Are Facebook Autoplay Pop Out Video Ads Coming in June?

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Well, it looks like truly desperate times call for MySpace type desperate measures. Over the last few months there have been plenty of rumors about Facebook video ads. Some have predicted pop out ads. A few predicted autoplay. Others said full screen. Well, how about the trifecta? Adage recently updated their research with this bomb, “it’s widely assumed that they’ll be autoplay and presented in a video player that expands beyond the main news-feed real estate to cover the right- and left-hand rails of users’ screens on the desktop version of Facebook.” You might want to read that once again. Full Screen. Autoplay. Pop out.

Does Facebook Really Think This Will Work?

There is plenty of money in video ads. That has been proven time and again with Super Bowl advertisements reaching upwards of $5 million for 30 seconds. TV commercials have been a part of the American culture since well before my days on this planet. It has been accepted that every seven or eight minutes TV viewers are going to have to endure two to three minutes of advertisements. This has never been the case with Facebook or online content consumption.

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There has been backlash with YouTube playing five to 30 second ads at the beginning of YouTube videos. These are not pop out nor full screen. The user also has the opportunity to skip the ad if they so desire. That said, Google is a company that always has the end user in mind. We cannot say the same about Facebook and this proves it even more. Lets think about this scenario for a few moments. Here is a real world situation.

I log on to Facebook to check out the latest news in social media and finance. I am sitting in a Caribou Coffee beside the UNC campus in Chapel Hill. Students are diligently studying and there are some business professionals catching up on work. As I open my Facebook page I hop over to another tab to read the latest updates to the Twitter music service. While jumping between tabs my computer starts blaring, “Hey, are you interested in investing your hard earned cash in a high yield CD?” Everyone in Caribou looks over at me. I immediately hit mute on my laptop. I look at all my tabs and notice non of them are playing a video. I minimize all of my tabs and low and behold there is a full screen Facebook ad for Wells Fargo. I shake my head and think about those wonderful MySpace days.

One of the biggest downfalls of MySpace was the random songs and ads that you simply could not stop. I know Facebook is just “shopping” these types of products but if Adage is reporting on it there has to be some legs to the story. In fact, Adage reported back in December of 2012 that Facebook video ads are imminent. How they will implement them remains to be seen.

Facebook Autoplay Pop Out Video Ads Will Affect Users

I have heard time and again that users are not going to leave Facebook unless Facebook does something to force them to leave. I highly doubt most people will drop Facebook because of the full screen video ads. What I do think will happen is users will start to use the social network less. We are already seeing this. Businesses are running away because of EdgeRank and the younger generation is dealing with Facebook fatigue. One of the largest growing demographics on Google Plus happens to be 18 and younger. There is a reason for this.

I find it interesting that Facebook is focusing their video ads on these groups, “women over 30; women under 30; men over 30; and men over 30.” Umm, isn’t that every human being on the planet? I am not a mathematician but…oh, nevermind. Facebook is trying way to hard to pinch pennies out of every single user. This morning Mike Allton wrote a great piece of the Facebook Admin panel change. This quote hits the nail on the head:

“The problem is that Facebook’s revenue model is not working. Too many businesses are investing in Facebook promotions and advertising and seeing little to no return on their investment. But instead of offering more innovative ways to reach fans and create revenue, Facebook is pushing even harder on their failed techniques and methodology.”

It is blatantly obvious that the Facebook revenue model is broken. Well, it is not broken, it was never there. For over a year I have been saying this. Anyone who has made a penny online knows that social media is not the place to generate revenue through ad clicks. As we get closer to June 2013 it should be quite amusing to see how Facebook is going to swing this to their users. Well, in all reality, they probably won’t even tell them.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

If Facebook is such a successful business why do they continue to try to create new products. In the last four months alone we have see:

  • Facebook Poke – this was a complete rip off of SnapChat and it has been an utter failure
  • Facebook Profile Changes – I think we all know they simply ripped off Google Plus in hopes of putting up bigger ads in a “news feed.”
  • Facebook Graph Search – The search engine that wasn’t really a search engine.
  • Facebook Home – The Android Launcher which currently has the following user reviews:

I think we can all agree that Facebook is spiraling out of control. On May 14th, 2012 I made this statement, “I personally think this thing is doomed to fail as the IPO is coming when growth has not only slowed but turned negative. Anyone who has invested in tech or growth stocks knows that this is a recipe for disaster.” The truth hurts Zuckerburg, good luck with those pop out, full screen, autoplay video ads.…

How to Get an iPhone 5 Under $100 at Sprint

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After posting that Sprint was offering $25 off an iPhone 5 at Best Buy to my Google+ account Jason Boslow mentioned that his wife recently got an iPhone 5 for $96. Getting an iPhone 5 for under $100 is something that most people would die for. After asking how she did it I began to understand that a lot of it has to do with what you have to trade in. The trade in value of old iPhone models is much better than Android models which should not come as a huge surprise. Here is what she did.

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How to Get an iPhone 5 for Under $100 at Sprint

As mentioned early, Jason Boslow mentioned his wife got her iPhone 5 for $96 in Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas just this past week. When asking how she got this price this was his response:

I just asked my wife…didn’t realize she had an Iphone 4S that a friend gave her.  She was able to use that as a trade.  They gave her $80 for the trade on the 4S and $15 trade for her old EVO she said.  She also had to sign another 2 year agreement and received credit for the upgrade $150.  I didn’t realize she had a 4S she used as a trade.  That explains the cheap price.

