All Good Things Must Come to an End

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Weird. That is the only adjective I can come up with to describe how I feel about Dorrie Prouty no longer being in my life. It may not be the most eloquent description, but it is exactly how I feel right now. It is almost hard to believe how much this amazing woman has changed my life in six months and now its over. Here is how it all came to an end.

The End is Here

I entered the retirement community like any other day last Friday and I went to the second floor. As I approached Dorrie’s apartment/room I noticed the door was close. I asked the nurse if I could go in and she said it was fine. Upon entering Dorrie’s room I quickly noticed a woman I had never seen before. She introduced herself as Dorrie’s daughter. The nurse introduced me as “Jesse, Dorrie’s volunteer.” The moment Dorrie’s daughter looked me in the eyes I knew. I absolutely knew what it meant. I look down and Dorrie and asked her how she was. Her response, “Oh, not so well.” It was a very awkward moment as Dorrie did not even recognize me and I am certain her daughter was thinking, who is this guy? After a brief conversation about Dorrie’s granddaughter going to Wake Forest I explained that I was not feeling well and I would see Dorrie on Monday.

As I exited the retirement community last Friday I honestly thought it was the last time I would ever see Dorrie alive. I was almost expecting the phone call all weekend but it did not happen. On Monday, April 1st, 2013, exactly six afterI met Dorrie for the first time I entered the facility to spend time with Dorrie. As I got on the elevator I just had that feeling that things were not right. I think we have all had that feeling at one time in our lives. As I walked over to Dorrie’s apartment my eyes had to endure one of the worst sights I had ever seen.

I looked in Dorrie’s room and everything had been removed except her bed and a large fan. I did not want to go in without talking to the nurse. I found Delores and asked her if I could go in. She said, “I am not sure but Jesse.” She simply gave the thumbs down motion. I tried to remain as strong as possible and I said, “I know.” We sat for a few minutes and talked. She explained the Dorrie’s daughter left on Friday and she was not going to return until Dorrie passed. Dorrie’s son from Virginia had come down over the weekend and cleaned out the room.

To change the subject we just talked about life. I know she was doing her best to keep my mind off the inevitable. After talking for about 20 minutes Delores had to help some other residents. She said I could go in and see her but she likely would not recognize me. At 11:20 am on April 1st, 2013 I entered room 4211 for the final time. I looked down at Dorrie who was struggling in every sense of the word. These were her last precious seconds of the 88 years of her life. I spoke a little louder than usual and I said, “Hello Dorrie.” For a brief moment that wandering, beautiful blue eyes looked up at me. I know, deep down, that she recognized me for those brief moments. I looked deep into those eyes and I said, “Dorrie, I love you.” I saw her close her eyes for the final time and I kiss her forehead.

I have not received the final phone call telling me she has passed but everyone has agreed there is no reason for me to return to volunteer with her. I have grown so accustomed to getting up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and volunteering with Dorrie from 10:00 to noon. I have requested another resident to work with during the same time each week and the volunteer coordinator has said she will find something that works out. One thing is for certain. There will never be another Dorrie Prouty. When I walk by room 4211 there will be only one way to describe it. Weird.

Dorrie Prouty proved so many things to me but I think the most important thing I have realized with this volunteer experience is that time brings out the best (and worst) in people. Coming from a guy that loves to rush everything, I now realize that it takes patience to get what you want in life. I seriously doubt I will every start a serious romantic relationship in my life without know that particular female for, you got it, six months. The amount of time I got to spend with Dorrie Prouty.…

A Change of Scenery is Very Effective for Enhanced Creativity

Does a change of scenery boost your creativity? – Write Now!

Just the other day I mentioned that I rarely, if ever, get writer’s block. I honestly feel that one of the reasons for this is I am afforded a change of scenery whenever I desire. This is not available to most as they have a specific workplace environment. My workplace environment changes on a daily basis. I have worked from Hawaii, San Diego, Las Vegas, Houston, Raleigh and now Chapel Hill all in the last few years. I would like to think that this has been quite the change of scenery that allows my creative juices to flow.

A Change of Scenery is Very Important to Creativity

Many hard working individuals get into a routine. They get up at the same time. They take the same route oo the way to work. Their lunch break is around the same time. They leave the workplace around 5:00 and take that same route back home. Dinner is served at a similar time every weeknight. After dinner they read a book, the newspaper or watch a little TV. As the day winds down they prepare to do the exact same thing tomorrow. Fortunately, I do not live that life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with consistency and coming up with a routine that works for you. I find that when I get into the same routine for more than a few weeks I hit a wall. I can no longer think outside the box and my creativity is shot. This is exactly what I do not want as creative content is a big part of my success. Every single day I take a walk on a different trail. Every day I do my best to adjust my schedule so it is not similar to yesterday. Once again, I am very fortunate to have these options.

If you want to enhance your creativity I strongly suggest trying something a little bit different in the next week. Take a different route to work. Instead of eating at the same restaurant try something different. If you are a baseball fan in the spring consider going to a tennis match. If you read fiction pick up a non fiction book. You will be very surprised how your brain reacts to something a little bit different. If you do this on a consistent basis you will really great the creative juices flowing.

Creative Content Generation is Not for Everyone

There are many jobs that do not require creative content. In fact, most jobs do not. Individuals working in Internet marketing, SEO or social media must be creative to succeed. If individuals are not creative on the Internet they are going to get run over. Trust me when I tell you that I have seen this time and again. You do not have to be the lead marketing director for Apple to be considered a creative mind but it does take a little bit of thinking outside the box every once in awhile.

Some of the most creative content producers use multiple resources. YouTube is amazing for video. Most importantly, it is free. Pinterest, Instagram, 500 px and countless other websites are amazing for pictures. Most of these options are free. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the best social products ever created. They are all free. Well, we could argue that Facebook is not but we won’t go down that road in this article. Coming up with a way to use video, pictures and the written word consistently might be just what it takes to bring your Internet presence to a new level. By using different sources for content creation you are automatically creating a change of scenery for yourself and your followers, viewers or readers.

Change Things Up to Enhance Your Creativity

Prior to writing this article I must admit that I had hit a wall physically. My body was not happy with my mind as I have done a little too much Crossfit lately. I honestly did not know if I had the energy to type this piece of content. After taking a walk into a different neighborhood I felt reenergized. I also played a YouTube song that I have not heard in years and I felt completely different. A little bit of a change in scenery goes a very long way.

I strongly suggest trying a few different things. Get those old CDs out from the 1990s. Watch some of those old Seinfeld episodes. Pull out the high school yearbook and see what superlatives you received. All of this will get your brain moving in several different directions. Before you know it you will have ideas for 20 new articles and videos. Now you just have to find the time to do them!…