of marketing is impossible. When I started on Google+ my goal was to respond to every person that mentioned my name. Even if it was a simple +1 I wanted to let that person know that I read their comment and I appreciate the interaction. Even with over 11,000 and 500 notifications I still do that to this day. Here is why:

The John Locke Marketing Model

I am a huge fan of John Locke. Not the philosopher. The author of the Donovan Creed series. I am such a fan that I have introduced over 10 people to the series. In fact, go download Wish List right now and start reading. OK, my word of mouth marketing is done. Back to where I was. John Locke came out with an eBook “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months”. As soon as this eBook became available I made the purchase.

At he beginning of his “how to” it was explained that he was selling about 100 books a month on Amazon when he first started. He knew he was a good writer but he needed to change his marketing campaign. He used social media to reach out to his audience. Not only did he reach out but he made certain to respond to every single individual. He does this still today even though he sells millions of eBooks.

If you are willing to build relationships one person at a time you will have a better marketing campaign than you could ever pay for. Realize this to be the case before trying to get 10,000 followers on Twitter or Google+. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook “Likes”. Build friendships one at a time and these individuals will naturally tell their friends about your amazing products or services.


SEO has changed drastically over the last three years. Penguin and Panda opened the eyes of many. If you incorporate word of mouth and relationship marketing into your SEO you will find that not only is your optimization better but you will get more out of life. I have lived it for the past 14 months and I have never been happier. I just wish I had done more relationship marketing in my early Internet career. Get out there and build one relationship at a time.…

Write and Share Articles Where Readers Can Find You

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So often I hear bloggers and webmasters complaining that no one reads their content. I ask them their strategy and it often sounds like this. “I write a blog post about something going on in my industry. I post it to my personal or business website then I Tweet it, share it on Facebook and every once in awhile share it on Google+.” After asking how many readers they received it is almost always “just a few.” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Why do you think your latest blog post is going to blow up and get hundreds of readers if none of the previous posts saw an increase in engagement or readership. Lets fix it!

A Jesse Wojdylo History Lesson

When I first started by blogging/Internet marketing career back in 2008 I did as many people do. I signed up for a free WordPress blog and a free Blogspot (Blogger now) blog. At the time you had to install widgets to check your stats. I can clearly remember typing my opinion on sports and finance and being ecstatic about getting 10 new viewers. Looking back on this, I am quite certain these were bots and not people actually reading my content. Early on, I read as many “pro” blogging related articles as I could find. Some were great and some were terrible.

One of the first blog posts I read was about going to where everyone else is when it comes to Internet consumption. Remember this was pre Twitter being popular. We were still at the beginning of the Facebook marketing cycle. Reddit was a ghost town and Google+ was not even in existence. Heck, Google Buzz wasn’t even built yet. The popular place to find readers was article marketing websites like eZine Articles and Amazines. If you were blogging at the time you know exactly what I am talking about.

Other popular websites were Delicious, StumbleUpon and Propeller. As you read this post in 2013 you probably have not looked at Delicious or Propeller in years, if ever. That said, these were the websites that people when consuming content. Instead of sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you would share to these social bookmarking websites. Unfortunately, I did not realize this to be social media 1.0. I created zero relationships and I just spammed the system.

I would write an article and share it to a dozen different social bookmarking sites. There were even tools that allowed you to do it in one click. You could find other blog posts explaining how to rank #1 in Google organic search by simply submitting to 10 or so social bookmarking sites. These were all link backs, right? Well, yes, but lets say this scheme did not work for very long. I learned quickly and realized that creating meaningful relationships with readers is much more important than submitting to all these social bookmarking sites. So, here we are today, in April 2013.

Finding Your Tribe and Potential Readers

As social media gains in popularity it is not difficult to find people that are interested in the same subjects that interest you. In fact, it is hard not to find these people. If you are active on Google+, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn people of similar interests are naturally going to find you. If you were sitting in a corner of the Internet with your own blog and you were not reaching out to readers in creative ways it would be very difficult to increase readership. It might happen over several months or a few years but that process can be expedited by actively looking for your tribe or potential readers.