This is very interesting as I tend to not trade in phones when making a new purchase. In fact, I still have an iPhone 3GS and a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket sitting on my counter. I am using a Google Nexus 4 which I purchased online. It is important to note that the Google Nexus 4 is a non contract phone. I made the purchase for $299.99 and I could take it to any provider and get it activated without a two year commitment. This is huge to me.

I may very well check out the iPhone 5S when it comes out solely because I want to test the features. I am on AT&T and my two year contract has been up for quite some time. When I purchased my Nexus 4 in February of 2013 I knew that it would not affect my two year contract. This is just something to think about when going to Sprint to get that iPhone 5 for under $100.

AT&T, Verizon, TMobile and Sprint Offer iPhone Prices

When making an iPhone purchase remember there are still plenty of options available. The iPhone 4 will be free with a two year contract and the iPhone 4S will be around $100 without any rebates or offers. The iPhone 5 is going to be around $200. This is why so many people are looking for the iPhone 5 under $100. To get the iPhone 5 for below the cost of the iPhone 4S is truly a feat. If you have any old smartphones laying around your house or apartment you may want to consider bringing them in and seeing how much you can get at your provider.

// ]]>

When I got my Nexus 4 activated the AT&T store offered me $50 for the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. This was a few months ago so I am not certain how much it would be worth today. I did not trade it in as I still do some videos with that particular phone. Jason mentioned that the iPhone models seem to hold their value much more than Android models. This makes sense as the iPhones have a much stronger demand. Supply and demand determines the price on any product. As the demand stays strong for iPhones most of the past models will be quite valuable.

I will admit that I love the Android operating system but I do see where it can be difficult to learn for users who simply want to turn their phone on and throw birds into pigs. The latest Android operating system, Jelly Bean 4.2.2, has a ton of awesome features but you sometimes have to play around to see what opportunities are available. The camera has so many options I cannot even explain them. Those that might want to simply click and shoot may not want all these features like HDR and Snapseed filters. Keep this in mind when making an Android or iPhone purchase in April 2013 or beyond.

Also look up the specs and read the reviews for these smartphones. I wil give you a word of warning. If you do not get a pure Google phone you may get some bloatware on your Android. Some of these providers slap Verizon or AT&T apps on the smartphone before you make the purchase. Unless you are very in tune with all of this type of stuff you may never know that your Droid is running these apps which will be draining your battery and data.…

Banner Bank Secured Credit Card

Many people living in Idaho, Washington and Oregon have actively looked for a Banner Bank secured credit card as a way to borrow a little bit of extra cash.  Before looking at any secured credit card options it is always a good idea to step back and analyze a financial situation.  Rather than borrowing money on credit it is sometimes better to stick to a budget.  If that is not possible there are many credit card options including a Banner Bank secured credit card.  Below is plenty of valuable information about the bank and their credit card offers.

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Banks Offer Credit Cards to Customers

Throughout the last few decades Americans have become accustomed to spending money on credit cards.  Unfortunately, some people have abused the system and they can no longer qualify for a low interest rate, high rewards credit card.  The only borrowers that will be able to qualify for high rewards credit cards are those who have made very good financial decisions.  This means they have kept their balances low on all their personal loans and credit cards, they have paid off a lot of their mortgage and they have eliminated any types of student loans.

Most very good credit borrowers have also found a way to avoid installment loans and payday loans.  These types of high interest loans can definitely harm a credit score if borrowers do not pay them off quickly.  In fact, any high interest rate cash advance loan should be avoided at all costs.  All that being said, a secured credit card might be a way to rebuild credit over the course of time.  Some will successfully use a Banner Bank secured credit card to get back on their feet when it comes to financial issues.

Note that a secured credit card will mean borrowers need to put up some type of collateral.  This is very easy if said borrower already has several accounts with that particular bank.  Having a checking account, home loan account and savings account with Banner Bank may make it much easier to qualify for a credit card.  In fact, having multiple accounts will likely mean borrowers do not even need to apply for a secured credit card.  Some will be in such good financial standing that they can simply apply for the Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card.

Banner Bank Secured Credit Card or Visa Rewards Card

Finding the best credit card for a financial situation was very difficult in the past but that has changed over the last several years.  With the advancements of the Internet it is now quite easy to compare and contrast different types of charge cards or credit cards.  The current offer from Banner Bank is a Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card.  Below is the information from their website:

“Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Visa® Credit Card

Why should you carry a Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Credit Card? The Banner Bank Platinum Rewards Card offers you:

Low fixed interest rates**

No penalty interest rates. So even if you miss a payment, you won’t be penalized with an outrageous rise in your interest rate

No annual fee, no balance transfer fee and no cash advance fee

24-hour customer service

Qualifying purchases earn points in the Visa Extras Rewards program that you can redeem for airline tickets, gift certificates, or cash back

Online Access: Get easy online access to your credit card activity right inside your Banner Online Banking account, so there are no additional passwords to remember. With an online account, you can:

Check your credit card balance

Review your transactions

See your current and past statements

Make payments online

Paperless Credit Card Account Statements: To sign-up, simply login to your online personal Banner credit card account, go to ‘Statements’ > select ‘Delivery Options’ > choose ‘Paperless’ > read the agreement and then click ‘I Agree’ to turn off paper statements. A few benefits of going paperless include:

Reduced risk of fraud

Faster delivery

Less mail clutter

Less waste”

Also note there are PDF files for the agreements on a 9.99%, 11.99% and 13.99% credit card.  There is also a PDF for the Visa Rewards Credit Card application here.  The application has plenty of information on the rewards including a balance transfer option with interest rates at 7.24% for the lifetime of the credit card.  There are air travel, merchandise and cash with Visa extras available.  I would strongly suggest reading over the entire credit card application before printing it out and mailing it in.  Customers will also be able to print it out and bring it to their local branch.

