A Brief History of Social Media [A Personal Perspective]

Here are some fun facts that might shock you. Over eight years ago you had never seen a video on YouTube. Seven years ago you had never composed a Tweet. Just three years ago you had never rendered a picture on Instagram and eight months ago you had never heard of SnapChat. This is all very hard to believe. In April 2013 there are ways to connect to people all over the world in a matter of seconds. Growing up during the 1990s I saw how this all began as the Internet became available to the public at large. Here is a brief history from my perspective.

Growing Up in the 1990s

I can clearly remember my first computer. It was an IBM (cr)Aptiva and I was 15 when I got it. Like any 15 year old boy I was excited to hop on the Internet and see what was out there; especially girls! This was a time when you paid $30 for 20 hours of internet dial up service. Ahh, the memories. One of the first things I did when I connected to “Grove Net” was to search for people. Finding people has always been at the core of the Internet. Some of the programs I downloaded were ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger. These programs were a staple through the rest of my high school career.

As I approached graduation day I knew that I would be going away to college in Raleigh, NC at North Carolina State University. My two best friends were going with me but I knew no one else who would be on campus that August. I scoured AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ but it was so very hard to find anyone who was of a similar interest. In fact, it was truly impossible. Trust me, I tried as hard as anyone to find people who would be attending NC State.

It was no longer the 1990s but the idea of social media and being social on the Internet was still very new. At this time it was considered taboo for anyone to date someone they “met online”. All of my college buddies had AOL Instant Messenger and it was the easiest way to relay messages quickly. At the time there was no where to create an online profile and post pictures. Google was just starting to get popular and GMail didn’t even exist. There were websites like Campus Flirts and others that attempted to bring college students together. Literally. The one at NC State was The Wolf Web.

As my college career was reaching its peak this website called The Facebook came out. The second I saw The Facebook I knew it was going to be huge. I have said it a million times. Anyone who was on a college campus from 1997 to 2003 knew there was a place for coeds to meet online. If you had the coding ability and the resources this was going to be enormous. Mark Zuckerburg did and the rest is history.

Was The Facebook the Beginning of Social Media?

Looking back on the early beginnings of social media it was obvious that The Facebook was nothing new. Sports fans went on message boards and forums like Rivals and Scout. TV fans were talking about Survivor and Friends on message boards on the websites of the respective channels. People are naturally social. We want to talk about the things we enjoy. The Facebook made it exclusive for college students to converse and meet with others on a college campus.

If you have followed me at all in the past five years you know that I have a firm belief that most social products start on a college campus. For those that may not be aware, that little search engine Google was created on a college campus. The Facebook was created on a college campus. Most startups are sparked from something at the collegiate level. I feel so strongly about this that I moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to be in the middle of this “social” adventure that is going on.

In February of 2005 YouTube was created and I personally feel as if this was the tipping point for social media. It wasn’t Facebook, it wasn’t Twitter and it definitely wasn’t Instagram. It was the ability for individuals to create and share videos of themselves for free. This allowed everyone to be a celebrity. Let us be honest, for the most part, social media is about being a celebrity in your own eyes. There is nothing bigger than being on TV or in a video, right?

Social Media 

It is almost hard to believe that many people have over 10 social media profiles. Here are some of the more common profiles:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Google+
  • GoodReads

It was almost unimaginable to think that you could keep up with this many profiles in the 1990s. It was all I could do to check my email! As we continue to move forward I feel as if there is a space for many niche social media websites and networks. With smartphone apps getting better every single day it stands to reason that any niche with over 1000 people interested should and will create a social media network. This has already started in some areas such as sports. You can find message boards and forums for any major university in the nation. Instead of posting to Twitter or Facebook fans would rather post to their favorite teams message board because they know the message will be well received.

I look for this to happen in almost every subject matter whether it be religion, politics, technology, business, investing or food. Birds of a feather flock together and we will see that more and more moving forward. Embrace it, find your tribe and enjoy social media for what it is. Do not let it consume your life.


The New SEO Takes Patience with a Sense of Urgency

In my Internet Marketing and SEO infancy I wanted results quickly. Immediately after publishing a new blog post I would go to Google search and type in site:www.mysite.com and wait for Google to crawl and index my website. Sometimes I would see websites that got crawled in a matter of seconds and others would take hours. Being so new to the search world I had no answers. I went out and searched for answers but who could I really trust? I wanted the answer at that moment. It took me some time but I slowly started to realize that SEO takes patience with a sense of urgency.

Patience is an SEO Virtue

If you expect immediate search results on any website you are setting yourself up for failure. I have been quite active with this website and it took me just over three months to get a consistent 1000 visitors a day. I will admit that my uptick in content generation has helped tremendously but we will get to that more in the sense of urgency section. Rather than assuming you will create a website and get traffic starting day one recognize that it takes time. Most importantly, it takes building relationships with the right people.

Anyone who has strong relationships in their life knows that time and seasons matter. There is a different season for every stage of life and those who have been through multiple seasons of our lives mean more to us. There is a much better chance that my best friend Issac Lewis, who went to middle school, high school and college with me, will drive over and help me move my apartment than Chase La Rue who I met in October of last year. If you don’t understand this you might want to pick up a book on relationships.

