Google Plus is Not a Ghost Town Even on Friday Nights

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We have heard over and over that Google Plus is a ghost town. Major media publications point out that your friends and family members are not on Google Plus. There is no reason to be there. Blah. Blah. Blah. Well, I am here to prove that to be false, but from a different angle. Even if Google Plus only had 25,000 members it is still integrated into Google organic search and Google Local/Google Maps search. This means that all of those billions of searches happen to see Google plus posts and business pages. I don’t know about you but I would not consider Google Maps nor Google Search a ghost town.

Friday Nights on Google Plus

Over the last few days I have been ramping up my content creation as I have been in the creative sandbox. As I was sitting at a Friday night sporting event I could not stop the notifications on my Android Nexus 4. Those notifications were not from Twitter and they sure were not from Facebook. My Google Plus notification box would jump to five every single time I refreshed. This is not something that is new to me. Even on weekends and Friday nights I am seeing high levels of engagement.

Do not get me wrong, you cannot get this engagement if you don’t try. I have repeatedly said that Google Plus takes effort; lots of effort. Many businesses and individuals do not necessarily have time for this type of social media engagement. Those that do cannot keep up the business is doing so well. Vic Gundotra has stated many times that businesses are seeing as much as a 50% increase in click through rate (CTR) when they are using Google Plus as a measure for Internet Marketing.

This is not a surprise to me at all. After seeing many Google Plus posts rank in search it stands to reason that businesses with authority are seeing an improved click through rate (CTR). If you are not aware, CTR helps make money. A lot of money. Can you imagine your website or business seeing 50% more clicks than it does right now? I would imagine that might put a smile on your face. Businesses aside, there is still plenty of interaction and engagement on Google Plus.

Building Authority Brings Followers

As stated earlier, Google Plus takes effort. If you join Google Plus on a Wednesday and immediately post, “Whats up Google+?” and walk away you are not going to see high levels of engagement. If you actively seek out others with interest similar to yours that level of engagement increases drastically. If you are having trouble finding people with similar interest there is this awesome thing called a search bar. Use it. I would like to think Google has that search thing down pat.

Also, communities were created to bring like minded individuals together. If you have an interest in disc golf I can assure you there are other people active on Google Plus have an interest in disc golf. The greatest thing about the community of disc golfers is that they are using a Google product that ranks very well in Google search. This means as more and more people search for disc golf related keywords there is a good chance they will find…you!

If you are willing to put forth just a little bit of effort you will find that Google Plus is nothing close to a ghost town. As I mentioned earlier, it is often hard for me to keep up with the notifications. I have turned all the notifications off for my communities and specific circles because there is just too much activity. I know this is not the case for everyone but if you are willing to put forth the effort it can be for you.

If you are struggling to understand Google Plus or any social media network please feel free to reach out to me. I offer some help options at this resource – SEO and Social Media Help. If nothing else, reach out to me on Google Plus as we likely have something in common!…

How JC Kendall Changed My Life

It is nearly impossible for me to come up with words right now. JC Kendall was a man of great influence on my life. I just found out that he has passed. I think this is a shock to everyone that knew him. His fiancé Su Ann Lim was so meaningful to JC that he had changed his life for the better. He was eating more healthy, taking up yoga and just relaxing a bit. I saw these transformations through my daily and weekly moments with him. To honor JC I feel as if I should explain what he has done for me.

JC Kendall – A Man of Honesty

I will never forget having a Google+ hangout with Ronnie Bincer in May of 2012 to talk about how Google+ is changing the way we meet influencers. He mentioned that I should get in touch with JC Kendall as we would have a lot to talk about. For about a month I commented on his posts but never took the initative to have a hangout with him. On June 24th, 2012 JC shared my Google Plus Your Business eBook to his following. At the time, JC had 20 times the followers as I. After that mention I made it a point to do a hangout with JC.

Over the course of the next year we had many public and private hangouts. I was fortunate enough to be part of the TekPersona Power Panel. JC, Eli Fennell, Mark Traphagen and myself had many discussions on the Facebook business model. He was one of the brightest and most honest users on Google Plus. More than that, he was real. There was never a moment in which you had to worry about JC glossing over something in which he was passionate.