I would never suggest spending eight hours a day scouring the Internet for potential readers. I would suggest testing the waters on different social media websites. Please understand that there is not one social media website that is everything to everybody. If you are a decorator you will benefit from Pinterest but likely not Active Rain. If you are a photographer you will benefit from Google+ and Facebook but maybe not so much Twitter. I think you get the idea. Figure out where your tribe is hanging out.

It should not take you long to see if you “fit in” to a community. I fit in very well with Google+ as I write about social media, SEO and tech related products. I have an Android, I bash Facebook and I am anti Apple. I think you can quickly see why Google+ is my home away from home. This does not mean it is for everyone. You may have 2000 friends on Facebook and 15,000 fans on your business page. Use that social medium to reach out to your audience.

Write Articles for Your Following

Now that we have established there are plenty of places readers it is time to start generating some content. But what do I write, Jesse? I am glad you asked. I you have more than five followers on Twitter or Google+ you already have an audience. They are following you for a reason. Ask them what they want to read. Most social media users will be more than happy to explain their interests. This is especially true on Google+. By asking them what they want to read you will find that they have a vested interest in reading your content once it has been produced. You just got a new reader who will likely share your content.

This is a concept that I have been implementing for well over a year and it has helped me build some amazing relationships. I have naturally built a following of over 10,000 on Google+. I have never been a on a suggested user list and, for the most part, I have not been in a bunch of shared circles. This means that people are finding me because of my content. I assure you, with a little bit of effort, you can find a social network that will help you find readers that are interested in your articles, videos or pictures.…

The New SEO Takes Patience with a Sense of Urgency

In my Internet Marketing and SEO infancy I wanted results quickly. Immediately after publishing a new blog post I would go to Google search and type in and wait for Google to crawl and index my website. Sometimes I would see websites that got crawled in a matter of seconds and others would take hours. Being so new to the search world I had no answers. I went out and searched for answers but who could I really trust? I wanted the answer at that moment. It took me some time but I slowly started to realize that SEO takes patience with a sense of urgency.

Patience is an SEO Virtue

If you expect immediate search results on any website you are setting yourself up for failure. I have been quite active with this website and it took me just over three months to get a consistent 1000 visitors a day. I will admit that my uptick in content generation has helped tremendously but we will get to that more in the sense of urgency section. Rather than assuming you will create a website and get traffic starting day one recognize that it takes time. Most importantly, it takes building relationships with the right people.

Anyone who has strong relationships in their life knows that time and seasons matter. There is a different season for every stage of life and those who have been through multiple seasons of our lives mean more to us. There is a much better chance that my best friend Issac Lewis, who went to middle school, high school and college with me, will drive over and help me move my apartment than Chase La Rue who I met in October of last year. If you don’t understand this you might want to pick up a book on relationships.

Building online relationships is exactly the same. If you have a technology blog you cannot expect to get link backs from Boy Genius Report or Gizmodo in the first week. After you generate hundreds of useful articles you will likely prove that your expertise deserves a linkback. Do not get discouraged early, remain patient and create a ton of amazing content. So, this is where the sense of urgency comes in.

A Sense of Urgency is 100% Necessary with SEO

I will be the first to admit that I did not produce enough content in the early days of this website. In the last few weeks I have definitely picked up the pace. After a little bit of a kick in the fanny by some of my friends I recognized that getting natural linkbacks means you need to produce content that deserves a linkback. If you are only producing one article a week what is the likelihood you are going to be found to receive that referral?

Look at it this way. Most people hop on and off social media throughout the day. They are not going to see every single thing you do. This means there is no possible way to produce too much content. If you are producing only one piece of content a day you could be limiting yourself when it comes to the eyeballs that see your articles. I know many people are busy and they do not have time to pump out multiple articles a day.

If you truly want a successful website that sees significant growth in traffic you will need to produce a lot of content. Here is a numbers game I like to play. Let us say that I write one article a day. It is going to take me just over three months to reach 100 articles that are indexed in Google search. Ok, now lets up the ante and say I write five articles a day. Now it is only going to take me 20 days to have 100 articles indexed in search.

Not only will I have more content indexed in search but I will be submitting content throughout the day that could be seen by influencers who share my stuff. I am seeing this first hand right now. Even if a blog post only gets 15 or 20 Google +1s it is still getting retweeted and shared out for the world to see. This is why a sense of urgency is very important.