Building online relationships is exactly the same. If you have a technology blog you cannot expect to get link backs from Boy Genius Report or Gizmodo in the first week. After you generate hundreds of useful articles you will likely prove that your expertise deserves a linkback. Do not get discouraged early, remain patient and create a ton of amazing content. So, this is where the sense of urgency comes in.

A Sense of Urgency is 100% Necessary with SEO

I will be the first to admit that I did not produce enough content in the early days of this website. In the last few weeks I have definitely picked up the pace. After a little bit of a kick in the fanny by some of my friends I recognized that getting natural linkbacks means you need to produce content that deserves a linkback. If you are only producing one article a week what is the likelihood you are going to be found to receive that referral?

Look at it this way. Most people hop on and off social media throughout the day. They are not going to see every single thing you do. This means there is no possible way to produce too much content. If you are producing only one piece of content a day you could be limiting yourself when it comes to the eyeballs that see your articles. I know many people are busy and they do not have time to pump out multiple articles a day.

If you truly want a successful website that sees significant growth in traffic you will need to produce a lot of content. Here is a numbers game I like to play. Let us say that I write one article a day. It is going to take me just over three months to reach 100 articles that are indexed in Google search. Ok, now lets up the ante and say I write five articles a day. Now it is only going to take me 20 days to have 100 articles indexed in search.

Not only will I have more content indexed in search but I will be submitting content throughout the day that could be seen by influencers who share my stuff. I am seeing this first hand right now. Even if a blog post only gets 15 or 20 Google +1s it is still getting retweeted and shared out for the world to see. This is why a sense of urgency is very important.

Create a Strategy Today

Unfortunately, many websites have no strategy when it comes to content creation. They are patient alright but there is no sense of urgency. If you want 50 posts indexed in Google create a deadline. If you write two posts a week It will take you half a year to get this done. If you write two posts a day you can get this done in about a month. Get motivated and create amazing content that people want to read!…

How Google Crawls and Indexes Social Media Posts

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

I will preface this content by saying this is a very brief overview of how Google crawls and indexes social media posts. If you want much more in depth research and the nuts and bolts of search I would suggest following Bill Slawski and reading his blog SEO by the Sea. I will do my best to put the process in which Google crawls and indexes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ posts into layman’s terms. Hopefully even brand new website owners and bloggers will be able to better understand what is happening behind the scenes in Google search.

Crawling and Indexing of Social Media Posts

The Google spider crawls around the web 24/7 looking for fresh content to crawl and index. For the most part, a social media post is considered a unique new website. If there is a URL for that Tweet, Google+ post or Facebook page it is considered an individual website. By clicking the timestamp on most social media posts you will see a URL that looks sometime like this:


All of Boston asked to shelter in place.

— John Carney (@carney) April 19, 2013

This is what Google absolutely loves as Google is in the business of indexing content and ranking the most relevant at the top of Google search. In the eyes of Google, the more new websites the better. I think we can safely say that Google has crawled and indexed so many individual websites that it would be very difficult for a new search engine to catch up. The gap continues to grow as more content is produced every single day. As more social media content is created Google is a major beneficiary. Here is a real life scenario.

A lifelong goal of a marathon runner might be to complete 50 marathons. By the age 40 marathon runner A has successfully completed 35 marathons. This runner has worked very hard to build endurance and compete at the highest level. To reach that lifelong goal this runner will only need to run 15 marathons post 40. Let us say that runner B has the same goal but is just getting started with running by age 40. Runner B just completed their first marathon last week and they are excited about competing again.

By stepping back and looking at the big picture it is quite obvious that runner A is well on their way to reaching this goal. Runner B is just getting started. When starting so late it life it is going to be very difficult to fight those aches and pains. This is exactly the way I look at Search. Google was first to the game and they have built a very strong foundation. Not only have they completed the foundation but they have one of the most beautiful homes on the water.

History of Google Indexing Social Media Posts

On December 7th, 2009 Google real time search went live. If you were in Internet marketing or SEO you likely remember the “latest results for” box showing up for timely search phrases. Most of the time this box only showed up for news events or a trending topics on Twitter or Facebook. This was a very useful tool for Google search users as they could get live updates when something was happening. Google struggles to index real time events quickly enough. A perfect example is sports scores. If I search Duke vs UNC at halftime of the basketball game I will get a game preview from a local newspaper from earlier in the day ranking in Google search. I likely will not get the up to the second score.

The Google real time search was possible because of contracts with social media websites. On July 2nd, 2011 the contract with Twitter expired and real time search went offline. Ironically, this is about the same time Google opened Google+ through invitation only. Lets just say that Google saw the writing on the wall very early in the process. Real time search is meaningful and Google wanted that real time data for live events going on throughout the world.

Google+ is Different Than Facebook and Twitter

I mentioned that the contract ended with Twitter. This means that Google no longer has complete access to crawl and index individual Tweets the way it did during real time search. The same can be said of Facebook. In fact, Facebook is behind an even strong wall as most Google search users will rarely, if ever, see an individuals Facebook post show up near the top of Google search. It happens but not as often as other social media posts.