Anyone who took part in some of JC’s discussions knows that he was sometimes over the top. That is one of the reasons we got along so well. We both agreed, many times, that he was more than just a big brother to me. In a time when everyone has unique opinions about social media, Google, Facebook and everything technology related I can say that I never once had a disagreement with JC Kendall.

JC Kendall Changed My Career

In October and November of 2012 JC was one of the main reasons I decided to create Wojdylo Finance. He pointed out many mainstream news outlets that were copying my content from Google+. He was so adamant about me starting my own website that he gave me the WordPress theme for Wojdylo Finance. In many one on one discussions he helped me to realize the ways to monetize an online presence through branding. Sometimes it hurt to hear what he had to say but it made me a better blogger and content creator.

Just last month JC and I were talking about bringing back the TekPersona Power Panel to talk about some of the more important issues in social media. Even though there are tears running down my cheeks right now I have to smile thinking about all the times we blasted Facebook and they way they run their business model. I know many of you do not have a lot of time but please watch just a few minutes of this video hosted by JC.

As I said at the beginning of this article, words cannot even begin to describe how I feel right now. JC was a mentor and a great friend. When I look back on my career as a content creator, blogger and Internet Marketer JC will be one of those that comes to mind first. My heart goes out to Su Ann. Google+ will not be the same without JC. I will not be the same without JC and the world will not be the same without JC. If you do anything today please tell your loved ones how you feel and, like JC, be complete honest.…

Why Google Plus Has Me Hooked (After Only a Week)

Guest Post by Lauren Sutton

Wow. After the week I’ve had, that’s the only word that accurately sums up how I feel. I made my first Google+ post on January 27th, 2013 and the experiences I’ve had since have left me speechless. When Jesse Wojdylo sat me down and told me the opportunities that Google+ had to offer, I was skeptical (to put it lightly). But he reiterated several times that it would be an amazing way for a budding blogger’s voice to be heard, and that was something I had been searching for. Besides, there obviously had to be some perks for this guy to keep gushing on about it, right?

It didn’t take me long to realize the appeal. And man, was I blown away. The very first night I became active on Google+, I was entranced. My “hello” post ( was a huge success (much to my surprise), and I immediately got thrown into the thick of the community. I began making great connections and communicating with people from all walks of life. When my first article dropped on Wojdylo Finance on January 28th (, the surprises kept on coming. And they haven’t stopped yet.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I was getting a tad bit addicted. I was bragging about it to my friends, struggling to stay off of the site in class, and proudly showing off my laptop that has now adorned one of the infamous G+ stickers.

This is quite a drastic transformation from my previously doubtful self. So why the sudden change of heart? Here’s just a few reasons why Google+ already has me hooked.

You Can Proclaim Your Thoughts to the World or to an Audience of One

I haven’t had much time to do a lot of circle or community management, but I think circles are the greatest. I had no idea about the details of this feature prior to making my account. This is an aspect that is unavailable on any other social network. On Facebook and Twitter, you can control who you are friends with or who your followers are, but that’s about the extent of the regulation that you are able to do. Regardless of whether you are into blogging, business, or just being an average Joe, the possibilities are endless. The ability to tailor content to a specific audience is extremely advantageous.

For example, I can think of a few things I may wish to write about in the future that would be better portrayed to those in certain fields or age groups. The benefits from a businessman’s point of view are obvious. And as for the average guy, you have the ability to share, brag, and conceal whatever your heart desires. But here’s the cool thing – you don’t have to limit the amount of eyes that see your posts at all if you don’t want to. Anything can be made easily accessible by the entire community of G+ users. Circles are clever from a logistical standpoint and make the safety concerns of social networking a thing of the past – well, at least for Google+ users.

Google+ Gives the Phrase “Hey, Let’s Hangout!” a Whole New Meaning

I would like to give a shout out to Mr. Ronnie Bincer, who made the following comment on my last article in response to the question, “What do you think it would take to draw college students from Facebook?”

Oh, how right he was. I love hangouts. I’ve participated in a handful of private hangouts, and my first legitimate Google+ hangout was with Macklemore and Zach Quillen ( As someone who has only ever used Skype, ooVoo, etc. for video chat, I was completely astounded at how fluid hangouts have the potential to be. There is little to no lag and they’re extremely user friendly.

