Why YouTube Will Make More Money than Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook reported $0.12 in earnings when the Street was expecting $0.13. Every single conference call and investor meeting in which Facebook is presenting they point out that the money is not there yet because of mobile. Their “claimed mobile strategy” has not kicked in and produced a huge profit. Facebook did state that 30% of revenues are now via mobile. Well, when is this money making strategy going to come about? For quite some time social media gurus would compare Google+ to Facebook. I think a much better comparison would be comparing YouTube to Facebook.

How Does YouTube Make Money?

YouTube makes money through advertisements before and during videos. If you have watched more than one YouTube video in the last six months you have seen the ads that pop up before the video starts. Most of the time, after 5 seconds, you have the ability to “skip the ad”. If you watch the entire ad, the publisher and YouTube makes money from the advertiser. If the ad is skipped there is no transaction. There are also Adsense ads at the bottom of the video while it is playing and to the right hand side of the video in a 250 x 250 box.

The Adsense ads that are within the YouTube player can be closed at any time by clicking the x on the upper right hand side of the advertisement. This means that users have the ability to remove ads if they so desire. The 250 x 250 ad on the right will stay on the YouTube desktop page no matter what. Over 99% of the time this will be a picture ad. Very briefly I saw test ads in that particular spot but it is a rare occurrence.

For YouTube to make money off the Adsense ads users must click the Adsense ad. Many YouTube publishers realize this is not happening all too often. The click through rate (CTR) on YouTube videos is much lower than a website that has relevant Adsense ads. That said, there are still many YouTube viewers that find these ads quite useful.

Just yesterday I was having lunch with a friend and he mentioned a YouTube Channel that was created to help viewers relax and reduce stress. The individual creating the videos had a very soothing voice and she was great at just talking about the little things in life that make it more relaxing and enjoyable. While watching the video he noticed an advertisement for Lunesta, which is a sleeping aid. It makes sense that those wanting to relax and reduce stress would desire a sleeping aid.

When watching viral videos such as a Psy music video or a cat falling off a sofa there is a good chance the ads are not as focused as Google would like. That said, there are many people searching “How to Fix a Bathtub” and the ads are very relavent. Remember that YouTube videos show up in Google organic search as well. That means the individuals look for videos on how to fix something will likely end up at a YouTube video that has relevant ads. This is gold Jerry.

Facebook Struggles with Relevant Ads

Facebook has plenty of data on its users. In fact, some users give more data to Facebook than they will ever give to their spouse or their parents. This allows Facebook the opportunity to “attempt” to show relevant ads. Unfortunately for Facebook, most users are not actively searching for help or a product. They may have put that an area of interest is lawn care in their about page but that does not mean that they are going to start bouncing around Facebook looking for the best lawn care professional in their local town or city.

Remember the viral videos on YouTube that I mentioned? That happens to be most of what is going on on Facebook. All those music videos shared and pictures uploaded are not conducive to ad clicks. They may provide Facebook with the opportunity to create millions, even billions, of ad impressions but those are not ad clicks. Most businesses paying for advertising want to see users actually get to their website or product.

I have seen many small businesses drain through cash with Facebook advertising and not get a single new customer. I would encourage all businesses to consider pay per click rather than pay per impression. Facebook can pump out impressions in a matter of seconds but that does not mean that your product is being seen by an audience. I think we can all agree that many Facebook users completely tune ads out.


The fact that YouTube has the ability to rank very well in Google organic search and users are searching to fix a problem means that the ads are much more relevant. Every YouTube video is not going to serve relevant ads. That said, there are millions that will. This is one of the main reasons I think YouTube will end up making more money than Facebook. Oh yeah, that have that little company called Google backing them as well.…

A Daily Walk Can Do Wonders for Work Productivity

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Although this isn’t necessarily a social media related post I will put some Internet work related spin on it. One of the things I read about Steve Jobs a long time ago was that he liked to take a very long daily walk. Even in his dying days he did he best to walk just to get his brain working. Recently I have tried to incorporate a few daily walks into my schedule. A change of scenery is essential to creativity and there is no better way to change creativity than by doing a physical outdoor activity, even if it is just walking.

What a Daily Walk Does for Me

One thing that Steve Jobs mentioned about his daily walk was that it got his creative juices flowing. I can say the same thing about myself. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a little bit hyper and high strung. When talking on the telephone with my mother or a good friend I have to be walking around the whole time. It is nearly impossible for me to sit in the same place for more than an hour. This is a blessing and it is a curse. It is a blessing in that I burn more calories than I will ever be able to intake. It is also nice to have high energy levels from the minute I wake until the minute my head hits the pillow.

With positives there comes a few negatives. I struggle to sit and relax without thinking about my next goal or business model. When reading a novel I have to be completely engrained in it or my mind starts to wander. Ah, the joys of being Jesse Wojdylo. I have embraced this lifestyle and I recognize that I need to burn off energy in any way possible. I do Crossfit as much as possible. When I don’t have the opportunity to do Crossfit I weight train or cardio train. Even this doesn’t slow me down. In fact, I am usually a little bit wired after the workout.