After doing well over 100 hours of testing I have seen that Google+ posts are crawled and indexed in search immediately. I firmly believe this was their objective back in June and July of 2011 when the real time search went offline. When a major event happens Google wants that data ASAP. With millions of Google+ users updating content they can crawl and index this information very quickly; almost real time. This is one of the main reasons I embraced Google+ and have worked very hard to build a following.

Let me be perfectly clear. You cannot create a Google+ profile on Thursday and expect to rank on the front page of Google search for specific keywords by Saturday. It simply does not work that way. If you are willing to build authority in a specific subject over time you will see tremendous results. If this is exciting to an Internet marketer or small business I am not sure what is.…

Can You Make A Living From Adsense?

Guest Post by Rand Wilson

As a webmaster that has enjoyed moderate success with Google Adsense, the one question that I get asked more than any other is: “Can I really make a living from Google Adsense?”

The short answer is, “sure, it’s possible to make a living from Adsense”.  Heck, I was earning about $1k per month with Adsense about 5 months after creating my first website, and less than a year after that about $6k/month. However the longer, more detailed answer is a bit more complicated, so, if you want to know if it’s possible to make a living from Adsense, read on – but be forewarned, the truth can hurt.  If you came here from Facebook, just scroll down to the very bottom for the TL;DR.

There are many websites that generate huge amounts of money from Adsense.  Markus Frind, the owner of “PlentyofFish.com” was reportedly generating over $10,000,000 (that’s 10 MILLION) per year as of 2009.  Other websites such as TechCrunch and Mashable also reportedly use Adsense to generate incomes in the millions of dollars per year.  Websites that generate incomes like this all have one thing in common:  They receive hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every day.  Such a feat is reserved for only the very elite of the internet.

Even The Small Guys Can Be Successful With Adsense

There are countless smaller websites and blogs that generate yearly incomes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 per year, proving that you can make a living from Adsense, but even generating these amounts of income is not easy.

The fact is, perhaps as many as 99 out of 100 new bloggers or webmasters creating a new website with the expectation of hitting it big with Adsense and quitting their job will not reach their goal after the first year.  Probably as many as 98 out of 100 of those webmasters still will still have missed this goal after two years.  Why?  Because most new webmasters or bloggers underestimate the difficulty  in generating any significant amount of money online, they fall prey to scammers, or simply give up after realizing it is not as easy as they had hoped it would be.

Write this down: Making a living with Adsense is not easy

The first idea to get out of your mind is that making a living from an online income, whether with Adsense or any other method, is easy.  The second thing to realize is that unless you are already an expert, there is going to be someone at every turn trying to sell you tips, tricks, and snake oil.  Remember that before you hand over your credit card number to anyone.

As you embark on your quest to make a living with Adsense, remember this:

“There is no fast or easy way to being successful with Adsense.  Anyone offering to sell you a fast or easy way is lying to you and trying to steal your money.”

There is nothing in any ebook that you can’t learn yourself, for free.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of ebooks claiming to teach you how to use Adsense and you do not need a single one of them.  These ebooks aren’t necessarily scams (many are, but not all), but there are no “secrets” to using Adsense.  Everything you need to know about how to use Adsense, how to optimize Adsense to generate the most income, etc, is available in hundreds of online forums, Google Plus Adsense Communities and even directly from Google.  The only real value that an ebook may offer is saving you the time to research the information yourself.

Even then, there is no way to know if that information in that ebook is outdated.

Programs, Schemes, and “Tricks”:  Read this, and read it very carefully.  Then, read it again: There is no secret program, method, scheme, “weird trick”, or voodoo that will make you money with Adsense LONG TERM.

It is true that there are ways to to cheat and steal your way to success with Adsense, but eventually, and usually very quickly, those poindexters on the Adsense team will figure out that you are cheating and they will disable your Adsense account. But, just to be sure that you don’t come back and try to lie, cheat, and steal your way back, they will ban you from the Adsense program for life.  And once Google bans you from the Adsense program, it is virtually impossible to get back in.  Never forget:  Adwords, which is where Adsense get’s it’s money, is the lifeblood of Google.

Google does everything that it can within it’s power to keep it’s Adwords advertisers happy, and Google has no problem crushing anyone that tries to cheat them.  Just do a quick Google search on “banned from Adsense” if you don’t believe me.

What you need to know before you can make a living with Adsense

First, you need to know, understand, and follow the Adsense rules and guidelines.   This is the single most important thing to learn about Adsense, and yet the majority of new bloggers and webmasters that ask me questions about using Adsense never even bothered to invest that critical 11 minutes of their life to read through these rules of the game.  Remember above where I said that Google will ban and crush cheaters?