I can only imagine the potential that Google+ hangouts could have on a college campus. There would be no more study groups trekking across the grounds to meet, leadership teams could hold meetings from the comfort of their dorm or apartment, and smaller seminars would even have the ability to have class through a webcam. It is by far the best video chat software I have ever used. In fact, after I introduced hangouts to a friend of mine, we talked to each other in the same room for over thirty minutes playing with the special effects. They’re fun, they’re innovative, and they will become even more popular.

The Google+ Community is Second to None

This is definitely one of the major reasons why I’ve had such a wonderful first week on Google+ – the people here are incredible. From the minute I started posting, I’ve been welcomed with open arms by almost everyone I have come into contact with. I was hesitant to join Google+ partly because I did not know anyone else with an account. I had a hard time believing that a community of complete strangers – many of these strangers being very intelligent and highly educated – would have an interest in what I had to say. I was so wrong!

I have been continually surprised by how kind my followers have been. For example, earlier this week I posted that I would be taking a short hiatus due to the fact that I had three major exams in a two week period. I wasn’t sure how this well this would be received seeing as I had just started writing and publishing (although

I should have known that the break wouldn’t last long due to the aforementioned growing addiction), but I had nothing to worry about. The encouraging and thoughtful messages I received just cemented my feelings that I had made the right choice in jumping in and giving Google+ a shot.

Over the last week, I have been challenged repeatedly, in comical debates, intellectual discussions, and simply taking a stand and sticking with it. I’ve talked with and gotten to know people that I never would have been able to otherwise. I’ve felt more creative than I have in a really long time. I’ve had opportunities thrust at me that have made me step back and grin in disbelief.

Before the critics come swooping in, let me clarify something: I know that my time on Google+ this week will not necessarily be another new user’s experience as well. Not everyone will get to do a hangout with Macklemore, hit the “What’s Hot” page, and speak with influential people that are relevant to his or her interests within the first few days of joining – which leads me to my last and most vital reason why Google+ has captured my interest…

Google+ Makes Things Possible that No Other Social Network Can

Anyone has the potential to be successful on Google+ with the right content and attitude. I assure you, I would not have had any chance of being able to experience these things on Facebook or Twitter. Of that, I am certain. I have dreamed of writing and having my works read by an audience ever since I was a little girl. You, as you are scrolling through this article, are living proof that Google+ has made this happen for me. And for that, I’m hooked!

What are some of your favorite things about Google+? Are there any features not mentioned here that I’m missing out on?…

Why the Google Plus App for iPhone is Better Than Android

Most of my readers know that I am a lover of all things Google, including Android.  It is very rare that I make a claim that an iPhone feature is better than an Android feature.  It is especially hard for me to stake this claim when it comes to a Google product.  As much as it pains me to type this, the Apple iPhone Google Plus app is better than the Android Google Plus app (in certain ways).  Do not get me wrong, I think the Android app is great, but there are a few features that the iPhone app does better.

Circles are the Foundation of Google Plus

Google Plus was created with privacy as the backbone.  Internet users have repeatedly complained about privacy when it come to other social networks.  Google recognized this and allowed users to create circles to direct outgoing information.  If I did not want my parents to see pictures of my trip to Las Vegas I could share those pictures with just my “college buddies” circle.  If I didn’t want my college friends to see pictures of my family reunion I would simply share that content with my “extended family” circle.  I think you get the idea.

One of the great features of Google Plus is a user can notify a circle when it comes to a very important post.  Warning!  Before creating a circle and notifying those individuals of every single post it is important to remember that people are busy.  I do not send notifications to individuals unless they have proven they want to read my content through comments or personal messages.  If a user sends out too many notifications they become nosy and Google Plus has two awesome features – mute and block.  I try to avoid using the block feature but if I get three notifications a day about a ski trip in Vail I am probably going to consider blocking that person; I will definitely mute them.  Now that the warning is complete we must recognize that the ability notify a group of interested individuals can be very powerful.