Create a Strategy Today

Unfortunately, many websites have no strategy when it comes to content creation. They are patient alright but there is no sense of urgency. If you want 50 posts indexed in Google create a deadline. If you write two posts a week It will take you half a year to get this done. If you write two posts a day you can get this done in about a month. Get motivated and create amazing content that people want to read!…

Can You Make A Living From Adsense?

Guest Post by Rand Wilson

As a webmaster that has enjoyed moderate success with Google Adsense, the one question that I get asked more than any other is: “Can I really make a living from Google Adsense?”

The short answer is, “sure, it’s possible to make a living from Adsense”.  Heck, I was earning about $1k per month with Adsense about 5 months after creating my first website, and less than a year after that about $6k/month. However the longer, more detailed answer is a bit more complicated, so, if you want to know if it’s possible to make a living from Adsense, read on – but be forewarned, the truth can hurt.  If you came here from Facebook, just scroll down to the very bottom for the TL;DR.

There are many websites that generate huge amounts of money from Adsense.  Markus Frind, the owner of “” was reportedly generating over $10,000,000 (that’s 10 MILLION) per year as of 2009.  Other websites such as TechCrunch and Mashable also reportedly use Adsense to generate incomes in the millions of dollars per year.  Websites that generate incomes like this all have one thing in common:  They receive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every day.  Such a feat is reserved for only the very elite of the internet.

Even The Small Guys Can Be Successful With Adsense

There are countless smaller websites and blogs that generate yearly incomes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 per year, proving that you can make a living from Adsense, but even generating these amounts of income is not easy.

The fact is, perhaps as many as 99 out of 100 new bloggers or webmasters creating a new website with the expectation of hitting it big with Adsense and quitting their job will not reach their goal after the first year.  Probably as many as 98 out of 100 of those webmasters still will still have missed this goal after two years.  Why?  Because most new webmasters or bloggers underestimate the difficulty  in generating any significant amount of money online, they fall prey to scammers, or simply give up after realizing it is not as easy as they had hoped it would be.

Write this down: Making a living with Adsense is not easy

The first idea to get out of your mind is that making a living from an online income, whether with Adsense or any other method, is easy.  The second thing to realize is that unless you are already an expert, there is going to be someone at every turn trying to sell you tips, tricks, and snake oil.  Remember that before you hand over your credit card number to anyone.

As you embark on your quest to make a living with Adsense, remember this:

“There is no fast or easy way to being successful with Adsense.  Anyone offering to sell you a fast or easy way is lying to you and trying to steal your money.”

There is nothing in any ebook that you can’t learn yourself, for free.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of ebooks claiming to teach you how to use Adsense and you do not need a single one of them.  These ebooks aren’t necessarily scams (many are, but not all), but there are no “secrets” to using Adsense.  Everything you need to know about how to use Adsense, how to optimize Adsense to generate the most income, etc, is available in hundreds of online forums, Google Plus Adsense Communities and even directly from Google.  The only real value that an ebook may offer is saving you the time to research the information yourself.

Even then, there is no way to know if that information in that ebook is outdated.

Programs, Schemes, and “Tricks”:  Read this, and read it very carefully.  Then, read it again: There is no secret program, method, scheme, “weird trick”, or voodoo that will make you money with Adsense LONG TERM.

It is true that there are ways to to cheat and steal your way to success with Adsense, but eventually, and usually very quickly, those poindexters on the Adsense team will figure out that you are cheating and they will disable your Adsense account. But, just to be sure that you don’t come back and try to lie, cheat, and steal your way back, they will ban you from the Adsense program for life.  And once Google bans you from the Adsense program, it is virtually impossible to get back in.  Never forget:  Adwords, which is where Adsense get’s it’s money, is the lifeblood of Google.

Google does everything that it can within it’s power to keep it’s Adwords advertisers happy, and Google has no problem crushing anyone that tries to cheat them.  Just do a quick Google search on “banned from Adsense” if you don’t believe me.

What you need to know before you can make a living with Adsense

First, you need to know, understand, and follow the Adsense rules and guidelines.   This is the single most important thing to learn about Adsense, and yet the majority of new bloggers and webmasters that ask me questions about using Adsense never even bothered to invest that critical 11 minutes of their life to read through these rules of the game.  Remember above where I said that Google will ban and crush cheaters?