// ]]>

For those who may be unaware, a credit history and credit score will determine the interest rate that is applied to a Banner Bank secured credit card.  Once again, please remember that the above credit card is not necessarily a secured credit card.  Those with a poor credit score may need to apply for the secured credit card option but this card can be a simply rewards credit card.  Most bad credit credit cards have interest rates that are well above 12%.  This is very unfortunate but borrowers who have made poor financial decisions in the recent past are going to be punished.  Coming up with a smart plan to pay down debts might be a smart idea before applying for a Banner Bank credit card in 2013 and beyond.

Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers at 0% Interest

Finding a 0% balance transfer credit card is difficult for those who have secured credit cards or payday loans outstanding.  When debts are paid down credit card companies are more than happy to offer low interest rate balance transfers.  That changes quickly when a debt to income ratio increases.  If a borrower has $20,000 on five different credit cards it is highly unlikely credit card companies are going to mail out those great offers.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer when it comes to borrowing money in the United States.  This is never more apparent than with the credit card industry.

Before assuming the Banner Bank secured credit card is the only way to build a credit score it never hurts to check the FDIC website to see what banks or credit unions are in a local area.  By doing a search for Idaho, Washington or Oregon potential borrowers are going to find quite a few options.  In fact, it would be highly suggested to look at five or more financial institutions that currently offer a credit card.  Not all banks will offer a balance transfer APR of 0% so check that before making any final judgement to hit the submit button on an application.

Unfortunately, some banks will not tell you the credit limit or the interest rate until the application is complete.  This is unfortunate because submitting an application could end up hurting a credit score.  Some may not think about this but every application submitted is documented by the credit bureaus.  As they document these applications it becomes quite apparent that people are looking for ways to gain access to quick cash.  Anyone who looks to be a little bit desperate could have their credit score damaged.  Once again, build up huge amounts of debt that have not been paid off is the quickest way to see a credit score drop.  Combine this with missing minimum payments and it may take years or even decades to improve a credit score.

With all of this in mind, think about submitting that 0% interest balance transfer credit card application.  Although things may seem great financially right now you never know when they could turn south.  Always have cash saved up and try to avoid putting money on credit cards through balance transfers.

Banner Bank Locations in the Northwest

As stated earlier, Banner Bank has a huge presence in the northwest.  In the state of Idaho there are locations in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Lewiston and Twin Falls.  All of these locations will help customers who are looking to take out personal installment loans, home loans or even credit cards.  The locations in Oregon include Tualatin, Portland, Boardman, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Hermiston and Lake Oswego.  Make sure to use Google Maps to find a location near you.  The easiest way to do it is to type in “Banner Bank [your zipcode].”  All locations will be more than happy to assist when it comes to filling out any type of application.

Banner Bank has a huge presence in Washington states in place like Walla Walla, Seattle, Everett, Yakima, Bellevue, Richland and Sunnyside.  Sometimes potential borrowers may want to consider a larger location as this tends to be where the “high ups” will be working.  Although it is not necessary to work with a regional loan officer it never hurts to get someone with a little more experience and a lot more power.  This could make the application process much easier.  The more experience loan officer may also help you find other options to help build a credit score in 2013 and beyond.

The best way to get in touch with the most powerful loan officers is to call ahead.  These are very busy people so you are not going to be able to stroll into a bank location and talk to these individuals.  If you are willing to schedule a meeting ahead of time you will be able to take advantage of some of the better opportunities available from Banner Bank.  Note that the Banner Bank secured credit card is not the only option for borrowers in the Northwest.  Always look at some of the alternative.…

Google Keep: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Article by Jimmy Matthews III

In case you missed the furor over the past few days, Google has introduced a new note-taking product called Google Keep. This product was teased on March 18th when the web site accidentally went live. A few tech bloggers and journalists dove-in and gathered an immense number of screenshots and gave their thoughts about Keep before Google suddenly pulled the plug on the mysterious new service mere hours after it had gone live.

In this article, we’ll cover what exactly Keep can do, as well as where it succeeds and where it fails. Finally, we’ll cover the big question that is on everyone’s mind: Why would I use Keep instead of a well-established service like Evernote?

What is Keep, and What Does it Do?

As mentioned, Keep is a note-taking service that Google has released publicly ( as of March 20th. Some intrepid readers may be thinking, “didn’t Google already have a note-taking service that was killed off a few years ago?” This is completely accurate, and the company did in fact-kill off their Google Notebook service in the middle of last year (; however unlike the recent shut-down of Google Reader, the Big G provided their users with a concrete transition plan, which included automatically migrating the Notebook data into Google Docs (now known as Google Drive).

Keep appears to have picked up exactly where Notebook left-off, albeit with a much cleaner web interface, and a similarly clean-looking Android app, which makes syncing your notes across multiple devices a breeze. The interface allows users to create flat text notes, ordered lists and image-based notes–all of which can be color-coded, archived and searched with ease. Beyond those features, Keep has nothing else to offer. Despite the misleading URL for Keep, it’s not currently integrated into Google Drive, though this has been promised as happening “in the coming weeks”. It should not be a stretch of the imagination to take this as meaning that “My Drive” will feature a sidebar link that will allow the user to access Keep without leaving the Drive interface. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if this comes coupled with a minor UI refresh for Drive to give it a cleaner interface similar to Keep.