I have built my following around social media and technology related content.  We can talk Apple vs Android or Google vs Facebook all day.  This is something they enjoy so I do not feel bad to notify them when I write a 1000 word article explaining why the Google Plus app for the iPhone is better than the Android.  I digress…

Apple iPhone Google Plus App Features

The image to the left shows the Apple iPhone Google Plus app screen when looking at who +1′d a post.  As you can see, under the name of each user I can see the circle(s) that I have for that particular user.  Any user with nothing under their name is not in any circles.  This is an awesome feature because it allows me to see where I have categorized an active user.  If I notice that Clayton Pritchard comments and +1s on all my Android related posts I probably need to put him in my Android circle.  This is especially important for those that are not in any circle.  If I consistently see the user Diane Barnett popping up as an individual who comments and +1s I probably need to contact her and ask her if she would like to be in a notification circle for my “juiciest” social media or tech related content.

Something else that the iPhone app does that is unique is the calculation of +1s on this particular screen.  The Android app will tell the user how many +1s a post has but not in the screen that displays who has +1′d a particular post.  One last feature about the Apple iPhone Google Plus app that I love – the scroll down to update feature.  I am not sure if Twitter has made this part of my life but I simply want to use my thumb to slide down the screen and get updates.  This is available in the notification box on iPhone but not on Android.  On Android there is a refresh circle you must use to update your notifications.

I know this is splitting hairs but I get over 500 notifications a day and I want them to be efficient.  I also want to be able to manage my circle from my mobile device.  I use the desktop version of Google Plus quite a bit but I think I honestly use the mobile version even more.  Being able to get more efficient notifications and maintaining my circles from the palm of my hand makes life so much easier.

Android Jelly Bean Google Plus App Features

As stated at the beginning of this article, I love all things Google.  I cannot express in words how much I enjoy my Nexus 4.  It is one of the best pieces of technology I have ever used in my lifetime.  That said, the features mentioned above are not available on the Google Plus app for Android.  Lets take a look.

The image to the left shows the Android Google Plus app when looking at who +1′d a post.  Notice the difference from the iPhone iOS app.  First of all, you do not see how many users have +1′d a post.  This is not a concern for me as the previous screen will show me that.  This issue I have is that I cannot see the circles that I have these users.  I can click on the user to see their profile page which will show me the circles I have them in but that is one too many steps.  If Rand Wilson is an iPhone lover and an Android hater I probably do not want to notify him of all my Android related content.  If Lauren Sutton is a diehard Facebook user I may not want to send her my, “The Exodus of Facebook is Coming” posts.  Well, maybe I do.  That is neither here, nor there.

As noted before, I also cannot slide down to update my notifications.  The notification box can only be updated by hitting the refresh circle.  These are features that I would love to see Android implement in the very near future.

If circle management and notifications are important to you the iPhone Google Plus app is better.  It pains me to say it, but I am only reporting the facts on March 7th, 2013.…

Why Travel is So Very Important for Creativity

At this point my constant readers know that creativity is necessary when it comes to any type of marketing. This is especially true with Internet Marketing. Most of the ideas content creators….well, create, have been tried and tried again. Only the most creative will do something that is truly unique and viral. One way that I like to get the creative juices flowing is to put myself in an unusual environment. When my eyes see a different surrounding it’s as if the brain starts to jump all over the map.

Creativity Takes Effort

I am not a scientist. In fact, I made a C+ in Chemistry 101 at NC State. Yes, I will emphasize the plus because that helped to keep my GPA over 3.0. That is another story for another time. Not being a scientist makes it difficult to understand how this “thing” inside my skull works. The only research I have is experience. I do not have a ton of it but I have enough to get by. In the last five years of creating internet content I can say that my best ideas have come while out of my comfort zone.

One of the most enjoyable parts of travel is getting to see the difficult culture(s) in towns and cities. I am currently in Tampa, Florida for the first time in my life. The professional hockey team here is the Tampa Bay Lightning. After being in this location for only 48 hours I completely understand why they were coined the lightning. There have been about four storms in two days. The lightning is simply amazing. I would have never had this knowledge had I not decided to travel for the July 4th holiday.

I also enjoy seeing the layout of cities and towns. Dale Mabry Highway is the main thoroughfare through south Tampa. I am a sucker for history so I did the research on Dale Mabry. He was from Tallahassee but has military connections to Tampa hence the reason for the highway being named after him. Once again, this is something I would have never known had I not visited my brother in Tampa.