They will also crush you just as hard, without mercy, for unknowingly breaking these rules.   Although Google does have an appeals process that allows you to plead your case should your account become banned, this process is to appeal a mistake that Google may have made in deciding to ban your Adsense account.  Submitting an appeal because “I didn’t read the rules“, has very little chance of success.  If you are about to sign up for Adsense, if you are a new Adsense publisher, or even if you are a long-time Adsense user and it has been a while since you read them, please do yourself a favor and invest that 11 minutes to read through them:

  • Google Adsense Policies
  • Google Adsense Terms of Service

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

There are over half-a-billion websites on the internet that you are in competition with.  To get your fair share of people to your website amidst all of this competition there are a few things you need to concentrate on.  Entire volumes could be written on each of these, so I will just list them to keep things simple:

  • Content: Your website or blog has to have stuff – words, pictures, videos, whatever, and I should have a lot of it
  • Quality:  All of that stuff has to be good stuff.  Well written articles or blog posts, great photos, or funny videos that add value to the internet or your visitor’s experience
  • Originality: All of that quality stuff has to be original.  Earlier I said there were no shortcuts. This includes copying and pasting content from other websites, or simply re-writing someone else’s ideas
  • Value: Your blog or website has to add value.  Usually Originality+Quality=Value, but not always.
  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization – Google it, and set aside a few weeks of time to let it soak in

There are few other things to learn such as how you can (or should) use Social Media, Author Rank, reputation, to name a few, but deal with first 5 things I listed first – without them, none of this other stuff matters.

It’s going to take a lot of work and a bit of luck

Let’s be clear about this (because all of the scammers have been telling you it’s easy): all of this learning, content-generating, and optimizing is going to take effort and time, which means it’s actually work!   Remember, at the beginning of this post when I mentioned “it’s not easy”?

Another factor to your success that a lot of ‘experts’ refuse to give credit or acknowledge is plain, old-fashioned luck. Sometimes just being in the right place, posting a comment on the right website at the right time, or bumping into the right person (online or in real life) can be all that it takes to go viral, or at least get a big push in the right direction.  I credit my first big ‘break’ to this pure, dumb, luck.  Of course, had I not been doing all of the right things I would not have been in the right place at the right time and it would have never happened, but it was still just luck.

Thinking outside the box

Finally, being original with your content and the way you market it will also make a big difference.  If you are creative enough to come up with something that nobody else is doing, it can go a long way toward your success.  The best advertising idea I ever had was new, unique, and just crazy enough to bring in thousands of visitors, generate even more in Adsense earnings, and get me hundreds of viral back-links.  If you can nail this one, you get to jump to the front of the line.

Can you make a living from Adsense?  Sure, it’s easy, just send me $29.95 for all the secrets!


Yes, you can make a living from Google Adsense, but it’s not easy and the odds are stacked against you.…

Patience is a Virtue for Anyone Making Money Online

Patience with a sense of urgency. This is what I tell everyone who is starting a blogging or making money online endeavor. Anyone who thinks there is a get rich quick scheme online is sadly mistaken. It takes time, effort and tons of great content. If you are not willing to do this you will not create a steady stream of revenue online. Recently, I wrote a post titled, “No, You Absolutely Cannot Blog for a Living.” In this particular piece of content I explained that it takes hundreds of hours just to learn the basics of running a website. You cannot learn it overnight which is exactly why patience is a virtue for anyone making money online.

Making Money Online is Not for Everyone

At least a few times a month I get a phone call or an email from a close friend asking if they can make money online. After having a heart to heart with them most accept that making money online is not for them. If you have other responsibilities such as a family or financial commitments you may not be suited to make money online. I tell everyone that it takes six months of making $0 before you will fully understand how the Internet works and how money is made.

I often hear, “But I have a Facebook page.” Another common statement is, “I am really tech savvy.” Having a Facebook page or being tech savvy does not mean you will have what it takes to make money online. In fact, I know some brilliant individuals who have 50,000 Facebook fans and they are much smarter than me when it comes to coding. They cannot make enough money online to support themselves and their family. Unless you have six months to sink about 60 hours a week into learning and grinding data, making money online is probably not for you.