Where Keep Succeeds

At this point, Keep features a very minimalist interface, which does not get in the user’s way. Instead, the user is able to focus on the task at hand, which is taking notes, and making lists. In this area, Keep is a clear note-taking power house. The minimal interface helps make using the service a very efficient task, and this also carries over to the Android app. Simplicity is key, and the fluid performance can not be overstated when it comes to getting things done.

Power users will be able to appreciate the fact that Keep does feature a fairly decent set of keyboard shortcuts for navigating around the web interface and allowing them to quickly edit and create notes. Sadly, there are a lot of issues related to these shortcuts, which we’ll detail in the next section. At the very least, the starting set of keyboard shortcuts is more fleshed-out than even those available today for Google+.

Where Keep Fails

Consistency: Why does it seem like every time a new Google product is unveiled, their mission of providing “a clean consistent interface” gets trashed? This usually gets rectified within a reasonable amount of time, but it’s a frustrating experience for the early adopters of their products that forces them to adapt as the “beta first” products mature. The UI of Keep is simply not consistent with the rest of their flagship services like Gmail, Calendar or Drive, and until this happens, there is going to be a usability delay when users switch between those essential services.

Keyboard shortcuts: The previous section mentioned that the keyboard shortcuts were a successful element to Keep, but there seems to be a plethora of issues with these shortcuts. First and foremost, there are missing functions that require the user to switch over and use the mouse. If there is any action that requires the usage of a mouse to interact with a product, then the keyboard shortcuts almost immediately lose their value. This is harsh, but true. For an example of all-inclusive keyboard shortcuts, look no further than Google Reader. There was not a single action that required the use of a mouse, and that was the primary reason that Reader was considered a “power user” tool. It enabled the consumption of content to be done at a rapid pace, to which there is no comparison. There are so many bugs when it comes to keyboard shortcuts in Keep that they need their own post to fully detail all of them. In the interest of time, those will not be included here.

Multiple Views: There are two ways to view the content in Keep: List view and Grid view. When switching to Grid view, a glaring defect is immediately obvious to the user: “what happened to the lists?” Suddenly, all “list” elements are collapsed into a flat text-based note. Each item within the list is included on a line with empty line-breaks between each one. The only way to intuitively identify a list is if there are already items that had been checked-off as completed, which appear as text formatted with “strike-through” style. One major disadvantage here is usability. There is no way to interact with a list while in grid view. The user is forced to change to list view in order to modify the check box that indicates an item has been completed. This is a stunning usability failure.

To further the frustration for using Grid view, all of the keyboard shortcuts related to creating new notes places the user back in List view, and there is no way to organize the notes from the web. In the Android version of Keep, the user is able to drag-and-drop the notes to reorder them, almost as a way of prioritizing the current items. This functionality is completely lost when using the web, and again: this is a complete and utter failure in usability.

Trash: Why is there no trash? Surely this service is intended to have consistency with Gmail on some level. The keyboard shortcuts for Archiving or Deleting notes are the same across both, and just like Gmail, you have the fleeting option to “Undo” either of these actions. Occasionally (and no thanks to the buggy keyboard shortcuts), an item can be accidentally deleted by the user. If the “Undo” link is not immediately selected to save the note from certain death, there is no safety net. The note is simply gone forever, and cast off to the bowels of Google’s servers.

Lists: This goes back to the failure to provide a consistent experience across products on Google’s part. Their Tasks product, which could be considered a subset of Gmail, has an excellent mechanism for creating ordered lists. You can nest lists and set reminders and calendar entries based on the content of individual items in your lists. None of these features carry over to Keep, and it’s mind boggling. This also opens the question as to what the future holds for Google Tasks. Will it be axed? Can it be merged into Keep? Why do they both exist right now, but with divergent usability and features? There are a few other nagging issues on lists like empty list items being entirely too easy to create, which don’t get automatically cleaned as well as the final item in every list being a non-removable empty check box, but those are less atrocious offenses than the ones that get in the way of being productive.

Is Keep Ready to Replace Evernote?

No. Not in any way. At this point in time, there are way too many features that are missing from Keep that will keep away long-time Evernote users. Chief among those missing features would be tagging, nesting/grouping of notes and the built-in OCR (optical character recognition) that allows a user to search and categorize images or PDFs that have been uploaded into their collection of notes. Another glaring omission is a web app. While Evernote has an extension/webapp called Webclipper–which makes saving webpages and articles to notebooks a snap–Keep has no such thing. Users are forced to bookmark the web page or use the Android app with no other alternatives.

Additionally, there is quite a bit of mystery over why Keep was released on a nondescript Wednesday in the middle of March. In the week prior to Keep’s unintentional leak and then subsequent unveiling by Google, their power consumption service Google Reader had been killed off. This caused a tremendous uproar all across the internet with a very vocal user base screaming about how they had been done a great disservice and that Google could no longer be trusted. It is impossible to rule-out the possibility that Google wanted to give the internet something else to talk about to try and quell the fury caused by announcing an upcoming shutdown of such a tremendously awesome service.

This is especially curious because of the unfinished nature of Keep. The “Google bar” that runs across the top of the Google ecosystem was introduced as a way of unifying the various Google products and tying everything together with a clean, consistent interface. But if that were the case, why does Keep have an old and outdated version of the Google bar? In fact, some might might even see it as spiteful that the “More” drop-down that can be found on Keep’s Google bar not only hides away Calendar and Drive (two essential services), but it still includes a link to Reader. Ouch. What happened here?