Different Perspectives Create Amazing Ideas

Over the next few days I will be spending time with my older brother and older sister. We will also have the joy of keeping up with the hyper active little one that was created by said sister. All of these individuals are very bright and great at their jobs. Even the young ‘in. He is amazing at being a five year old. Quite the professional. We all work in very different industries. This allows us to bounce ideas off each other that will be unique to our line of work. This is invaluable!

Where else can I get a high ranking government official, a doctor of pharmacy and an internet marketer in one room to just talk? We all grew up in the same household so we have some similarities but we have had much different adult lives. This is something I notice every time I get together with my family. I tend to just soak it all in but this time I might jot down some notes on my Google Keep app on the Nexus 4.

We will be traveling to Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens and Adventure Island with the little rascal. I am certain my eyes will be taking in some very unusual sights during this fiasco. As a creative mind, this is gold Jerry. I cannot even begin to tell you how many article or video ideas I will create from a two hour experience eating lunch at Busch Gardens. Stay tuned to The Wojdylo Show to hear all about this.

If you are stuck or having trouble coming up with ideas for your business or website, take a trip! Travel is always good for the mind and soul. You will see things from a different perspective which will give you plenty of content. This can be used when you return home or during some down time when it is raining during the vacation (like now!).…

How to Grow a New Google Plus Community Quickly

We have all been there. We create a Google Plus community that is fun and interesting but after the first few invites transform into community members the growth stops. We know a handful of people that will join a community just because they are close friends, but how does the community continue to grow outside of a direct network? There are a few factors that come into play and I am going to do my best to help you grow your Google Plus community to an amazing online forum that generates great content every single day.

Promote Google Plus Communities During Special Events

Over the course of the last four years I have grasped a firm knowledge that many things internet related are based on time. There will be hundreds of thousands of searches for laptops over the next month because the kids are going back to school. In the month of October everyone and their sister will be searching for unique halloween costume ideas for themselves or their children. As we get closer to the Christmas holiday searchers will look for store hours during the Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years. There are events that create high levels of traffic every day of the year. Find events that are related to your community.

If you run an Android community it would behoove you to share it whenever a new Android update is available. It seems like every week a new Android smartphone is released. Share the community to your following and mention some of the new smartphones on the market. When Samsung or AT&T announce earnings share the community and ask a following if they would be interested in talking about which carrier will come out on top or which manufacturer makes the best smartphone. There are tons of opportunities to share a community when it comes to time sensitive events.

Build Communities Around Your Community

Thank about communities related to communities. If you have a TV or Movies community you may want to stay up to date on the latest gadgets. I created the Chromecast community a few minutes after the product was released and the community gained over 500 members in a 48 hour timeframe. This was a very hot product at launch and everyone wanted to know where they could get it. There was also plenty of discussion related to setting it up and how to get the three free months of Netflix. I would have never guessed that the community would grow so fast.

Ultimately, I do not have a huge interest in the Chromecast but I have an interest in anything Google is doing with a TV. I also own a Movies community and a TV community. When a major movie comes out or a brand new TV show premieres there is a good chance I will share one of those communities to my large Chromecast community. If you own multiple communities it never hurts to cross promote. In fact, I would urge you to do so if it makes sense. I will not promote my Amanda Bynes community in the Chromecast community as that doesn’t make sense. That said, when college football season starts I may cross promote as some Chromecast users may wonder if they get ESPN or CBS Sports with the Chromecast.

Promote, Promote and Promote Some More

In marketing, psychology is almost everything. If you only share your community one time you are missing out on a huge audience. Most people are not sitting on Google Plus all day. They only see bits and pieces of the content that is shared. I would never suggest sharing the same community five times a day but it does not hurt to come up with a strategy. Think about the new followers you add. They have never seen this community. Maybe you share the community every 500 followers you add. Maybe it is only every 100 added followers. You must decide based on your community and your following.

