3 Bureau Credit Report

The 3 Major Credit Bureaus and What They DoA 3 bureau credit report means that you obtain your credit information for all three major credit agencies. The three major agencies in the United States are Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. It’s often wise to obtain a 3 bureau credit report since you know that you are getting all the information out there possible.


The Basics of a 3 Bureau Credit Report

As you pay your bills, most of your lendors report that information immediately to one of the three major credit bureaus. You can be assured that most of your information is coming directly from your creditors. Equifax credit reports are generally free but you can also order your report from Experian and Trans Union as well.

You are guaranteed by law access to your credit reports, including those from all the agencies. It’s wise for you to obtain a 3 bureau credit report to ensure you are aware of all the information out there on your credit. You can then take any necessary steps to ensure the best possible credit standing.

Sometimes there are discrepancies on your credit reports between the three major bureaus. The three bureaus are very similar; however, there are sometimes errors in the consistency between the various financial institutions. Your best bet is to get a 3 bureau credit report to cover all your bases.


Bad Credit Card Cards

The Best Low Credit Score Credit Cards for 2020 - UponArriving

Written by Jared Vincenti



If you have bad credit, it can seem impossible to get a credit card. Most companies will try to convince you that your only option is to take a card with a high interest rate, and rebuild your credit with that. However, if you are already paying off credit card debt, you’re not going to want to use a card with a painfully high APR.


Mending Your Credit

While you can make up for bad credit by taking a credit card with a high interest rate, it’s not likely to make things better. Since your credit score is not just based on having the card, but by using it, you need to use your high-interest card for it to do any good. And if by using it, you’re just intensifying your debt, you haven’t solved any of your problems.

For people in this situation, it seems like a lose-lose situation. However, you can get out of this trap. By taking a secured credit card, you can easily start rebuilding credit. A secured card takes a lump sum when it is issued; this money is then kept as collateral on the card. So long as the card stays current, the money is not touched.

But wait! Coming up with a lump sum to get a credit card is pretty hard if you’re already in debt, no? There’s no denying that. But saving up for a deposit on a secured card can end up costing less than paying APR fees in excess of 25 per cent on a balance on another card. And in addition, it rebuilds your credit quickly–and once you’ve got a good credit card, you can close your secured card and get your deposit back.…