Banner Bank Secured Credit Card

Many people living in Idaho, Washington and Oregon have actively looked for a Banner Bank secured credit card as a way to borrow a little bit of extra cash.  Before looking at any secured credit card options it is always a good idea to step back and analyze a financial situation.  Rather than borrowing money on credit it is sometimes better to stick to a budget.  If that is not possible there are many credit card options including a Banner Bank secured credit card.  Below is plenty of valuable information about the bank and their credit card offers.

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Banks Offer Credit Cards to Customers

Throughout the last few decades Americans have become accustomed to spending money on credit cards.  Unfortunately, some people have abused the system and they can no longer qualify for a low interest rate, high rewards credit card.  The only borrowers that will be able to qualify for high rewards credit cards are those who have made very good financial decisions.  This means they have kept their balances low on all their personal loans and credit cards, they have paid off a lot of their mortgage and they have eliminated any types of student loans.

Most very good credit borrowers have also found a way to avoid installment loans and payday loans.  These types of high interest loans can definitely harm a credit score if borrowers do not pay them off quickly.  In fact, any high interest rate cash advance loan should be avoided at all costs.  All that being said, a secured credit card might be a way to rebuild credit over the course of time.  Some will successfully use a Banner Bank secured credit card to get back on their feet when it comes to financial issues.

Note that a secured credit card will mean borrowers need to put up some type of collateral.  This is very easy if said borrower already has several accounts with that particular bank.  Having a checking account, home loan account and savings account with Banner Bank may make it much easier to qualify for a credit card.  In fact, having multiple accounts will likely mean borrowers do not even need to apply for a secured credit card.  Some will be in such good financial standing that they can simply apply for the Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card.

Banner Bank Secured Credit Card or Visa Rewards Card

Finding the best credit card for a financial situation was very difficult in the past but that has changed over the last several years.  With the advancements of the Internet it is now quite easy to compare and contrast different types of charge cards or credit cards.  The current offer from Banner Bank is a Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card.  Below is the information from their website:

“Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card

Why should you carry a Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Credit Card? The Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Card offers you:

Low fixed interest rates**

No penalty interest rates. So even if you miss a payment, you won’t be penalized with an outrageous rise in your interest rate

No annual fee, no balance transfer fee and no cash advance fee

24-hour customer service

Qualifying purchases earn points in the Visa Extras Rewards program that you can redeem for airline tickets, gift certificates, or cash back

Online Access: Get easy online access to your credit card activity right inside your Banner Online Banking account, so there are no additional passwords to remember. With an online account, you can:

Check your credit card balance

Review your transactions

See your current and past statements

Make payments online

Paperless Credit Card Account Statements: To sign-up, simply login to your online personal Banner credit card account, go to ‘Statements’ > select ‘Delivery Options’ > choose ‘Paperless’ > read the agreement and then click ‘I Agree’ to turn off paper statements. A few benefits of going paperless include:

Reduced risk of fraud

Faster delivery

Less mail clutter

Less waste”

Also note there are PDF files for the agreements on a 9.99%, 11.99% and 13.99% credit card.  There is also a PDF for the Visa Rewards Credit Card application here.  The application has plenty of information on the rewards including a balance transfer option with interest rates at 7.24% for the lifetime of the credit card.  There are air travel, merchandise and cash with Visa extras available.  I would strongly suggest reading over the entire credit card application before printing it out and mailing it in.  Customers will also be able to print it out and bring it to their local branch.

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For those who may be unaware, a credit history and credit score will determine the interest rate that is applied to a Banner Bank secured credit card.  Once again, please remember that the above credit card is not necessarily a secured credit card.  Those with a poor credit score may need to apply for the secured credit card option but this card can be a simply rewards credit card.  Most bad credit credit cards have interest rates that are well above 12%.  This is very unfortunate but borrowers who have made poor financial decisions in the recent past are going to be punished.  Coming up with a smart plan to pay down debts might be a smart idea before applying for a Banner Bank credit card in 2013 and beyond.

Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers at 0% Interest

Finding a 0% balance transfer credit card is difficult for those who have secured credit cards or payday loans outstanding.  When debts are paid down credit card companies are more than happy to offer low interest rate balance transfers.  That changes quickly when a debt to income ratio increases.  If a borrower has $20,000 on five different credit cards it is highly unlikely credit card companies are going to mail out those great offers.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer when it comes to borrowing money in the United States.  This is never more apparent than with the credit card industry.

Before assuming the Banner Bank secured credit card is the only way to build a credit score it never hurts to check the FDIC website to see what banks or credit unions are in a local area.  By doing a search for Idaho, Washington or Oregon potential borrowers are going to find quite a few options.  In fact, it would be highly suggested to look at five or more financial institutions that currently offer a credit card.  Not all banks will offer a balance transfer APR of 0% so check that before making any final judgement to hit the submit button on an application.

Unfortunately, some banks will not tell you the credit limit or the interest rate until the application is complete.  This is unfortunate because submitting an application could end up hurting a credit score.  Some may not think about this but every application submitted is documented by the credit bureaus.  As they document these applications it becomes quite apparent that people are looking for ways to gain access to quick cash.  Anyone who looks to be a little bit desperate could have their credit score damaged.  Once again, build up huge amounts of debt that have not been paid off is the quickest way to see a credit score drop.  Combine this with missing minimum payments and it may take years or even decades to improve a credit score.

With all of this in mind, think about submitting that 0% interest balance transfer credit card application.  Although things may seem great financially right now you never know when they could turn south.  Always have cash saved up and try to avoid putting money on credit cards through balance transfers.

Banner Bank Locations in the Northwest

As stated earlier, Banner Bank has a huge presence in the northwest.  In the state of Idaho there are locations in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Lewiston and Twin Falls.  All of these locations will help customers who are looking to take out personal installment loans, home loans or even credit cards.  The locations in Oregon include Tualatin, Portland, Boardman, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Hermiston and Lake Oswego.  Make sure to use Google Maps to find a location near you.  The easiest way to do it is to type in “Banner Bank [your zipcode].”  All locations will be more than happy to assist when it comes to filling out any type of application.

Banner Bank has a huge presence in Washington states in place like Walla Walla, Seattle, Everett, Yakima, Bellevue, Richland and Sunnyside.  Sometimes potential borrowers may want to consider a larger location as this tends to be where the “high ups” will be working.  Although it is not necessary to work with a regional loan officer it never hurts to get someone with a little more experience and a lot more power.  This could make the application process much easier.  The more experience loan officer may also help you find other options to help build a credit score in 2013 and beyond.

The best way to get in touch with the most powerful loan officers is to call ahead.  These are very busy people so you are not going to be able to stroll into a bank location and talk to these individuals.  If you are willing to schedule a meeting ahead of time you will be able to take advantage of some of the better opportunities available from Banner Bank.  Note that the Banner Bank secured credit card is not the only option for borrowers in the Northwest.  Always look at some of the alternative.…