The outdated Google bar, coupled with the various bugs and interface quirks, not to mention the number of times that the service appeared to have crashed shortly after the big reveal tend to suggest that Google wanted to rush this product out before it was good and ready. While that may be true, there is no doubt that Keep has a long way to go. If Google wants this to be a serious contender to replace note-taking services like Evernote or task lists like or their own Tasks service, then they have a steep climb in front of them. We can only hope that Google spends the time and resources necessary to build upon the promising base that they’ve established with the release of Google Keep.…

Central Pacific Bank Secured Credit Card

Residents of Hawaii are often looking for bank options.  Some will actively seek a Central Pacific Bank secured credit card.  Central Pacific Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States and it’s headquarters are in Hawaii.  There is current a Visa secured credit card option from this bank but remember there are other credit card opportunities as well. It might be smart to look up several different secured and unsecured credit cards before making a final decision in 2013 and beyond.

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Secured Credit Cards Help Build a Strong Credit History

There are some borrowers of money who have made very poor financial decisions in the recent past which makes it very hard to get ahead when it comes to finances.  These individuals may need to seek out unique borrowing opportunities as normal unsecured credit cards have not solved any problems.  In fact, it is often the case that bad credit borrowers end up abusing unsecured credit cards because they have a line of credit that is money they have yet to earn.  Enter secured credit cards.

A secured credit card acts in the same was as an unsecured credit card but borrowers must put down collateral or a “down payment” before spending any money on the card.  This deposit is usually sent through a cashiers check or money order.  If that particular borrower is a customer of the bank they can use money in a bank account or checking account.  Each financial institution has different requirements when it comes to the amount of money that can be put down.  Some banks limit this amount to $1000 or $2000 while other banks increase the limit to $5000 or $10,000.

Central Pacific Bank Secured Credit Card

When looking to apply for the Central Pacific Bank secured credit card always remember to consider every single option before hitting apply now or submitting an application at a bank location.  There are several different credit card options available from Central Pacific Bank so do not feel as if a secured credit card is the only way to build credit and borrow cash.  Here is much more information on the secured credit card for the Central Pacific Bank website:

“Secured Visa® Card

If you need to improve or re-establish your credit history1 , here’s a great way to begin that process. With the Secured Visa Card, you’ll enjoy the convenience of credit including the option to carry a balance while earning interest on your savings account.


Provides an excellent opportunity for someone starting a credit history or for someone who has been turned down for a credit card.

Simply open a secured savings account that is pledged as security for your credit card account.

Merchants and retailers won’t know your card is secured when you use it to make purchases.

Cardmember Benefits

Visa credit card also come with a variety of important features, including: extended warranty coverage, free collision damage insurance and zero fraud liability.2 See Consumer Card Features and Benefits for a complete listing of all card benefits.

Special Offers

Receive up to a $5,000 credit limit.

Purchase APR

Variable APR currently 20.99%. See Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Annual Fee

$35 Annual Fee

Minimum Requirements

Applicant must be 18 years of age, have a U.S. address and a Social Security number. A minimum security deposit of $300 is required ($5,000 maximum).”

Note that the variable APR is currently 20.99%. This is a very high interest rate on any amount of money borrowed. Those looking for bad credit installment loans and bad credit unsecured personal loans may find interest rates at more attractive levels.  As most bad credit borrowers know, finding low interest rates on any amount of money borrowed can be quite difficult.  That said, there should be a few bank options in the state of Hawaii.

Bank Alternatives in Hawaii

There are currently nine financial institutions with headquarters in the state of Hawaii with one of these banks being Central Pacific Bank.  Just because a bank is not headquartered in the state of Hawaii it does not mean there are not branches on the islands.  In fact, there are many banks that have headquarters in California and other states that have quite the presence in Hawaii.  Here are some bank alternatives that are headquartered in the state:

  • First Hawaiian Bank
  • Bank of Hawaii
  • Territorial Savings Bank
  • Hawaii National Bank
  • Pacific Rim Bank
  • Ohana Pacific Bank

Also note that those seeking secured credit cards in 2013 and beyond can do plenty of research online. Almost all banks will be willing to let potential customers contact them about a credit card. Unlike a checking account or home loan it is not necessary to be in a local area to take out a credit card. Actually, most credit card applications are done online now.  Even the credit cards that are preapproved ask potential customers to go online and fill out the information.  This makes it easier to apply for a secured credit card in Hawaii.

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Before going through many application steps it might be smart to have all information ready.  Many of these credit card applications do not have a save now and complete later feature.  This is unfortunate, but it is simply the way it is right now.  Do not think that credit card applications are long.  You may be surprised at just how short some of these applications are.  Some of the basic information like name and address as as well as annual income are part of the application.

How to Use a Central Pacific Bank Secured Credit Card

Unlike regular credit cards it is often the case that a secured credit card has a much lower credit limit.  Some borrowers of unsecured credit cards have received limits as high as $15,000 to $25,000.  This is highly unlikely with a Central Pacific Bank secured credit card.  In fact, the maximum amount has been set at $5000.  This is a good thing for many borrowers.  Rather than spending a ton of money that has not been earned it is much smarter to spend money that you actually have.

A secured credit card is basically like an allowance from when you were little.  The amount of money that can be spent on the credit card is the deposit that is given upon signing up.  Basically, if you put $3000 down you will have a $3000 credit limit on that specific secured credit card.  If you max out the card and do not pay off the amount the lender will already have the money so they will be out nothing.  This is completely different than an unsecured credit card.

If an individual has a $10,000 credit limit on an unsecured credit card and they max out the card there is nothing the credit card company can do to get this money.  They can send letters or hurt a credit score but they took a risk when they offered this unsecured debt. I would never suggest anyone do this as it will kill a credit history.  If someone defaults on a $10,000 line of credit it will take a very long time to build a credit score back to a respectable level.  This mean it could take years or even decades to have the opportunity to buy a new car or home.  When making any type of major purchase banks and lenders will look at a credit score and credit history.