They will also crush you just as hard, without mercy, for unknowingly breaking these rules.   Although Google does have an appeals process that allows you to plead your case should your account become banned, this process is to appeal a mistake that Google may have made in deciding to ban your Adsense account.  Submitting an appeal because “I didn’t read the rules“, has very little chance of success.  If you are about to sign up for Adsense, if you are a new Adsense publisher, or even if you are a long-time Adsense user and it has been a while since you read them, please do yourself a favor and invest that 11 minutes to read through them:

  • Google Adsense Policies
  • Google Adsense Terms of Service

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

There are over half-a-billion websites on the internet that you are in competition with.  To get your fair share of people to your website amidst all of this competition there are a few things you need to concentrate on.  Entire volumes could be written on each of these, so I will just list them to keep things simple:

  • Content: Your website or blog has to have stuff – words, pictures, videos, whatever, and I should have a lot of it
  • Quality:  All of that stuff has to be good stuff.  Well written articles or blog posts, great photos, or funny videos that add value to the internet or your visitor’s experience
  • Originality: All of that quality stuff has to be original.  Earlier I said there were no shortcuts. This includes copying and pasting content from other websites, or simply re-writing someone else’s ideas
  • Value: Your blog or website has to add value.  Usually Originality+Quality=Value, but not always.
  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization – Google it, and set aside a few weeks of time to let it soak in

There are few other things to learn such as how you can (or should) use Social Media, Author Rank, reputation, to name a few, but deal with first 5 things I listed first – without them, none of this other stuff matters.

It’s going to take a lot of work and a bit of luck

Let’s be clear about this (because all of the scammers have been telling you it’s easy): all of this learning, content-generating, and optimizing is going to take effort and time, which means it’s actually work!   Remember, at the beginning of this post when I mentioned “it’s not easy”?

Another factor to your success that a lot of ‘experts’ refuse to give credit or acknowledge is plain, old-fashioned luck. Sometimes just being in the right place, posting a comment on the right website at the right time, or bumping into the right person (online or in real life) can be all that it takes to go viral, or at least get a big push in the right direction.  I credit my first big ‘break’ to this pure, dumb, luck.  Of course, had I not been doing all of the right things I would not have been in the right place at the right time and it would have never happened, but it was still just luck.

Thinking outside the box

Finally, being original with your content and the way you market it will also make a big difference.  If you are creative enough to come up with something that nobody else is doing, it can go a long way toward your success.  The best advertising idea I ever had was new, unique, and just crazy enough to bring in thousands of visitors, generate even more in Adsense earnings, and get me hundreds of viral back-links.  If you can nail this one, you get to jump to the front of the line.

Can you make a living from Adsense?  Sure, it’s easy, just send me $29.95 for all the secrets!


Yes, you can make a living from Google Adsense, but it’s not easy and the odds are stacked against you.…

Does the Apple Stock Price No Longer Matter?

Apple Stock Price Prediction For 2021 And Beyond | Trading Education



Not too long ago Apple was the bell weather for the overall stock market. If Apple had a subpar earnings report we were “headed into a recession.” If Apple exceeded earnings estimates on the top and bottom line the entire tech sector was higher by 2% or more the next day. That no longer seems to be the case. There has been a disconnect with the health of the overall market and the stock price of Apple. Back in April of 2012 I asked the question “Has Apple Peaked?” That might have been an early prediction as Apple peaked in mid September around $700 a share. Since then, it has been all down hill.

Apple Stock No Longer Leading the Market

For much of the recovery from the “Great Recession” Apple lead the way. It seemed almost every single earnings report was a work of art. There were many earnings reports that pushed Apple up 7% and 8% after hours. The iPhone was selling better than ever and the iPad was going to revolutionize the way we consumed content on the Internet. That was all find and dandy until a few competitors came along – namely Android.

In September 2012 Apple reached $700 a share and some analysts were predicting $1000 in the near future. I was skeptical. I have repeatedly said that Apple would struggle without the guidance of Steve Jobs. That seems to be the case today. Since hitting $700 Apple is down about 38% to $430 a share. In that same time frame the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up just over 9%. Even the tech heavy NASDAQ is up over 3%. This is a clear indicator that Apple is no longer leading the way.

Where Does Apple Stock Go From Here?

This is a tough question to answer. I think most people can agree that there is not nearly as much excitement about new Apple products being released. In fact, there have been talks that the only real innovation of the iPhone 5s will be the different colored models. At one point there is only so much you can do with a smartphone. Tablet sales have been good but the number of Android tablets on the market have hurt the total sales of iPads. Add to that the eReader expansion into tablets and the iPad really has a battle on their hands. Especially when it comes to the price point.

If Apple is counting on iPhone sales to drive revenue I think there is more downside potential for this stock. I have no idea how low but iPhones are simply not selling the way they did in the past. That said, the stock is down 38% so how much further can it drop? No matter how much I dislike the closed Apple ecosystem there will always be individuals who want to purchase a smartphone that is easy to use. I cannot argue that an iPhone is ready for use straight out of the box. The learning curve is not nearly as bad as it is with a newer model Android phone.


For the first time in several years the Apple stock does not matter to the overall market. This stock price does matter to any shareholders or employees of the company. It will be interesting to see what retail company takes hold of the market and starts to lead the way. That may be Google, Amazon or even Facebook (I highly doubt it!) but only time will tell. Do you think that the Apple stock can recover? Is $700 a share possible sometime in 2013 or 2014?…

Patience is a Virtue for Anyone Making Money Online

Patience with a sense of urgency. This is what I tell everyone who is starting a blogging or making money online endeavor. Anyone who thinks there is a get rich quick scheme online is sadly mistaken. It takes time, effort and tons of great content. If you are not willing to do this you will not create a steady stream of revenue online. Recently, I wrote a post titled, “No, You Absolutely Cannot Blog for a Living.” In this particular piece of content I explained that it takes hundreds of hours just to learn the basics of running a website. You cannot learn it overnight which is exactly why patience is a virtue for anyone making money online.

