How the New Google +1 Changes Exposure and Time to Post

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There are countless articles related to how a piece of content goes viral on social media. It is almost always the case that viral content starts quickly. Very few viral posts, videos or pictures start slow with little interaction over the first few hours. The Reddit algorithm is built with timeliness as a major component. The more upvotes in the first 15 minutes the more likely that post will reach the front page of a specific subreddit. For those unfamiliar, just know that quick interaction pushes a post to the brink of virality. Once it cross that point it can get thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of pageviews. Exposure was often determine by the time of the post. That is not necessarily true with the new Google +1.

Why Timeliness is Not As Important on Google+

Prior to the new Google +1 recommendation feature timeliness was of the upmost importance on Google Plus. The level of engagement over the first few hours of a post would often determine the readership of said post. When looking at hundreds of Google Ripples it is quite noticeable that an influencer sharing a Google Plus post within the first few hours of being published increased the likelihood of virality. There are many factors that can be discussed at another time. All you need to know is that after those first few hours posts would hit a tipping point and start to slow down in terms of readership.

The new Google +1 has changed that. Over the course of the last five days I have noticed many old posts resurfacing. There is a reason. The +1 recommendation means anytime someone notices a valuable post and gives it a +1 recommendation it could be shared in front of their audience. This is huge! Instead of hoping an influencer sees it within the first few hours it is now truly beneficial for anyone to see it at any time. If a Google Plus user that has 4000 followers sees an old post of mine from three days ago and hits the +1 they have resurfaced that content for their 4000 followers to see.

It is very important to understand that not all 4000 followers are going to see this post. In fact, the number is probably less than 2% but it still allows that content to be seen. The most amazing part of the new Google +1 is the fact that it is algorithm based. I am not going to see a +1 from someone I follow that is related to Maine kite meetups. I don’t live in Maine and I have no interest in kites or kite meetups. Someone with those interests would be more likely to see that +1 recommendation. Google is pretty good with that who algorithm thing. You might have used it. It is called Google search.

What the New Google +1 Means For You

Last week I published a an article explaining why a Google +1 from an influencer is so valuable after this update. After hours of research and discovery I have found that a +1 from anyone can increase exposure. Even if a user is brand new to Google Plus and only has 40 followers there is still potential for new users to find content. The spider web effect is enormous. Today I noticed that a Google Plus post received close to 8500 +1s in less than 16 hours. This was something that was almost unheard of prior to the new +1 recommendation.

My advice is to create amazing content. Nothing has changed when it comes to great content. They may receive more +1s and garner five times as many shares but it always takes great content. When I first started my Internet adventure I Google searched “how to hit the front page of Reddit”. The first five results were very similar. They took searchers to a page that echoed the same sentiment – write good shit. If you can come up with amazing content you are going to be found. Keep plugging away. Google rewards those that work hard and produce the best quality. The new Google +1 will reward these individuals even more.…

Sign In With Google+ is the Future of Social Media

Anyone who has surfed the web in 2013 has read content that concludes with “Sign in with Facebook” or “Sign in with Twitter.”  These social media sites have done an amazing job of gathering data, even on third party websites.  Unfortunately, some feel as if said social networks are using the data in a way that does not have the end user in mind.  If only there were a way for users to surf the web while logged in and feel secure the whole time.

The Web is About Sharing Ideas and Facts

When users are looking to further their knowledge on a certain subject two web entities come to mind – Google and YouTube.  Not surprisingly, these are the two largest search engines in the world.  They also happen to be the same company.  Why can’t comments and sharing be done through a company that already ranks and provides the best possible results for search?

Social media has completely changed web browsing experiences as the Internet is now about sharing and engaging in conversation.  Fortunately, Facebook and Twitter have created the blueprint for how to get users to engage in an online conversation.  After analyzing what Facebook and Twitter did right and what they did wrong Google has been working diligently to create the best social sharing product on the web – Google+.  Do not think there has not been some bumps and bruises along the way.

