Photos or Photographers to Share on Google Plus for Free

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Sharing pictures to an online social profile is a very hairy subject. Some users will take screenshots and share anything that is online while others are very careful with a social share. In the last two weeks I have been educated by some brilliant minds on Google Plus. What I learned is that only Creative Commons Non Commercial photos are the only photos free to share from any website. Proper attribution and a link to the photographers website or photo is also necessary.

Photos and Photographers to Share on Google Plus or Any Website

After having multiple conversations about the property of photos I have decided to use only Google Plus photographers when sharing only a photo on a Google Plus post. Within the post I either plus mention the photographer or properly display their name or brand. I will also post a link to the website where Internet users can find more of their amazing work. I have bumped in to some amazing photographers that are more than happy to allow users to share their content. Here they are:

Trey Ratcliff – Stuck in Customs

Michael Bennett – Michlin Metals

Chris Smith – Out of Chicago

Alex Hernandez – Android Dissected

Chris MacKenzie – Photography

Ingo Meckmann – Meckimac

I have received permission from the following individuals but please contact them before sharing as we have a personal relationship:

Jack Durst – Fabulous Lake Tahoe Blog

Micheal B. Stuart – StuStuStudio

Photo Credit

If there are any other photographers that would like to be part of this list please feel free to comment below or connect with me on Google+. I will be more than happy to share your photos through my personal profile and in some of the communities that I manage.

Must We Give Photo Credit?

Prior to my discussions with the Google Plus photo intelligentsia I was unaware that users could not share pictures anywhere. After some digging I found that anything posted to my Google Plus profile is the property of Google. Therefore, Google has to deal with the legal issues. The easiest way for them to alleviate the problem is to delete my account. I am not willing to do that. If you have a social media account that you do not care about you can share pictures all day but remember that Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram or Google+ can delete that account at any time for lack of attribution to the photographer.

To cover your butt I would make certain that you get permission from the photographer before posting a picture. If this is not possible you can use the Google Image search to upload the picture and find the photographer. Most photographers are more than happy to allow you to share their content if you connect with them. I have only had one photographer that has told me that I cannot share their images. That said, may sure to cover your rear end.

The social media world is about sharing but there must be credit where credit is due. I would not be happy if someone stole this article word for word and did not give me credit. If you created an amazing video yet you were not credited, how would you feel? This is something to think about before taking that screenshot from Imgur or Google Images the next time you want to share a photo. A photographer worked very hard to get that shot so give them their well deserved credit.…

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