Making Money Online is Not for Everyone

At least a few times a month I get a phone call or an email from a close friend asking if they can make money online. After having a heart to heart with them most accept that making money online is not for them. If you have other responsibilities such as a family or financial commitments you may not be suited to make money online. I tell everyone that it takes six months of making $0 before you will fully understand how the Internet works and how money is made.

I often hear, “But I have a Facebook page.” Another common statement is, “I am really tech savvy.” Having a Facebook page or being tech savvy does not mean you will have what it takes to make money online. In fact, I know some brilliant individuals who have 50,000 Facebook fans and they are much smarter than me when it comes to coding. They cannot make enough money online to support themselves and their family. Unless you have six months to sink about 60 hours a week into learning and grinding data, making money online is probably not for you.

What About All Those Programs?

I am often asked about those $97 get rich online programs or the “business card” websites that scroll down for about 10 miles telling you how successful that person has been. Let me ask you this, if they are so successful why are they telling anyone else? Why wouldn’t they just continue to polish their skills and happily build their own business empire online. Anyone that tells you that they will teach you to make money online for $97 or even $1000 is probably not making much money themselves.

There are probably some gurus and experts out there that have hit on a few of the ways to make money online but they aren’t going to tell you all of their secrets. If they did, you would be taking money out of their pocket. If you truly want to find out if that individual made money online ask them how long it took them to start generating any sort of revenue. If they say anything less than six to nine months run away. I would argue that you cannot generate significant revenue in this time frame; you can pay the bills and get by.

Patience is Key; Urgency is Necessary

This is very difficult for most people to understand. It is even harder to explain. When creating an online presence you must create content. That can be videos, pictures or written articles, ebooks or PDF files. No matter what you decide to do you are going to have to get people to discover and share this content. The only way I have found to get people to discovery my content is to create a ton of it. Remember, quantity is not necessarily better than quality. Do not blast out 500 YouTube videos that are 25 seconds each. This is probably not going to help you build an audience. That said, if you only do one YouTube video a week you are going to find it hard pressed to build a following.

There are some people who have been able to do it. There are also some people that win the lottery and get an inheritance of $5 million from a rich uncle. Just because Jenna Marbles can get 6 million views on one video per week does not mean that is going to happen for you. If you have noticed Huffington Post or Mashable over the last several years you recognize that they have increased the amount of content they produce. Rather than one article a week or one article a day they are producing one article every 10 minutes.

This type of content creation allows more people to find them through social media, search and word of mouth. I can assure you that many pieces of content you create are not going to get viewed on a daily basis. Over 60% of the articles I have written for this site get less than 10 pageviews a day. Unfortunately, you will never know what gets read if you never write it. You will never know what gets watched if you never upload the video. This is having a little bit of urgency.

Behind that urgency you must recognize that you need patience. It takes Google days and sometimes weeks to crawl and index content. You may have written an article two weeks ago that is still not showing up in search. There is absolutely nothing you can do about this. Stop worrying about it and write some more amazing content. Creating a sense of urgency but have patience.…

Google is Bigger Than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix Combined

I knew Google was big, but this big? Deepfield recently published a study showing that Google receives 25% of North American consumer web traffic. This is all web traffic that goes through the Google servers. “An amazing 60 percent of all Internet end devices/users exchange traffic with Google servers during the course of an average day. This analysis includes computers and mobile device as well as hundreds of varieties game consoles, home media appliances, and other embedded devices.” To put that into perspective, it is more traffic than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix receive combined. The last time Deepfield completed this type of research in 2010 Google was only receiving 6% of web traffic. In the last three years Google continues to keep the end user in mind which has helped them grow to the most powerful Internet company in history.

How Did Google Get So Big?

We must remember that Google purchased YouTube in 2006 when the video sharing website was still getting off the ground. Google knew they would not make money on YouTube for, at least, half a decade. The same was true of the Android purchase. I think most of us can remember when Android phones were very clunky and had major software issues. Now the Android operating system is a work of art. This long term outlook has helped Google to create some of the most amazing products you can hold in your hand or use on a computer. In a time when most companies want profits now Google has taken the approach that nothing comes easy and patience is a requirement. Take Google Plus as an example.

Photo Credit

For the last two years we have read hundreds of articles claiming that Google Plus is a ghost town. The new trend is that claimed journalists are urging Google to shut down Google Plus. These are probably the same journalists that thought the YouTube and Android purchases were a waste of money. After talking with several Google employees it is quite obvious that they are going to remain patient with the Google social layer. Each month millions of new members sign up and some of the more experienced Google Plus users are stating that engagement and interaction continues to rise from new faces. I can attest to this as well.