After a credit score has been knocked or hit it might take a secured credit card to help rebuild that credit.  Some financial advisors will suggest putting the smallest down payment possible on a secured credit card.  Starting with $500 or $1000 might be a good choice.  Using the Central Pacific Bank secured credit card simply for gas, groceries and drug store purchases will mean the bills will not rack up quickly.  Note that this can be very hard to do for anyone who has used a credit card to make every single purchase in the recent past.

Getting Low Interest Rates on Credit Cards

The only possible way to get extremely low interest rates on a credit card is to prove to be a solid and responsible borrower of money.  Unfortunately, anyone seeking a secured credit card or a bad credit installment loan is probably considered an irresponsible borrower of money.  Paying down all high interest rate debts and keeping balances low on credit cards is a great way to increase the odds of getting low interest rates on personal loans, home loans or credit cards.

It takes more than just this though.  Borrowers will also need to have paid off a car loan, personal loan or even home loan in the last few years to be a truly good borrower of money.  If individuals have student loans they have paid over time this is another good sign that they have been a responsible borrower.  In more words or less, people need to get bills but pay them as quickly as possible.  Sometimes life gets tough and it is very hard to pay these bills but things will eventually turn around and the debts should be addressed as soon as possible.…

Fayetteville NC Banks with Bad Credit Personal Loans

In the state of North Carolina residents will find that there are many options available when it comes to credit unions, local community banks, regional banks and national banks. With Bank of America and Wells Fargo having a huge presence in Charlotte there are opportunities to borrow money. Some will seek out Fayetteville NC banks with bad credit personal loans. Finding access to $500, $1500 or $5000 have gotten a little bit easier as the overall economy has improved since the credit crisis.

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Fayetteville NC Banks with Bad Credit Personal Loans

With Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base being located in Fayetteville, North Carolina it comes as little surprise that there are many banks and financial institutions in the area. These military members need somewhere to house their money. Some of these same individuals will also look to borrow money to pay for a car, truck, motorcycle, van or SUV. Before making any type of major purchase it never hurts to consider financing options.

As stated earlier, there are a ton of well known banks that have a presence in the state of North Carolina. Whether you are looking for options from Regions Bank, SunTrust, BB&T or First Citizens Bank there are branch locations. It is sometimes best to physically go to a branch location to discuss the options that are currently available. If you have improve a credit score to a level above 660 over the past few months or years there is a good chance you could gain access to some very large loan amounts. Here are some options in Fayetteville, NC:

  • Capital Bank
  • Fayetteville Postal Credit Union
  • State Employees Credit Union
  • Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union

Note that these are not the only banks in the area. It also might not hurt to check out Raleigh NC bad credit loans. Raleigh, North Carolina was the home to RBC Bank before it was bought out by PNC. With a ton of local ties to the banking industry Fayetteville, NC residents are not going to find it difficult to gain access to different banks. The difficulty may be qualifying for a personal loan or a bad credit installment loan.

Low Credit Score Car Installment Loans in Fayetteville

For some reason bad credit score car installment loans are very popular in military towns. It is amazing to see just how many lenders are willing to offer low credit score borrowers money. Remember that some lenders have tightened their practices after the credit crisis but there are still many that will be more than happy to help you come up with $10,000 or $15,000 to make that new car or truck purchase. If you plan on buying a brand new Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado you are going to need to get a very large loan. Some of these newer trucks can cost $40,000.

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Before making this financial commitment it might be best to step back and look at the big picture. If you buy a car or truck that is this expensive you are going to be paying $500 a month over the course of the next five years. If you have no money to put down it is going to make it quite difficult to pay this amount of cash. Although the military offers some great incentives to those who enlist it is still not a wise choice to spend all that money before you even get it in your bank account.

This is something to think about as there are plenty of opportunities to buy used cars in Fayetteville, NC. There is a Craigslist subdomain that has hundreds of used cars listed every single day. By scouring the Craigslist Fayetteville, NC used cars section many potential car buyers will be able to find vehicles as low as $1000. This might be well worth the savings as the rest of that money can go into a checking account that is building interest.

Finding low interest rate loans have become a little bit easier with technology. When searching on Google or any search engine remember to do plenty of homework on a company. Just because that company ranks highly in Google search it does not mean it will be the best company for your needs. Keep this in mind moving forward. Read the fine print and understand what alternatives are available when it comes to online loans or loans at a bank branch location.…

Perspective is Very Important When Offering Any Advice

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

This is an article I have been meaning to write for quite some time. It is a topic that is near and dear to my heart as it has helped to determine my successes and my failures. One word. Perspective. We have all seen different things with our two or, in my case, four eyes. My experiences over the last half decade have shaped my opinions on social media, SEO and life in general. What I have seen and experienced is completely different from anyone else who has generated income online. That said, the information I provide on this website is not factual, it is opinion based with an interesting perspective.

Yes, I Am a Bit Extreme

In graduate school I learned quickly that being extreme on one side or the other is much easier to market than sitting on the fence. There is a reason Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern can name their price to advertisers. Someone who does not have a strong opinion one way or the other is simply not as interesting to the public. There is a reason for everything I do when it comes to social media. Am I really a Google fanboy. Well, maybe. Google is my main revenue generator so I have to tout them a little bit, right?

