How to Turn Down Social Media Noise and Get Work Done

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Anyone who works in social media or on the Internet in general knows that social media noise gets louder every single day. In fact, it is sometimes blaring out of control. This has become such a problem that programs and apps have been created to help reduce or filter the noise. Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and several other Twitter programs have made millions because of social media noise. There are ways to reduce the noise level. If you are wondering how to turn down social media noise and get work done you have come to the right place. Ironically, you probably found this article through social media.

You Cannot Consume All the Information

Many people come to me and ask how I can possibly keep up with all my notifications on Google+. With over 10,000 followers it can be a challenge at times. In fact, I would estimate that I average well over 500 notifications a day. Do I read and digest every single one of these notifications. No way. There is no way that I would have the time to do this. I definitely try to filter through to the most important notifications but I do not read them all.

I also limit my notifications on Google+. I do not turn on notifications from circles or communities. The only notification I receive is from a comment on a post, a +1 or or an added follower. This makes life a little bit easier. I have a much smaller following on Twitter so I only get a handful of notifications on that social network. I try to respond to most of them but it is never more than 20 or so.

I am a firm believer in not looking at all tweets or Google+ posts. I feel as if the good information will find me. I might be a little zen like in this thinking but I do not have the time to go through all Google+ posts and every single Tweet. This would take several hours a day. In fact, I do not even have any Twitter lists. I simply check it on my phone, see what catches my eye and move on. In all reality, I only look for the most interesting content shared by specific users on Twitter. I only follow about 275 Twitter accounts and over half of them are sports related. This cuts down on the noise significantly.

One thing I would encourage is to avoid the follow back mentality. If you follow everyone that follows you there is going to be way too much noise in a Google+ stream or a Twitter feed. I will follow someone I find interesting for a few days to see what they have to offer. If I do not like what I see I unfollow them. I do not feel bad about this in any way. We all have a different idea as to what is quality. I am not a #teamfollowback type of guy. I am a “give me amazing content” type of guy.

Walk Away. Several Times a Day

Just last week I wrote the article, “A Daily Walk Can Do Wonders for Work Productivity“. If you can walk away from social media you will find that it makes it much easier to get work done. I would also guess that you will enjoy it a little bit more when you return. It is like many other things in life. Everything is good in moderation. If you are consuming 10 hours of social media content a day you are going to burn yourself out. Trust me when I tell you. I have a motor that runs 100 mph while I am awake and there is only so much you can consume before hitting a wall.

Even if you don’t have the ability to get up and physically walk away it never hurts to close those apps on your smartphone. Turn the iPhone off, close all the tabs on your browser and get productive. Something that I have trouble with is the amount of tabs I have open at any given time. There are times I have 15 or more tabs open. To alleviate all the noise I try to reduce that to one or two when I am writing content or working.

The fact that Google+ and Twitter constantly tells you how many notifications you have is not healthy for productivity. Turn the noise down or completely off and you will be surprised how quickly you can get work done. The United States is filled with procrastinators. Rather than waiting until the last minute to get your work done it might be a good idea to turn down the social media noise and get ahead. Remember that this is not just on a desktop or laptop. Turn the apps off on your Android or iPhone as well. You will be surprised at how much you can get done.…

How I Handle 500 Google Plus Notifications a Day

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

I wake up at 8:15 am excited. I know this is another day in which I will be challenged while also enjoying every second. I take a few moments to prepare then I hit the ground running. After the first few minutes of my morning ritual I pick up my Nexus 4 and check the Google Plus app. I tend to have between 15 and 20 notifications every morning. “I just checked all my notifications around midnight thirty last night so how can there be this many?!” The day begins…

The Life of a Social Media Marketer

Finding a way to handle all of my Google Plus notifications has been a process. I did not start on Google Plus and immediately have 10,000 followers. In fact, back in March of 2012 I wrote this post explaining why I didn’t want thousands of Google Plus followers. At the time I was at 300 and my wish did not come true. I currently have around 11,000 followers. I am also very active on Google Plus as I tend to post over 15 times a day and comment as much as I can. So, here is how my day goes.

Photo by AndroidCentral

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I volunteer from 10 am to noon at a retirement community. While at the community I rarely check my notifications. Prior to leaving for my volunteering efforts I will post an article to Wojdylo Finance that is shared through my Google Plus profile. The morning post that is shared may or may not gain traction. I get to the retirement community around 9:50 and I check my Nexus 4 before going in. I usually have five to eight notifications. I will respond to anything that is absolutely necessary.

I enjoy every second of my volunteer experience. It is my opportunity to get away from the computer and social media. It is a true joy to sit and talk with those who could care less what others think. They definitely have no desire to be online. That is an article for another time. Around noon I leave the retirement community and, once again, check my Nexus 4. If the morning post gained any traction I can have anywhere from 10 to 20 notifications. Before leaving I do my best to respond to anyone that has a question or has left a great comment. I also thank those that have shared my article.

Just after 12:20 I arrive home and I start making my lunch. I grab my MacBook Air and set it on the kitchen table. I usually post a picture of what I am making or what I am craving. By 1:00 I have about 10 more notifications. I do not address these until after I eat. With a full stomach it is time to really get the day really going. Over the course of the next four hours I am inundated with Google Plus. I write articles, I read as much as possible and I interact with my following. I also try to search Google Plus for new users that might be of interest.

From 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm I get well over 250 notifications. I am checking them constantly. Sometimes it is a simple +1 and other times it is a friend or business partner privately messaging me about a hangout or a business proposal. During this time I also post about 10 Google Plus posts related to social media. It ranges from graphs to articles from major publications. Let us just say that I am very busy and the “little red number” never stops. While I am on my laptop my goal is to keep this number under seven. It can be difficult at times.

I am also writing articles for Wojdylo Finance this whole time. My ultimate goal is to get three or four quality articles shared on Google Plus during this time. There are some days this is a piece of cake and other days I have to turn everything off and work diligently to produce the content I desire.

Time to Relax After 5:00 pm

As 5:00 pm is approaching I know that my Google Plus following is closing shop for the night. I try to get one last article written and shared by about 4:45 pm. It is sometimes a scramble to do this, but I get it done. Around 5:00 pm it is almost time to relax. If that is what you want to call it. From 5:00 pm to about 9:00 pm I know there is little engagement on my Google Plus posts. Trust me. I have tested it multiple times. This is the time I like to read, exercise, clean up my website, eat and just relax.

During the school year I take part in Crossfit at UNC at 8:30. This means the timeframe from 8:00 to 9:30 is blocked off as I like to get their early and stay late. I am a bit of a socializer if you didn’t notice. I tend to be physically drained after Crossfit so I will lay on the track and rest until I gain my composure. Once this happens, I grab my Nexus 4 and check my updates. The number can be anywhere from five to 20. I will respond to anything that is necessary.

When I return home I take a shower and relax for about five minutes and 17 seconds. I grab a nutrition shake and I am at it again. I try to write an article or two and share it via Google Plus. From about 10:30 pm until midnight thirty I am getting notifications. I do not use my laptop as much as most of these notifications are addressed via mobile on my Nexus 4 while I am reading. “Turning it off” by 11:00 pm every night is my goal but it does not always happen.

What a Day on Google Plus

When all is said and done around midnight thirty it is time to hit the Jesse Wojdylo off switch. Just before bed I check my Nexus 4 one final time and address any notifications. As soon as my head hits the pillow I sleep so very well. I have never had issues sleeping. I wake up on Tuesday and it starts again with a little bit different schedule. If this post gains traction I will be more than happy to explain how my Tuesdays and Thursdays go as they can be a little more hectic.…