If you do not promote your community it is not going to grow. Over the course of the first 24 hours of my Chromecast community I shared it four times. Every time a major publication wrote an article I shared the community. Now that the community is running itself and growing so quickly I will only share it once every few days. If there is another major announcement you can guarantee I am going to plug it again. If you are strategic with the way you promote you can add a couple new community members with every public share. Get to it!…

How to Moderate a Large Google Plus Community

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

Google Plus communities can be a tough animal to handle. Some communities have over 100,000 members and there are hundreds of posts submitted by the hour. Spam controls have gotten much better but it is still a full time job to keep a large community running smoothly. If you have several large Google Plus communities you can forget having a life. There are ways to combat the work load and make things easier on yourself and the community members. Here is what I have figured out over the last several months.

Communities Are a Group of People

I know this is not rocket science but sometimes we have to remember that we are dealing with people. When a Google Plus community gets too big to handle I would strongly suggest reaching out to the more active community members that you respect. If they are great plussers and they have shown that they want to help grow the community I would ask them if they would like to be promoted to moderator. One issue with Google Plus communities right now is that an owner can promote a community member to moderator without even asking. There will be some community members that have too much on their plate and they simply cannot fulfill the duties of a moderator.

That said, there will be several community members that will be more than happy to take over the reins to become a moderator in the community. I would never post a public declaration that you are searching for moderators. If you have been active within your community you already know who the best users are. Reach out to them, ask them if they are willing to help and reward them with a promotion to moderator. This has helped me tremendously with some of my larger communities. With some of my smaller communities I have no issues so I can moderate them myself.

Moderation is a touchy subject so you will want to go over this with your newly promoted Google Plus users. Some Google Plus communities allow self promotion of any kind. I am not fond of this as it seems to water down the content. I am an advocate of community members posting some of their best material. I do not think that someone that joins a community to spam it with links to their 20 different websites is helpful. As a moderator and owner of communities I do not think twice about banning someone that uses this method of posting to Google Plus.

There is Help Available

No matter what niche you are in there are plenty of Google Plus users that are willing to help. In fact, there are communities that have been built around helping other Google Plus users. If you are really struggling with a large community I would suggest going into some of these “help” communities and asking for some tips and tricks. You may find that a very experienced Google Plus user is more than willing to help when it comes to moderation of your community. Heck, there are even some Google employees that have helped me moderate communities for a short period of time.

Do not think you are in this alone. If you grow a large community someone within the community will be willing to step to the plate. Do not hesitate to ask some of the more active members if they can assist with some of the small things. Sometimes it is as easy as someone posting the rules of the community every Monday morning. Although this is not difficult it can become time consuming for someone that has a lot on their plate. How do you handle a large Google Plus community? Here is the link to the Google Plus Community Moderators community.…

Google Plus is the Creative Class of Social Media

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

Richard Florida, author of Rise of the Creative Class, points out that well over 60% of Americans will never move more than 50 miles away from the town in which they were raised. These are individuals who are not part of the creative class. They are hesitant to change, they tend to keep the same beliefs they had growing up and they do not strive to seek out different cultures or a different way of life. After reading Matthew Calouri’s Why Facebook is Home article it became apparent to me that Google Plus is the creative class of Social Media and the Internet. Here is why.

Creative Class Individuals Enjoy Change

I think we all have a high school friend or two, maybe an acquaintance, that will stand proud of his or her beliefs that were ingrained in them from birth. Where I grew up, in the small town south, everyone is southern Baptist. Very Southern Baptist. So much so that there is not a single church in the town that is a different denomination of Christianity. There are definitely no other types of religions or beliefs represented. This town is so strong in their Southern Baptist beliefs that when I was in high school the science teachers read the Bible to the class. Yes, the science teachers.

This same small town graduates about 70 people per year from the local high school. Out of the 70 people about four or five go to a college that is more than an hour away. Five years after college maybe one or two of those individuals still live more than 50 miles away from the town. If you were born and raised there, you go back. Fortunately, I was not born there and my parents urged me to get out and see the world. As someone who has opened their eyes to diversity and an understanding that everyone is different I have no desire to go back.

Change is sometimes very hard for people who have been set in their ways since birth. I would imagine that a 35 year old individual from my hometown would have a very hard time living in San Francisco, Austin or even Raleigh-Durham. When voting on the “Gay Marriage” bill in the state of North Carolina that particular county had a 92% vote against gay marriage being legalized. Yes, that means 92 out of 100 are completely against gay marriage. Change is difficult for these individuals.