What About All Those Programs?

I am often asked about those $97 get rich online programs or the “business card” websites that scroll down for about 10 miles telling you how successful that person has been. Let me ask you this, if they are so successful why are they telling anyone else? Why wouldn’t they just continue to polish their skills and happily build their own business empire online. Anyone that tells you that they will teach you to make money online for $97 or even $1000 is probably not making much money themselves.

There are probably some gurus and experts out there that have hit on a few of the ways to make money online but they aren’t going to tell you all of their secrets. If they did, you would be taking money out of their pocket. If you truly want to find out if that individual made money online ask them how long it took them to start generating any sort of revenue. If they say anything less than six to nine months run away. I would argue that you cannot generate significant revenue in this time frame; you can pay the bills and get by.

Patience is Key; Urgency is Necessary

This is very difficult for most people to understand. It is even harder to explain. When creating an online presence you must create content. That can be videos, pictures or written articles, ebooks or PDF files. No matter what you decide to do you are going to have to get people to discover and share this content. The only way I have found to get people to discovery my content is to create a ton of it. Remember, quantity is not necessarily better than quality. Do not blast out 500 YouTube videos that are 25 seconds each. This is probably not going to help you build an audience. That said, if you only do one YouTube video a week you are going to find it hard pressed to build a following.

There are some people who have been able to do it. There are also some people that win the lottery and get an inheritance of $5 million from a rich uncle. Just because Jenna Marbles can get 6 million views on one video per week does not mean that is going to happen for you. If you have noticed Huffington Post or Mashable over the last several years you recognize that they have increased the amount of content they produce. Rather than one article a week or one article a day they are producing one article every 10 minutes.

This type of content creation allows more people to find them through social media, search and word of mouth. I can assure you that many pieces of content you create are not going to get viewed on a daily basis. Over 60% of the articles I have written for this site get less than 10 pageviews a day. Unfortunately, you will never know what gets read if you never write it. You will never know what gets watched if you never upload the video. This is having a little bit of urgency.

Behind that urgency you must recognize that you need patience. It takes Google days and sometimes weeks to crawl and index content. You may have written an article two weeks ago that is still not showing up in search. There is absolutely nothing you can do about this. Stop worrying about it and write some more amazing content. Creating a sense of urgency but have patience.…

There is Only One Person That Determines Your Internet Sucess – You!

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This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I am a firm believer that about 98% of people in the United States have the opportunity to create their own success. There are definitely the select few that have unfortunate situations or circumstances that do not allow them to make decisions on their own. I sympathize with them as I volunteer with them three days a week. That said, most able bodied Americans can do what it takes to create something special. There is only one person that determines your (Internet) success and that is you!

Success is Cultivated by Making Good Decisions

Every day I wake up I have the opportunity to do what I want. If I want my website and my Internet Marketing business to be successful I have a few choices. I can go play golf and have lunch with some buddies and push everything aside. This is something I have done in the past and something I will do in the future. When I do this, I know there will be consequences when it comes to my business. Just the other day I took my “long walk” around 4:00 pm and I checked some of my revenue streams. I was having a terrible day in terms of advertising revenue. I took a minute to reflect on my day. I had put in about two hours worth of work. My revenue stream was reflecting that as I had made less than those two hours I had put in.

Does this mean you need to put in 10 hour days every single day? Well, that is greatly determined by what you would consider success. If your idea of success is to write a 500 page novel a month there is a good chance you are going to have to put in 10 hour days. If your definition of success is to get a WordPress blog up and running you might only have to work a few hours a day. Ultimately, it is up to you!

Look In The Mirror – That Will Fix Your Problems

At the end of the day there is no one to blame but yourself for your successes and failures. In a past life I was a retail manager and I had many employees that would blame everything and everyone but themselves for their poor work performance or tardiness. This is a story that I will never forget.

