How to Get an iPhone 5 Under $100 at Sprint

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After posting that Sprint was offering $25 off an iPhone 5 at Best Buy to my Google+ account Jason Boslow mentioned that his wife recently got an iPhone 5 for $96. Getting an iPhone 5 for under $100 is something that most people would die for. After asking how she did it I began to understand that a lot of it has to do with what you have to trade in. The trade in value of old iPhone models is much better than Android models which should not come as a huge surprise. Here is what she did.

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How to Get an iPhone 5 for Under $100 at Sprint

As mentioned early, Jason Boslow mentioned his wife got her iPhone 5 for $96 in Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas just this past week. When asking how she got this price this was his response:

I just asked my wife…didn’t realize she had an Iphone 4S that a friend gave her.  She was able to use that as a trade.  They gave her $80 for the trade on the 4S and $15 trade for her old EVO she said.  She also had to sign another 2 year agreement and received credit for the upgrade $150.  I didn’t realize she had a 4S she used as a trade.  That explains the cheap price.

This is very interesting as I tend to not trade in phones when making a new purchase. In fact, I still have an iPhone 3GS and a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket sitting on my counter. I am using a Google Nexus 4 which I purchased online. It is important to note that the Google Nexus 4 is a non contract phone. I made the purchase for $299.99 and I could take it to any provider and get it activated without a two year commitment. This is huge to me.

I may very well check out the iPhone 5S when it comes out solely because I want to test the features. I am on AT&T and my two year contract has been up for quite some time. When I purchased my Nexus 4 in February of 2013 I knew that it would not affect my two year contract. This is just something to think about when going to Sprint to get that iPhone 5 for under $100.

AT&T, Verizon, TMobile and Sprint Offer iPhone Prices

When making an iPhone purchase remember there are still plenty of options available. The iPhone 4 will be free with a two year contract and the iPhone 4S will be around $100 without any rebates or offers. The iPhone 5 is going to be around $200. This is why so many people are looking for the iPhone 5 under $100. To get the iPhone 5 for below the cost of the iPhone 4S is truly a feat. If you have any old smartphones laying around your house or apartment you may want to consider bringing them in and seeing how much you can get at your provider.

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When I got my Nexus 4 activated the AT&T store offered me $50 for the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. This was a few months ago so I am not certain how much it would be worth today. I did not trade it in as I still do some videos with that particular phone. Jason mentioned that the iPhone models seem to hold their value much more than Android models. This makes sense as the iPhones have a much stronger demand. Supply and demand determines the price on any product. As the demand stays strong for iPhones most of the past models will be quite valuable.

I will admit that I love the Android operating system but I do see where it can be difficult to learn for users who simply want to turn their phone on and throw birds into pigs. The latest Android operating system, Jelly Bean 4.2.2, has a ton of awesome features but you sometimes have to play around to see what opportunities are available. The camera has so many options I cannot even explain them. Those that might want to simply click and shoot may not want all these features like HDR and Snapseed filters. Keep this in mind when making an Android or iPhone purchase in April 2013 or beyond.

Also look up the specs and read the reviews for these smartphones. I wil give you a word of warning. If you do not get a pure Google phone you may get some bloatware on your Android. Some of these providers slap Verizon or AT&T apps on the smartphone before you make the purchase. Unless you are very in tune with all of this type of stuff you may never know that your Droid is running these apps which will be draining your battery and data.…