Google Plus Thrives on Change

Every single week there is a major change on the Google Plus platform. Early adopters can remember going through almost all of these changes. Some of us remember when hangouts were not on air or streaming live to YouTube. We can also remember the day Google Plus brand pages were released. That first major profile change was enormous. When communities was introduced by Vic Gundotra I know it was an exciting day for me. Plussers embrace and enjoy change.

That other place absolutely hates change. That said, it is the small “back home” town. They are not accustomed to something different that may challenge their mindset or the way they interact. Every time Facebook has a minor change the user base goes completely crazy. They like the way things have always been done. Individuals that have always done it the same way and they are standing firm in that belief system are not part of the Creative Class.

Why Facebook Wil Always Be Home

I started out this article by saying that over 60% of people will never leave “home”. I see it every single day in small town south. These individuals have no desire to break up the monotony. They went to elementary school and high school where their mother and father went to school. Their children will go to that same school. They will likely see their grandchildren graduate from that same school. Mom and dad live just up the street and their children will live on the other side of town. This is very comfortable for these individuals.

Facebook was their first social experience online. In fact, Facebook was likely their first experience online altogether. Some of my “back home” acquaintances have no idea what Pinterest is. They would never consider using an alternative social media platform because that is different. That would be like moving across country for a job in a “different” environment. They just cannot do it. That said, it has been proven that the creative class is taking over in the United States. They are individuals creating companies which provide jobs, they are starting movements, they are getting new laws passed and they are the future.

If you are willing to expand your horizons and accept that everyone is unique and special you are probably part of the Creative Class. You accept and love change because it makes you a better person. It is also true that you see the “back home” mentality on Facebook and the creative class growing on Google+.…

There is Only One Person That Determines Your Internet Sucess – You!

If you are interested in Google+, Twitter or social media in general please check out all of my related articles here: Wojdylo Social Media.

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I am a firm believer that about 98% of people in the United States have the opportunity to create their own success. There are definitely the select few that have unfortunate situations or circumstances that do not allow them to make decisions on their own. I sympathize with them as I volunteer with them three days a week. That said, most able bodied Americans can do what it takes to create something special. There is only one person that determines your (Internet) success and that is you!

Success is Cultivated by Making Good Decisions

Every day I wake up I have the opportunity to do what I want. If I want my website and my Internet Marketing business to be successful I have a few choices. I can go play golf and have lunch with some buddies and push everything aside. This is something I have done in the past and something I will do in the future. When I do this, I know there will be consequences when it comes to my business. Just the other day I took my “long walk” around 4:00 pm and I checked some of my revenue streams. I was having a terrible day in terms of advertising revenue. I took a minute to reflect on my day. I had put in about two hours worth of work. My revenue stream was reflecting that as I had made less than those two hours I had put in.

Does this mean you need to put in 10 hour days every single day? Well, that is greatly determined by what you would consider success. If your idea of success is to write a 500 page novel a month there is a good chance you are going to have to put in 10 hour days. If your definition of success is to get a WordPress blog up and running you might only have to work a few hours a day. Ultimately, it is up to you!

Look In The Mirror – That Will Fix Your Problems

At the end of the day there is no one to blame but yourself for your successes and failures. In a past life I was a retail manager and I had many employees that would blame everything and everyone but themselves for their poor work performance or tardiness. This is a story that I will never forget.

I had one particular employee who was notorious for coming in about five minutes late and immediately taking a smoke break. I kid you not. She would clock in, then walk outside and take her smoke break. She was so adamant about this that she would clock in, wave to me and say, “Hey, I am taking my 15.” As you can imagine, I was not too fond of this behavior. There was one particular day that this individual came in 15 minutes late and she said, “Hey, can you clock me in?” She was strategically trying to get me to manually clock her in so it didn’t look like she was late. It was time to fix some of her problems right then and there.

I walked out of the office and said, “Follow me to the break room please.” Our break room had a mirror that covered the entire wall behind the refrigerator and sink. She said, “Can you please just clock me in and let me go do my job.” What she really meant is she was going to go take a smoke break. I said, “Please come over to the sink.” She walked over to the sink where I was standing. I asked her why she was late today. She explained that her brother needed a ride to school. I asked her why she was late yesterday and she said that she had to get gas on the way to work and she had to wait in line.