If you have followed my Google+ posts or the articles on this website you know that I am very pro Google and anti Apple and Facebook. Once again, there is a reason for this. Not only do my readers enjoy this sentiment but I have been through quite a few graduate school classes and experiences that help me shape my opinion that Google will come out on top. Will it happen tomorrow? No way. Will it happen next year? Highly unlikely. That said, readers like predictions and I see the writing on the wall.

SEO and Social Media – Nothing is Set in Stone

Do I offer advice on SEO and social media? Absolutely. Should you take everything as black and white? Absolutely not. My goal with this website is to offer a first hand perspective from an independent Internet Marketer who has learned everything from trial and error. I read and educate myself on as many topics as possible but it ultimately comes down to trying something and seeing what works.

My goal is not to be the SEO consultant for WalMart, Best Buy or Time Warner Cable. My goal is to help my readers look at things in a different way. From personal experience and using perspective I have seen that quality content of length and social media are a great way to get started when it comes to building a strong website. Is this the only way to build a website that gets traffic? Absolutely not. I am certain that if you had a budget of $500,000 you could get plenty of web traffic in other ways. I do not do it this way.

If you read this website for social media and SEO advice please accept that this is solely the opinion of one guy sitting in Chapel Hill, NC enjoying life. I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I am probably wrong most of the time. I know I have been wrong a ton in the past with the algorithm updates. After learning from my mistakes I feel as if I have a much better grasp as to what it takes to start a website from scratch in 2013. In less than four months I have achieved over 1000 daily visitors for this website so I have had some success.

Does this mean I am an expert or a guru? Nope. In fact, I am certain there are plenty of other people out there that have built websites with twice the traffic in half the time. My goal is to steadily build organic search traffic along with social media traffic. I will never be the go to source for everyone. If you market products on Facebook you will probably disagree with many of my predictions. If you use all Apple products and you own stock in AAPL you probably don’t read Wojdylo Finance.

I have no desire to be everything to everyone. There are quite a few people out there that agree with me and even more that disagree. That is fine. This is a learning process and I am having a great time doing it. Whether you agree or disagree with my SEO and social media predictions is up to you but please do not take me as a credible source. There are companies that you can pay well over $1000 a month to get that information. Look at this website from my perspective and understand how and why I use it.…

Do What Works for Your Website or Business

Everyone seems to have the answers, especially when it comes to the Internet. Gurus and experts claim to help your business rank #1 for every keyword you desire. Some will even state that they can get 50,000 Facebook fans or 15,000 Twitter followers for your small business. Let me be the first to say that every situation is unique. Before taking any advice understand that you should do what works for your website or business. I recently wrote an article that perspective is very important when offering any advice. No one knows it all. Some may know more about a certain niche and their advice is much more valuable than the “be all, end all” get rich quick scheme.

Different Websites Have Different Goals

Last night I asked my Google+ following what would be a sufficient amount of traffic for their website. Some were happy with a few hundred visitors while others wanted 15,000 or more. I would guess that a tech website writing on popular smartphones is probably going to desire a little more traffic than a lawn care company in Waynesville, North Carolina. Create a realistic goal and do your best to reach that goal. There is no point in trying to be everything to everyone. If you do this your business model is already broken.

When it comes to web traffic remember that the number is not the only thing that matters. If you are selling insurance you may need only one visitor a day. If you are selling T-Shirts you may need 200 visitors a day. If you are selling tokens on Facebook games you may need 10,000 visitors a day. Fortunately, there are resources available that can help you figure out what works for your website or your business.

It may very well be the case that you simply want to use a website to generate some side income. If you are looking to make an extra $200 a month for the car payment you likely don’t need to spend six hours a day on social media building relationships. You also don’t need to write 10 daily blog posts about your niche. Do what works for you!

Everyone is An Expert with Advice

I will admit that I am on social media a little too much, but there is one thing that irks me consistently. Everyone has the answers and wants to give advice. I was very reluctant to offer any SEO or Social Media services for well over a year. I am not an expert. I will never claim to be an expert. I know a lot about social media and SEO but my desire is not to generate a full time income from consulting. I have other goals in mind. Several of my friends have paid me for my area of expertise and they pushed me to put up a page to help others. As you probably know from all of my content, I will never tell you that one thing works over another. Just know that everything is fluid and you need to do what works for your business or website.

If someone claims to be an expert is it very easy to feel them out. If they tell you that you must create a Facebook page or must create a Google+ business page you might want to run away. There is no set in stone method for everyone. The way I generate traffic to my website will likely not work for someone in a different niche. In fact, I would strongly discourage some people from creating as much content as I do. If content creation is not in your blood you shouldn’t push it. You will hurt your website or business more than you will help it.


You do you. I know this is a cliche but it is so true in the Internet and business world. Find what works for you and polish that skill. There are a million ways to peel an onion. Wait. Something like that. Anyway, recognize that all the some of these called experts are trying to prove something that may or may not be true. As JC Kendall likes to say, “if you say you are an expert, it ain’t true.”…

No, You Absolutely Cannot Blog for a Living

Many people ask me, can I blog for a living? Almost every single time my answer is, “absolutely not!” The only way you can blog for a living is if you can eat, breathe and sleep blogging, Google, social media and the Internet in general. Unless you can devote well over 60 hours a week to building a blog or website I would say that you better stick to your day job. There is nothing wrong with creating a little bit of side income through blogging but do not expect it to be your full source of income. But Jesse, how do you do it?

Blogging for a Living Takes Time

Lets get something straight very early in this content. I have been actively researching and digesting all the updates to the Google algorithm for over five years. If you don’t understand the terms crawled, indexed, cached, QDF, linked, queries or sitemaps you have a lot to learn. If you aren’t well versed in analytics, adsense (other advertising options), affiliate marketing, or webmaster tools you have even more to learn. This takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, it takes several months just to start the process of understanding how to create amazing contant and track it.