You can imagine what it is like for me to sit in front of a computer for several hours straight. This is the exact reason I do not do it. Every few hours I stop what I am doing and take a 20 to 30 minute walk. I have several trails in and around where I live so I can take a new trek almost every single day. While walking on these trails I always have thoughts going through my mind. In fact, the majority of my blog post titles and ideas are generated while on my daily walk. Interestingly enough, this one was not.

I Have No Scientific Research to Back This Up

I have zero scientific evidence to back up the fact that a daily walk helps anything in your brain. I am certain there have been research studies, theses and dissertations on the subject. Maybe this weekend I will dive into a couple. As of the writing of this article I am basing everything I know off personal experience and what I have heard from others. Getting up, enjoying a changing of scenery and being physically activity helps with work productivity. I encourage you to give it a try.

I would never encourage you to put your employment in jeopardy by taking three 30 minute walk breaks every day. That said, if you are an asset to your company I am certain they will give you a 15 minute break sometime throughout your eight or ten hour day. Most people call these smoke breaks; I call them creativity breaks. Find someone you work with that wants to enjoy a nice walk and you’ll be surprised at what type of creative conversation takes place when being out and about.

Something else I am trying to incorporate into my lifestyle is driving less and walking more. I live in a college town, Chapel Hill, NC, so most of the amenities are within walking distance. I have downloaded the app My Tracks by Google on my Android phone and I am trying to come up with some new routes around town. It also gives you data on the average speed, the height you climbed and many other cool features. The best thing about My Tracks is you can share everything to Google Drive as well.

If you have been struggling with productivity over the last few weeks I encourage you to take Steve Jobs’ approach and go for a walk. You’d be surprised what will happen when you see things from a different perspective. It might be just what you needed to finally get that new project started.…

Why You Should Not Look at Google Analytics Daily

Let me preface this by saying Google Analytics is an amazing tool. If you own a website or blog there is no better resource to track your progress and data. That said, it can be detrimental to your website and your health. Unfortunately, some people are a little ADD, we won’t name names, and there are just too many pieces of data to grind within Google Analytics. There are probably 10,000 different data sets that can be looked at from time on site, bounce rate, keywords and social traffic. All of this can make your head spin.

Google Analytics Is Amazing But…

One of the first thing I did as a website owner was to sign up for Google Analytics. In fact, I was willing to sign up for any Google product that helped me better understand how to generate traffic to a website or blog. When I first started using Google Analytics in 2008 it was not nearly as complex as it is now. There are so many unique features that have been introduced in just the last few years. In fact, there have been so many additions that I have not been able to keep up.

I feel as if it is important to track website traffic data but you simply should not do it on a daily basis. Time and again we hear website owners talk about ranking in the top spot for a keyword phrase one day only to find they are complete gone the next. We give it about 48 hours and they pop up again. If you are grinding analytics it would simply drive you crazy. I will give you an example.

Ranking for long tail unique keywords is not all that difficult if you write quality content and you have some type of link portfolio. Building that link portfolio is an article for another time. Unfortunately, it is very hard to rank for short tail keywords. I consider short tail anything less than three words. Here is an example. “Miami Heat basketball” is short tail while “Miami Heat basketball score on April 10th” is long tail. It is much easier to rank for the long tail simply because there are not as many websites that have written on this subject matter.

I have seen my websites rank for short tail keywords on a Monday. These keywords generated over 100 page views for a specific article. I was ready to buy my yacht and soak up the sun while retiring. I woke up the next day only to find that keyword wasn’t even on the first five pages of Google search. I stopped looking after the first five pages as I recognize no one will go that deep to find information about this particular subject. At the time, I was heartbroken. What did i do? I went into Google Analytics and tried to figure out how and why I was no longer ranking.

I even went so far as to look at hourly traffic based on pageviews. Yes, this is not healthy for anyone. That said, it proves my point that Google Analytics is amazing, but. The but is very important. If you can simply look at your website data and not worry about ranking for a specific keyword I would strongly encourage you to check analytics all you’d like. If you use incognito search to grind and figure out when and why you are ranking for some keywords do not look at analytics every single day.

Create Amazing Content and Everything Will Fix Itself

Building relationships with some of the most knowledgable website owners on the Internet makes Google+ an amazing place. I have connections that have 10,000 view websites a day and I have connections that rank for the most competitive keywords on the Internet. While discussing ranking for keywords I am often left with the same response, “create amazing content.” There is no way you will ever be able to figure out the Google algorithm. It changes hourly!

If you sit and grind over Google Analytics or certain keywords you are taking away from the time you could be creating amazing content. If website traffic is not increasing I would suggest reaching out to some of those on Google+ and asking how to create amazing content. Remember that amazing content does not have to be written. There are other ways to get traffic through YouTube videos or pictures. Open your mind, use some creativity and stop looking at Google Analytics daily. Yes, I need to take my own advice.

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