Remaining patient and having deep pockets is very important. Google has over $50 billion in cash and this is after a $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility purchase and a $1.25 billion Waze purchase. Every quarter Google prints money. With over 66% market share in search it is hard to imagine this is going to change any time in the near future. Bing and Yahoo! have greatly struggled to gain traction in search market share which allows Google to gobble up more data. This data helps them polish off their products to better suit the users.

How Google Makes Money

Google makes the majority of their money through search advertising. No matter what anyone tells you Google is in the search business. Every product created is to enhance search. Maps makes mobile search better. Google Plus makes personalized search better. Android makes smartphone search better. GMail makes email search better. I could go on for hours. I think you get the point. As long as Google continues to have over 60% market share in search there are going to be billions of dollars made every quarter. Oh yeah, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world as well.

The reason Google has grown to 25% of all web traffic is because they offer amazing products that just work. Apple tried to create Maps. We saw how that went. Facebook tried to create a search engine. We are seeing that disaster right now. Many major Internet companies have challenged Google but they are several years behind. Being this far behind when it comes to technology is like being decades behind when it comes to any other industry. The amount of server space and cash that Google has makes them a force that is going to be hard to stop.

When thinking of all the Google products I use it is hard to imagine life without them. Think about searching on the Internet without Google. Think about getting from point A to point B without Google Maps. Think about creating presentations, study guides and shareable documents with Google Drive. Think about searching for a video without YouTube. Once again, I could go on and on. Ultimately, the reason that Google is bigger than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix combined is because they ultimately care about people. It is the Google way.…

Bank of America Secured Credit Card Interest Rates

Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States and in the world.  Many hard working individuals will seek Bank of America secured credit card options in the near future as they hope to gain access to a little exact cash.  Looking at secured credit card interest rates is always a good idea before taking any credit card offer.  Note that Bank of America is currently calling their credit card the BankAmericard.  Most people will simply refer to it as the Bank of America secured credit card.  Below are some valuable resources that will help determine an interest rate that will be applied to this type of charge card.

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Secured Credit Card Options 

There are over 8000 financial institutions in the United States so it should never be the case that potential customers have to work with a bank in which they do not feel comfortable.  The FDIC website allows all Americans to search banks and lenders in their state.  Note that just because a bank does not have headquarters in a specific state it does not mean they do not have a presence in that area.  Bank of America is a perfect example of this.  Bank of America is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina but they have branches in almost every single state.

Also remember that applying for a credit card does not mean that you have to go into the bank’s location.  Most banks will be more than happy to let you complete an online application.  In fact, I may end up doing some separate blog posts to illustrate how easy it is to complete an online secured credit card application.  This can be both good and bad.  It can be good because borrowers will not have to travel to a bank and spend time and gas money.  It can be bad because it might make it too easy for some borrowers to simply hit the apply button on the online application.

Bank of America Secured Credit Card Interest Rates

The Bank of America website is one of the best I have seen when it comes to information on a secured credit card.  It basically tells you the interest rate and the credit limit.  Here is some of the information from their site:

“Build your credit

No application fees or activation fees

Credit line $300-$4,900. Your maximum credit line is determined by your individual ability to pay based on the income that you provide and your security deposit.

When handled responsibly, a foundation to build your credit history-important account information is shared with all three major credit bureaus

After 12 months, your account may be reviewed and you may then qualify to have your security deposit returned if your credit and payment history warrant it at that time

Learn more about credit

Access to credit education on topics like using credit cards responsibly, budgeting and more”

The Bank of America website is also reporting that interest rates are currently at 20.24% but this is variable.  Remember that interest rates on any money borrowed will change as the treasury yields change.  It is common knowledge that the 10 year treasury rate yield and the 30 year fixed mortgage have a very strong correlation.  That said, it is also true that some of the shorter term treasury rate yields determine the interest rate on credit cards, personal loans and car loans.  Just for the purpose of this document I am going to offer daily 5 year treasury rate yields.  When these yields start to move higher you can be rest assured that secured credit card interest rates will move up as well.

March 15

March 14

March 13

March 12

March 11

March 8

March 7

March 6

March 5

March 4

March 1

February 28

February 27

February 26

February 25

February 23

February 22

February 21

February 20

February 19

February 15

February 14

February 13

February 12

February 11

February 8

February 7

February 6

February 5

February 4

February 1

January 31

January 30

January 29

January 28

January 25

January 24

January 23

January 22

January 21

January 18

January 17

March 15th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – coming soon

March 14th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – coming soon

March 13th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – coming soon

March 12th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

March 11th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.90%

March 8th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.90%

March 7th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.85%

March 6th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.81%

March 5th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.77%

March 4th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.76%

March 1st, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.75%

February 28th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.77%

February 27th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.78%

February 26th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.78%

February 25th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.78%

February 23rd, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.84%

February 22nd, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.86%

February 21st, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

February 20th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.89%

February 19th, 2020

Presidents Day Holiday – Markets Closed

February 15th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.87%

February 14th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.86%

February 13th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.92%

February 12th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

February 11th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.85%

February 8th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.84%

February 7th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.83%

February 6th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.84%

February 5th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

February 4th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.85%

February 1st, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

January 31st, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

January 30th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.88%

January 29th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.90%

January 28th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.89%

January 25th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.87%

January 24th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.78%

January 23rd, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.76%

January 22nd, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.76%

January 21st, 2020

MLK Holiday – Markets Closed

January 18th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.77%

January 17th, 2020

5 Year Treasury Rate Yield – 0.79%

Remember that these are not the interest rates that will be applied to a credit card. I am simply showing these rates so you can see what interest treasury rate yields are getting. This will help you to see the overall direction of interest rates on secured credit cards and almost any other type of credit card in 2020 and beyond.