I would imagine it takes well over 400 hours just to grasp some of the basic concepts of blogging and that doesn’t even begin to include how social media has changed SEO forever. If you want to spend a couple of hours a day on a blog you simply cannot resort on blogging as your sole form of revenue. In fact, some of the more influential bloggers I know are happy to make $10 or $20 a day. These are individuals who get 1000s of daily visitors and they have been doing it for years.

Can a Blog Make Money on Day 1?

No. Absolutely not. Unless you already have an Internet presence elsewhere there is no way you can make money on Day 1. You might set up Google Adsense and get lucky with a few clicks that make a few bucks but there is no way you can create sustainable income from day 1. That said, if you know many in the business and you have built strong relationships you stand a much better chance to make money early in your blogging career.

I will be the first to admit, I will not link to your content unless it is simply amazing. Until you have build some authority and you have knowledge of a specific subject you are not going to create quality content. The ultimate goal with blogging is to build authority and much of that comes through link building. You cannot start a sports blog on Saturday and expect to see Sports Illustrated and ESPN link to you by Monday. In fact, you cannot even expect that in the first year!

How Long Does it Take to Make Money on a Blog?

If you are willing to live, breath, eat and sleep on the Internet you will likely be able to start making some money by the second month of a blog. By some money we are talking about $50 to $100. This is greatly dependent on your form of revenue. Blogs make money in different ways whether it be through affiliate marketing, advertising, email lists or membership sites. No matter how you generate income on your website you cannot expect to be making thousands by month #2.

If you want to create sustainable income through your blog I would suggest preparing for a six month journey; at least! This is why I titled this article, “No, You Absolutely Cannot Blog for a Living!” Most people do not have six months to create a stream of revenue. There are many extenuating circumstances that make this impossible. If you have any responsibilities at home such as children or a significant other they deserve your time. If you have bills to pay that deserves your money. I could go on and on.


Unless you have six months to devote 60 hours a week to blogging and social media I would not plan on creating a website that is going to make a substantial amount of money. If you have this time, feel free to contact me and we will talk about a content creation strategy. If you are unwilling to write multiple articles a day or create multiple YouTube videos you are going to have a very difficult time building authority. Keep this in mind before starting your online adventure.…

Home Depot July 4th Sales and Deals

Please join the Google+ Shopping Sales and Deals community to get up to the second prices.

One of the most popular holiday shopping weekends in the summer is the weekend of July 4th. In 2013, Independence Day will fall on a Thursday which means many hard working Americans will take a four day weekend. Some will travel to the beach or mountains while others look for the most popular holiday sales and deals. Some will seek out Home Depot July 4th sales and deals in 2013 in hopes of getting low prices on a new lawn mower, appliance or some outdoor patio furniture. Before making a final purchase decision remember to check out the competition.

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Home Depot July 4th Sales and Deals 2013

When looking for the absolute lowest prices of the summer it is hard to argue that July 4th offers some great opportunities. Whether you are buying a washer & dryer, paint, a brand new push mower or lawn and garden items there will be markdowns throughout the United States. Remember that Lowes July 4th sales will be impressive but shoppers should also consider Home Depot, Sears and WalMart. By checking out the competition most potential shoppers will be able to better gauge how much they are going to spend during the holiday weekend.

Appliances are a very high priced purchase. This big ticket item type is usually only purchased once every few years. With that being the case, it is smart to research and see if there are any sales available. During holiday events retailers like Best Buy, HHGregg, Costco, Lowes and Sears offer mark downs for major kitchen and laundry appliances. Remember that not every retailer will carry the same brands. The Kenmore appliance line is exclusive to Sears and KMart. There are a few other brands that you may only be able to find at your local appliance store.

There are thousands of local appliance stores throughout the United States. By using Google Maps or a search directory you can find just how close these stores are. It never hurts to give them a call and see if they will be offering some type of major July 4th sales event. You may find that they are willing to throw in some incentives if you are willing to finance through them as well. Always check the interest rate on the financing before moving forward with a purchase.


SKU # 561184



SKU # 1000004061



SKU # 715965



SKU # 710058



SKU # 636240



SKU # 793237



SKU # 731533



SKU # 404997



SKU # 969532



SKU # 959633



SKU # 834881



SKU # 109197



SKU # 997255



SKU # 306575



SKU # 365896



SKU # 298815



SKU # 715305



SKU # 857582



SKU # 476219



SKU # 785653


Remember that these are the prices for the major Father’s Day sale that will go on in June 2013. These prices will likely be similar to the prices that are available during the July 4th 2013 sale that will take place at the end of June and beginning of July. If you have a specific item you are looking for please feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to help you find some very low prices from Home Depot or one of their competitors.

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Shopping on July 4th Weekend in 2013

When going shopping on any holiday weekend it is a good idea to come up with a strategy. Check out the parking situations at the local shopping malls and outlet malls. This will allow you to better understand if you need to car pool or not. It might even be worth it to take the bus or train to some of these shopping locations. If you do not plan ahead you could be driving around for hours looking for a place to park. This is not a good way to start a shopping experience.

You may also want to consider looking at some of the online sales and deals that will be taking place. There are a ton of great websites that offer hourly sales during major holiday events. Think about this before heading out and fighting the crowd. It is now the case that some of these online retailers are willing to offer free shipping as well. If you can get free or low cost shipping there is no reason to fight the mayhem that will be going on at shopping malls and retail locations throughout the United States.…