I had one particular employee who was notorious for coming in about five minutes late and immediately taking a smoke break. I kid you not. She would clock in, then walk outside and take her smoke break. She was so adamant about this that she would clock in, wave to me and say, “Hey, I am taking my 15.” As you can imagine, I was not too fond of this behavior. There was one particular day that this individual came in 15 minutes late and she said, “Hey, can you clock me in?” She was strategically trying to get me to manually clock her in so it didn’t look like she was late. It was time to fix some of her problems right then and there.

I walked out of the office and said, “Follow me to the break room please.” Our break room had a mirror that covered the entire wall behind the refrigerator and sink. She said, “Can you please just clock me in and let me go do my job.” What she really meant is she was going to go take a smoke break. I said, “Please come over to the sink.” She walked over to the sink where I was standing. I asked her why she was late today. She explained that her brother needed a ride to school. I asked her why she was late yesterday and she said that she had to get gas on the way to work and she had to wait in line.

I shook my head. I said, “Do you think that maybe getting ready a little bit earlier would alleviate these problems?” She immediately got and attitude and said, “Mr Wojdylo! It is not my fault.” I looked her dead in the eyes. I said, “Look in the mirror at what is staring back at you. Do you see that female? THAT is the only person that is going to fix your problems.”

Your Life is Your Choice

Unless you accept that you manifest your own destiny things are never going to change. If you want to be successful in anything you do, Internet related or not, you are going to have to make choices. If you are willing to make the correct decisions and sacrifice to get to your goals that is when you will be successful. I will leave you with this video. I would encourage you to take 14 minutes to watch every second. I promise it will be worth your time.…

Your Job is as Stressful as You Make It

This article is not limited to just those who work in social media or on the Internet, but I think many can agree that online jobs bring a different type of stress. Today I was grinding over Google analytics and some advertising details and I was worrying myself sick. I will be the first to admit that I analyze a little too much but that comes with the territory when working on the Net, right? Unfortunately, over analyzing any website can cause problems. Does it really matter if one keyword dropped two spots for a 45 minute period at 3:00 am? It may to some customers and website owners but in the whole scheme of things, it really doesn’t. Over analyzing and stressing can cause problems in any area of life.

Stressful Jobs Make Life Miserable

I am a huge Seinfeld fan. Anyone that has watched Seinfeld knows that Cosmo Kramer lives a surreal life. He never has a full time job and he only brings his stresses upon himself. Whenever I see someone analyzing their job or life too much I always think of any episode in which Kramer walks in Jerry’s apartment and says, “Oh yeahhh, I’m stressed.” The Kenny Rogers chicken show where Jerry and Kramer switch apartments also comes to mind. If you have seen the show you know exactly what I am talking about. Fortunately, I have avoided these stresses for much of my life. That said, we all bring stress upon ourselves.

After analyzing data this afternoon I called a friend and talked about life and jobs. He mentioned that there is nothing wrong with a “low stress job.” Heck, some of the happiest people in the world are WalMart greeters and overnight stock boys in the local grocery store. Having a low stress job makes all other areas of life much more enjoyable. I have been fortunate enough to live that lifestyle for quite some time.

More Responsibility and Money Brings More Stress

Most people have heard the phrase, “more money, more problems.” Well, for the most people, that is true. It does not have to be true. If you can find a way to live a happy live with low amounts of stress, money does not have to bring you problems. This is very hard for some people to understand. The reason people struggle with more responsibility and more money is the fact that they change their lifestyle. Let’s look deeper into this phenomenon.

Let’s say you make $32,000 a year. There is a good chance you are not sitting in the box seats at the NFL games on Sunday. You probably don’t play golf five times a week and a $150 steak dinner is not your Friday cuisine. Does this mean you are not happy? Not at all. In fact, you may be even happier than the individual doing all these things because you cherish the little things in life like simply being alive. Sitting on the front porch and enjoying the weather is something that most CEOs and executives do not do often. Trust me, I know many of them. They are slaving for the dollar 24/7.

Lets take another scenario. You make $125,000 as an executive for your company. There is a good chance you are hosting clients in the box seats at that NFL game. You may also have to play a few rounds of golf with the same clients next week. To finish off a deal you could have to buy them a $125 steak just to impress them. While this seems like an amazing life, it gets old quick. In fact, this $125k executive may give almost anything to have a low stress job that allows them to come home and just sit on the porch.