Credit Card Interest Rates and How They are Applied

When looking to borrow money it is very important to remember that interest rates will be applied based on a credit score and credit history.  Unfortunately, many people looking for a Bank of America secured credit card will probably admit they have not made the best decisions in the last several years when it comes to finances.  Before applying for any type of credit card, car loan, personal loan or mortgage home loan it is always best to improve a credit score to the best of one’s ability.

To improve a credit score it is smart to make certain all high interest rate debts are paid down.  By creating a strong weekly or monthly budget it should not be too difficult to pay off high interest rate personal loans or credit cards.  There are many great financial calculators available online that should help most determine how much they should pay down to drastically improve a credit score.  By achieving a credit score that is above 740 borrowers will find they are able to take advantage of some of the lowest possible interest rates on credit cards.

In fact, some borrowers may find that they qualify for a 0% balance transfer credit card from banks like Wells Fargo, Citi, Chase or BB&T.  Doing a little bit of research online never hurt.  Check out credit card offers at many local and regional financial institutions before assuming that Bank of America is the best place to take out a secured credit card or a BankAmericard.  Paying interest rates in excess of 20% on any type of credit card can make one’s financial life much more difficult.  That said, there are ways to avoid these high interest rates by simply remaining patient and waiting for the right offer to come around.  If you start making good financial decisions banks and lending institutions will reach out to you with some very low interest rate offers.

Secured Credit Card Annual Fees

The Bank of America secured credit card has a $39 annual fee and this is something most people will want to monitor.  Prior to the credit crisis most banks were offering credit cards with no annual fees.  Now that lending has tightened up there are more banks and lenders that are assigning an annual fee.  In fact, many people who already have credit cards may be paying an annual fee and they do not even know it.  It never hurts to look over a credit card statement to make certain there are no annual fees that are being applied.  Unfortunately, some people may not know the exact month in which this annual fee is applied so they may want to check statements quite often.

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Paperless billing has helped to save many trees and lots of money on printing costs but it may end up hurting you in the long run.  Unfortunately, more and more people are simply clicking on paperless billing and they are never looking at their statements again.  They might be getting hit with monthly charges they do not even know about.  For anyone who has had financial problems in the recent past it might be better to continue to get paper copies of your bills.  This will help you recognize if there are any annual fees that are being applied to your credit cards.

We have all gotten notices in the mail from credit card companies and simply ripped them up.  These could have been notices that were telling us that the bank or lender was going to start charging annual fees for that particular credit card.  It might also be a notice that a credit limit is getting decreased or the interest rate is increasing.  Now matter what the letter says it is probably of some importance.  Some of us do not want to deal with all these issues when it comes to money but it is better to look at them now rather than letting them accumulate.  Addressing these issues early on will mean that a financial life will be much easier in the future.

Online Applications for Credit Cards

When looking for the Bank of America secured credit card application make sure to access this link.  This will help you put in all the information that is needed to attempt to qualify for the BankAmericard.  Remember that not everyone will qualify but if you have the money to put down as a deposit it is much easier to qualify in January of 2020 and beyond.  By putting this money down it makes it much easier for Bank of America or any bank to allow you to build credit.  Not that the limit is about $5000 so do not expect to go buy a brand new vehicle with this credit card.  In fact, it might be best to keep the amount spend on this particular credit card low just because you do not want to …

Bank of America Bad Credit Personal Loan Alternatives

Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions in the country and continues to grow even after the credit crisis. One of the controversial moves Bank of America made after the credit crisis was to no longer offer bad credit unsecured personal installment loans. Much of this was due to the fact that they purchased lenders that had many bad credit loans on their books. With this in mind it should come as no surprise that borrowers are looking for Bank of America bad credit personal loan alternatives.

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Bank of America and Bad Credit Loans

Throughout much of the credit crisis analysts thought that Bank of America was not going to survive because of the bad credit home loans and personal loans on their books. Fortunately, Bank of America was able to survive one of the worst financial crises in the history of the world and today they are doing very well. Some have predicted that Bank of America will start offering bad credit unsecured personal loans in the near future but it has yet to happen.

During the credit crisis Bank of America purchased Countrywide Financial which was a huge mortgage broker on the West Coast. It was very obvious that this decision was a long-term decision. Countrywide financial was in a terrible situation as they had a significant amount of money in bad credit home loans. The housing market was doing very poorly on the West Coast and the only way that Countrywide was going to survive is if they were purchased by another major financial institution that had money.

Some are still arguing that this was a very bad decision by Bank of America but they got through it. Unfortunately, some people are still upset by the fact that Bank of America no longer offers bad credit unsecured personal loans. To take out a bad credit unsecured personal loan individuals will have to look to other financial institutions. Interestingly, Wells Fargo continues to offer unsecured personal loans to customers and new borrowers.