I shook my head. I said, “Do you think that maybe getting ready a little bit earlier would alleviate these problems?” She immediately got and attitude and said, “Mr Wojdylo! It is not my fault.” I looked her dead in the eyes. I said, “Look in the mirror at what is staring back at you. Do you see that female? THAT is the only person that is going to fix your problems.”

Your Life is Your Choice

Unless you accept that you manifest your own destiny things are never going to change. If you want to be successful in anything you do, Internet related or not, you are going to have to make choices. If you are willing to make the correct decisions and sacrifice to get to your goals that is when you will be successful. I will leave you with this video. I would encourage you to take 14 minutes to watch every second. I promise it will be worth your time.…

Google Plus Page Analytics is Finally Here, Sorta

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Late last night Matthew Calouri tipped me off on a very important announcement by the Google Developers Team. I will post the seven minute video below but it you do not have time to watch it I will do a brief overview. The major announcement included Google Plus Page Analytics along with a change in Google Organic Search to show highlights of activity on Google Plus. If you want any type of click through rate (CTR) when it comes to Google search this is huge. No, this is enormous!

Google Plus Page Analytics Announcement

If you have seven minutes to spare please watch this video. The two Google employees explain how the new Google Plus Page Analytics works and how it is set up. If you already have a Google Plus “Page” and you have installed the Sign in with Google button it is really easy. Rather than trying to explain it myself I will let the Googlers do so:

This is very exciting news, but there are still some issues. First of all, this analytical data only tracks users that are signed in with the Sign in with Google. The data tracks how they are using interactive posts. For more on installing the interactive posts Google Plus feature use this link – Sharing Interactive Posts. So, let us get something clear. This is not the Google Analytics like you see when you sign in to This will be analytical data to see how Google Plus users interact with your posts that have the correct call to action share buttons.

I think this is a step in the right direction but there is still a lot of work to do. I can honestly say that a significant amount of my traffic from Google Plus comes from users that find me through Google search yet never sign in to Google Plus. I have tested this and I have seen it time and again. Here is a case study. All the visitors that are not signed in with Google are not providing data with the call to action share button. To my knowledge. Please comment below if I am wrong in this statement.

Another issue is the fact that you must be getting this traffic through a brand page or business page. There are no opportunities for personal profile analytics. My personal profile is my brand and I get the most interaction from my 10,000 followers there. If I wanted to start building a “business” page it would take me a very long time to get that type of engagement. Most likely several months or even several years. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Ok, I would make time if I saw a true value, not the hardware store, in the Google Insights and Google Plus Page Analytics.

Google Search is Changing Its Look

Along with the announcement of Google Plus Page Analytics there was an announcement that the interactions on these posts will show up in the Knowledge Graph of Google search. It will look something like this:

For a comparison of the current look of search and the future look of search check out this picture. Now, this is huge! As you can see on the comparison, a brand can truly distinguish themselves as a player through their Google Plus account. Even the smallest of brands can beat out the “big boys” if they are getting high levels of engagement on Google Plus. The fact that the front page of search will show latest posts and what is popular with Google+ users will definitely catch the eye of a Google searcher.

Something else that has been brought to my attention is that Google is finally putting profile pictures of brand pages in Google search with Authorship. Prior to May 2013 it was only profile pictures with a face that showed up. There is now evidence that brand page Authorship photos are popping up. Once again, huge! This may very well get the big players to use Google Plus more. If HHGregg or Fry’s Electronics has a brand picture beside Google search results and Best Buy does not some heads are going to roll. I think they will be contacting Mark Traphagen very quickly to find out how to get a picture beside the Google search results.

What to Make of This

We are still very early in the process, just like with Google Plus comments. This type of analytics is very limited because users may still be reluctant to sign in with Google. In time, this will be an amazing tool. Today, it may be very limited. If you have a small business or a brand I would suggest testing the waters ASAP. The coding might be a little difficult to understand but there are plenty of individuals on Google Plus who will be more than willing to help. If you plan on doing some testing let me know as I would love to hear some positives and negatives when it comes to Google Plus page analytics.…