What Google+ has done better than any other social website with 100+ million users is they have actively listened to those users.  After getting great data through search and users they have developed features that have the end user in mind.  On Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 Vic Gundotra and crew released the “Sign in with Google+” option for a few test websites.  Some of these websites include Flixster, USA Today, FitBit and The Fancy.  The aforementioned “Sign In with Facebook” or “Sign In with Twitter” will look a lot like this in the near future:

At this point you can only share your experiences with friends on Google+.  There is not an opportunity to comment on third party websites…yet.  A very important note is that when signing in through this “app” you are asked who should see your actions. This is something that is very important to Google.  They do not want you to worry that everything you do on a participating website will show up in your stream.  I think we have all seen that happen on other social networks; especially with games.

Something else that is offered through this “app” is the ability to invite friends individually or circles.  If I have a circle of friends that loves shopping it stands to reason that I should invite them to join me on to pick out some fashionable clothing.  If I have a circle of news readers why wouldn’t I invite them to join me on USA Today to share news stories we find relevant.  This makes me even happier that I cleaned out my circles in November of last year.

How Sign In with Google+ is the Future of Social Media

At this point, the test websites do not offer the opportunity to comment through a Google+ profile.  It is coming.  Anyone who has used social media in the last three years knows that it is all in due time before third party comments will be available through a Google+ profile.  This is huge.  Wait.  That is not right.  This is ENORMOUS!  I am going to try and temper my excitement but it will be very difficult.  There is a very good chance that Twitter and Facebook have been working to rank profiles but they do not own search – Google does.

Over the last six months we have seen more changes in Google search than we have seen in the past six years.  The Knowledge Graph is getting better and better and search is becoming much more redefined.  One of the reasons is that Google is collecting data from users on what they want.   Some of this is through Google+, some of it is through being signed in through GMail while searching and some is just analyzing the data they collect every hour of every day.  For those who may be unaware of the Google Knowledge Graph it looks something like this:

As you can tell, search is much different today than just a year ago.  This brings me to the reasoning as to why Sign in with Google+ is the future of social media.  Google has users that are actively telling them what they want to see through search.  They are doing this through their actions.  Google has patents that can place a value on a specific users authority in a subject which makes search even better.  I will give you an example.  Let’s say I am a huge Breaking Bad fan.  Through my Google searches, it is quite obvious this is the case.  Every Sunday afternoon I do some searches on predictions for the episode coming up. On Monday morning I search for the best recaps of the show. I have been reluctant to join message boards or comment on websites because it is convoluted and clunky. I also don’t want to get random emails from these message board sites.

In the future I will have the opportunity to go to a highly authoritative website, ranking one the front page of Google search, and comment through my Google+ profile.  It will be seamless.  I will also be able to share the content to my public stream or my Breaking Bad circle.  That is great, but that isn’t even the best part.  The best part is the fact that I can find other people on the highly authoritative website that have a similar interest.  We have the ability to connect on any level through our Google+ profile.  But Jesse, you can do this through Facebook and Twitter.  Yes, you can, but what is not available is the ability to become an authority on that particular subject – IN GOOGLE SEARCH!

Google Author Rank allows Google to place a value on your areas of interest based on your interactions across the web.  Right now Google can only do it through Google+ and websites in with you are an author and have installed Google Authorship.  Mark Traphagen is an expert on this and I would highly suggest using him as the resource on Google+.  When third party comments are released Google will have the power to determine your area of expertise all across the web.

Let us go back to the Breaking Bad example.  Google has access to everything about your Google+ profile or page.  This includes how visitors found your profile.  If you are getting tons of traffic from and Google can deduce that you have “some” authority in the subject.  They also see what those visitors do once they get to Google+.  If your visitors are reading your posts and immediately sign up for Google+ to comment I would like to believe this is a win-win situation.  Why would they not think you are an authority?

Spammers will always be an issue, but Google has an answer for that.  Yes, there will be plenty that try to manipulate the system and simply place links to “fan sites” through Google+ comments on 3rd party authoritative websites.  Fortunately, they will devalue those links and it will be a great way for them to find websites that are attempting to game search.  if you try it, the Google Spam team will find that their job is much easier.  Here is an example of what it will look like to be signed into a website courtesy of


If you doubted Google+ is here to stay you can doubt no longer.  When Google+ third party comments roll out across the web you can be rest assured that I will be commenting on websites in which I have a passion and/or strong interest.  This will allow me to increase my author rank but, most importantly, it will allow me to build amazing relationships with people who have similar interests.  That’s a plus!…