Bank of America Bad Credit Personal Loan Alternatives

Even though Bank of America does not offer bad credit unsecured personal loans it does not mean that they are not options available. In fact, most financial institutions will offer some type of unsecured personal loan. This does not mean that individuals with very low credit score will be able to borrow money from these institutions. If you have a credit score that is well below 500 and you do not have any access to cash it will likely be difficult to take out a personal loan from any financial institution.

With this in mind it never hurts to improve a credit score to a level above 700. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make certain all bills are paid on time and in full. Even if you have a significant amount of debt you can still improve a credit score by paying down this debt and making sure all your bills are fulfilled. Unfortunately, many people with bad credit also have a very low income. By having this low income that makes it nearly impossible to pay for all of the bills.

Below are some of the financial institutions that offer unsecured personal loans at the present time:

  • Wells Fargo
  • TD Bank
  • Capital One
  • Discover Bank
  • First Merchants Bank
  • CitiBank
  • US Bank
  • SunTrust
  • Regions Bank
  • Comerica
  • Zions Bank

If you are having trouble finding a bank in your area please feel free to contact me through the comments below. You may also contact me through my Google plus profile as I tend to check that at least a couple times a day. I will do my best to find a financial institution in your area that offers some type of loan help. Make a mental note that there are many financial institutions that offer unsecured personal loans but they do not have financial products for individuals who have seen their credit score plummet over the last several months and years.

Improving a Bad Credit Score to Borrow Money

One of the best things you can do to make your financial life much easier it improve a credit score. Unfortunately, most people with very bad credit cannot even think about their credit score as they are living paycheck to paycheck. Not only are they living paycheck to paycheck they may be living two or three paychecks out as they have taken out cash advance payday loans in hopes of keeping the electricity on where the car paid for.

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The best thing you can do is come up with a strict weekly or monthly budget that will help you spend less than you make. If you are making a very small amount of money you may want to consider taking out a second job or third job just to get the bills paid. Unfortunately, many people do not want to do this as they continue to drown in debt. When coming up with this weekly or monthly budget it is also very important to stick to the budget. It is one thing to create a budget and a completely different thing to stick to it and improve a credit score over time.

By paying each and every bill on time and in full one’s credit score will naturally increase. This tells financial institutions that you are more than willing to make the necessary sacrifices to fulfill the commitment of these bills. This does not mean that you will have a credit score over 800 that will allow you to take out $500,000 mortgage. What it does mean is that you will be a borrower of money who is trusted by some of the bigger names in the banking industry.

Once again, if you are struggling to find banks or lenders that can help you in a bad credit situation please feel free to contact me. Also, please use the many free resources available online that have been created by authoritative figures. When searching for bad credit loans on the Internet make certain that you read the fine print and understand who is writing this content. Sometimes, the individual writing the content also owns a bad credit loan company that is trying to make money. You can figure this out quickly by seeing which search results have a picture beside the author.

If the author does not have a picture that means that Google authorship has not been installed on the website or for that particular article. This does not mean that they are not an expert or an authority in their field but it does mean that individuals should do some research on this author. The easiest way to find reputable material is to use the FTC or FDIC website. In fact, any government website is very useful for those who are looking to do research on bad credit situations.

Bad Credit Lenders in Florida

Many residents in the state of Florida recognize cash advance payday loans are available. There are some states that have created laws that prohibit bad credit cash advance loans. Florida is not one of these states and bad credit individuals have the opportunity to take out $1500 short-term loans. This can be good and it can be very bad. It can be good for anyone who simply needs a few extra hundred dollars to avoid having their electricity turned off or having their car repossessed. These individuals can get the money ahead of time to pay it back with fees when they receive their next paycheck.

It is very important to note that borrowers must know with 100% certainty that they will have this money in their bank account with their next paycheck. If they cannot honestly say this there is no reason to take out a bad credit cash advance loan. The high fees and cash advance loans will only cause problems for those who borrow money in the near future. It can be very bad for this exact reason. Individuals will see fees as high as $10 to $15 for every $100 they borrowed. It is important to note that the Florida state government has capped the fees are $15 or every $100 borrowed but this is still a lot of money for those who are struggling with their finances. If you are seeking Bank of America bad credit personal loan alternatives do plenty of extra research on cash advance loans before taking one out.

If you miss a payment on a bad credit payday loan the fees will reset and you will have to pay even more with your next paycheck. This is what makes bad credit payday loans so predatory in nature. Rather than taking out a bad credit cash advance payday loan it may be wise to seek unsecured personal loans throughout the state. Below are some of the larger financial institutions that have headquarters in the state of Florida:

  • Everbank
  • BankUnited
  • Raymond James
  • Capital Bank
  • Ocean Bank
  • Capital City Bank
  • USAmeriBank
  • TotalBank
  • CenterState Bank of Florida
  • Seacoast National Bank
  • 1st United Bank
  • Citizens First Bank

Note that these are not the only names that offer loans in the state of Florida that they are some of the bigger names. Feel free to do research on other financial institutions that may have a presence in the state of Florida but have headquarters elsewhere. This will make it much easier to make a major financial decision in the very near future.…

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