Your Job IS as Stressful as You Make It

While many of us would love the opportunity to sprint up the corporate ladder it is not for everyone. In fact, I would strongly urge you to step back and think about the things that truly make you happy. If your job is forcing you to avoid these things only you can change it. Go look in the mirror and accept that the only person changing your life is you. Even if you scale back your job or even quit you will still wake up tomorrow. Life may be a little bit different but you will be able to enjoy those finer things in life.

I know there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. I totally get that. I feel as if many people are spending money on much more than the necessities. Those box seats and that $125 steak are not necessities. Spending time with your loved ones and sitting out on the porch enjoying the weather are much more necessities than playing golf three times a week. Think about this before making another life altering decision with your job. More money and more opportunities does not always bring more happiness. Remember, sometimes ignorance is bliss.…

Your Online Environment Affects Your Voice and Vocabulary

Fifteen years ago you could not say that your online environment had much affect on your life. At the time Google was just getting started and most people didn’t even have an online profile. EMail was the form of communication and message boards were very clunky. With online profiles available for hundreds of websites it is almost impossible to say that your online environment does not affect the way you act and think today. This is especially true when it comes to your voice and vocabulary.

How the Internet Has Changed Our Vocabulary

In the last five years many “Internet” terms and phrases have become common. Think about some of these words and phrases that are used in everyday life:

  • Hashtag
  • Wiki It
  • Search it on Craigslist
  • Facebook Me
  • Plus Me In
  • Pin It
  • Reddit
  • Virality
  • YouTube It

This is a very short list that took me about two minutes to create. There are hundreds of new words and phrases that are used that were never part of a vocabulary two decades ago. Last night I had the opportunity to sit down with Pepper Oldziey and one of my statements went something like this:

Google is crawling, indexing and ranking all Google+ posts. This is not being done with Twitter Tweets and Facebook Pages. All those people on Facebook are getting likes on their Instagram pictures and Facebook posts yet it is not helping them rank in organic search. By organic search I mean logged out of Google+ and Gmail search. This is a huge opportunity when it comes to Internet Marketing and reaching a broad audience of online individuals that are seeking a service or better Internet experience.

If I had a time machine and I could go back to 1990 and use this exact verbiage what do you think the reaction would be? Well, in all reality, I used this verbiage today and I still get a “what” reaction. All of this is fine and dandy but not everyone has developed this type of voice or vocabulary. I can assure you there are many Beliebers that claim to be social media mavens on Twitter that have no idea what it means to get crawled, indexed and ranked by Google. On the flip side of that, I have no idea what a Belieber is.

Your Online Environment Greatly Affects Your Voice and Vocabulary

Prior to Google+ my online vocabulary was very limited. I did not know what incognito search was. I was not sure what term was used when you saw an author picture in Google Search. I sure as heck had no idea what Agent or Author Rank was. These are all terms that have been used by those that I am exposed to. I hand selected the brightest of the bright on Google+ to follow. In fact, I completely cleaned out my circles in November of 2012 just so I could get more quality information in my stream from the best Google users.

My vocabulary and voice has changed completely. Most of my readers see it with each and every blog post. I need to go back and read some of my stuff pre Google+ and see just how terrible my writing style was due to the fact that I had a poor vocabulary. I am a firm believer (not Belieber) that reading enhances one’s vocabulary. I do plenty of that but I also know that birds of a feather flock together. If you are mingling with the brightest minds on Google+ I can assure you that you will see things in a different light.

While eating lunch or dinner with many new Google+ users I see that “aha” moment as it happens. I explain how I followed names like Mark Traphagen, Eli Fennell, Ronnie Bincer and Vic Gundotra from the very beginning. Just seeing their posts and reading some of their thoughts has made me a much more creative thinker. In fact, my following influences me so much that it helps me create about 75% of the content for Wojdylo Finance.

When thinking about your online environment please recognize that it affects many aspects of your life. If you are on Twitter and you follow individuals who use the phrase, “C U 4 Lunch at Da Hill” you are going to start doing the same thing. It is human nature. Anyone that is a personal friend of mine knows it is a pet peeve when people cannot spell an entire word. I guess this is the reason I love Google+ as it allows me to use my true voice and vocabulary. Build an online environment that is conducive to learning how to be the best you.…